Have Your Say: Lauren Church’s Cut ‘n’ Paste Hate

4,456 people shared and liked this chain hate mail. Lauren Church was just one of them. She did it publicly and it offended many people I know. So here it is. You can defend it or break it down, it’s up to you.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.20.49 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.21.03 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.21.14 AM

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23 thoughts on “Have Your Say: Lauren Church’s Cut ‘n’ Paste Hate

  1. Obviously fake stories and yet all the comments on them are “this is what we’re all thinking but can’t say!” “These are TRUE AUSSIES!!” Etc. Also what’s with the randomly capitalized words in these things, and the constant periods instead of spaces? That’s what really annoys me.

  2. Wow Lauren! You remembered that entire monologue word for word! Incredible. And yet you can’t seem to recall all the other times both these works of fiction have appeared on Facebook. Don’t let the truth get in the way of your bigotry, now.

  3. Sharing a post sure doesn’t absolve you from any blame for spewing bigoted bullshit. It was a similar story a couple of weeks ago with that dodgy scanned picture of a letter detailing how ‘boat people’ get so much more money than pensioners (I know.. hurr durr).
    On the positive side it’s a great way to get rid of dickheads from your facebook ‘friends’.

  4. You can defend it or break it down, it’s up to you.”

    Can we defend breaking it down as well? 😉

    “They force our children to eat Halal meat pies ..”

    NO! No! Nooooo-ooo! Not the Halal meta pies! Anything but the halal meat pies that’s just not kosher that is … Oh wait.

    Also troops serving in Iraq? That’s dating it a bit isn’t it – we (& even the USA) withdrew from Iraq at least or year or so ago didn’t we?

  5. If Lauren’s story is true, then I whole heartedly agree with the Iraqi woman. Australia aided America in destroying her country, many of her countrymen have been murdered and Iraqi infrastructure destroyed, all bought about by the llies of Bush, Howard, Blair et al. What people like Lauren fail to understand (or are too one eyed/lazy) is that…if our Government stopped stopped backing the USA in destabilizing the Middle East there would be a marked decrease in the amount of people seeking asylum here. It frustrates me that so many of us readily beleive the lies of out Politicians (especially Abbottt, and in the past on the topic of Asylum seekers….John Howard), as welll as the media (social included, as the Anti-bogan points out). Please people…do some research before you repost.

  6. If for whatever weird reason you really don’t want a halal or kosher meat pie, I suggest simply ordering a pork pie or one with bacon in it. Pretty sure *those* won’t be halal! (Or kosher either technically.) Not that it matters – especially for vegetarians!

  7. NB. Wikipedia’s article on the Iraq war :


    notes : “In November 2011, the U.S. Senate voted down a resolution to formally end the war by bringing its authorization by Congress to an end.[315]
    The last U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq on 18 December.”

    2011 presumably – and the last Aussie troops left before that if memory serves. So its been well over a year now since we were fighting there for whatever dubious reasons and case. (Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush plus Donald Rumsfeld and the neoconservative lobby have to share most of the blame for that conflict in my view, Can see cases for each side and more complicated than any simplistic picture and a whole other issue anyhow.)

    Incidentally the line in the chain email thingy about “100’s of thousands of Aussie troops serving in Iraq” also strikes me as a really gross overestimate. We sent many troops there as part of the “Coalition of the Willing” – perhaps a few thousand but really don’t think it was quite that many.

  8. on that incident- I’ve actually never seen anyone wearing a Burka be out spoken, ever. If they wanted to make the story more dramatic, they should have had her burn an Australian flag on Anzac day while kicking a kitten.

    Otherwise the story is pretty rich as it is- we’ve already got a patriotic working mum, proud of her son who’s ‘defending our country’, a ‘elderly gentleman’ with a ‘calm and gentle voice’ and a loud and obnoxious faceless antagonist who’s apparently stupid enough to pick a fight about Australians in Australia with Australians in a supermarket.

    As for the queue cheering and applauding? Are you serious? I’d have changed queues. Everyone knows torture is being stuck behind an elderly person having a rant to the cashier.

  9. but halal meat pies taste sooooooooo much better… why u bogans might ask??? well its coz halal meat pies actually has meat in it not ground up cartilage…

  10. I dunno – I’m pretty mild mannered – but I did get offended once when a Muslim couple and their 4 children were in a park in the foreshore of Frankston (yay bogan central). The wife (I presume) wore a full burka complete with a meshed slot for the eyes – it was a hot day she must have been seriously baking inside that black tent. The children were quite young – 2 girls and a toddler girl and a boy that looked around 3. The man barked orders at the girls, the boy was coddled – I kid you not – the difference in treatment was palpable. When it was time to go the man stood up walked to the van with the boy in his arms – without a word said to the wife. She followed on very meekly after gathering up the girls and all their stuff. The woman and girls piled in to the back of the van – the ‘men’ sat at the front. Why did this upset me so? And it did upset me…I think, upon reflection, that the treatment of my own sex as a worthless 2nd class person shook my beliefs. I had been part of the woman’s movement for years and here I sat watching this man treating his female family members like dirt – and I couldn’t say a thing. How could I just watch that and not stand in solidarity for my sex? It was political correctness – I was completely subjugated by the feeling that I had no rights here. Because his treatment of his wife was mere disdain and not violent I couldn’t say diddly squat. BUT I still felt ashamed of myself. Why did we women fight so hard just to bow down to a cultural preference? I’m still divided on this issue.
    Also @ Googlebeforeyourepost if the story was true – the Iraqi woman had no right to challenge the check-out lady – because that lady had not been part of the army doing the bombing. If one comes to another country there is usually an implicit agreement that you have accepted that country and it’s ways and you should not undermine that country in deference to another. Your adopted country is by definition YOUR country – not the one you left behind. That’s what I did when I came here – if it’s Australia versus the UK – Australia gets my support every time. I even apply that to cricket 🙂

    • Ffs the story’s not true! I thought that had been established. It’s a beat up designed to trick suckers into hating a group of people they know nothing about. And you Ali are a sucker.

      As for your story well, it stinks… of shit.
      Sure, maybe you saw a Muslim family on the beach. The rest of the story is entirely subjective. Do you know how many (Aussie) blokes hit their missus just in Frankston? I don’t. I hate to think. I bet you it’s more than the Muslim men that do..

      If you were really a part of the woman’s movement you should know a little more about equality.

    • I’m guessing that there are other dysfunctional families in the western world that favour one gender over the other Ali, it’s not only a muslim,or as you put it, a ‘cultural’ thing. Be careful. Your prejudice is showing here.

      I could go on and give an account of how a beer bellied drunk yelled at his ‘woman’ to get in the car and drive. She wore the shortest shorts ever in minus 3 degrees and her jugs were literally spilling out from her bikini top. She must have been so cold! I could go further and describe my offence at this treatment of his wife (I presume) and my sadness at our inability to stand up against these ‘cultural’ preferences…

      But I’m not…

    • how do u even know that he was “barking orders”… he could’ve simply just had a loud gruff voice… he could’ve been speaking to his children in his native tongue (like most parents of CALD backgrounds do) but ppl like urself who do not come from a similar culture would not understand…

  11. “…if it’s Australia versus the UK – Australia gets my support every time. I even apply that to cricket”

    And that’s part of the problem I think. The idea that to be ____ian/___ish/____an etc etc, you have to show allegiance to X, Y and Z in absolutely everything that you do, even to the point of giving up everything else (even common sense in some cases). Being that patriotic does no one any good.

    I don’t support the UK in the cricket but I cheered for them during the Olympics and wanted them to do well. I support Samoa in rugby union because for a third world country their history and achievements in that sport are amazing. I support The Silver Ferns in the netball because they have been pioneers in the sport and ever since i was a girl in a little secondary school in West Yorkshire I always looked up to them as the team to beat in international competition. I’m not a soccerhead but I love watching Brazil – because they have players who are flamboyant and entertaining! I support Federer in the tennis (shock horror, not Murray or Hewitt??) because for a great athlete, his humility is humbling. Two of my favourite actresses are Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet because they are smart and talented at what they do and one of my favourite actors is Jackie Chan because I think he’s an inspirational athlete and actor.
    In other words, I don’t see people in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’. You make it sound like you did all this activism for gender equality only for it to be undermined by this ‘muslim’ family. That ‘muslim’ family you reference would just be another Australian family to me. I admire or dislike people based on who they are, not where they are from or what I think their religion is. My allegiance is to no one in particular, but to everyone. It doesn’t mean I am any less ___ian/ ___ish/ ___an etc etc because my preferences aren’t such! I didn’t agree with our government’s decision to get involved in the war with Iraq, but that didn’t stop me from thinking about and hoping for the safety of troops.
    I don’t really understand what you mean by ‘bowing down to cultural preferences’. As far as I am aware, the law does not make exceptions to law breakers based on the religious beliefs of the perpetrator?

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