“we dunt wont no imigrants”

Aussies for Freedom

I’m a staunch monarchist, conservative and traditionalist.  I will defend our flag to the death and I will defend things like Australia Day.  But, I’ve been disappointed to see that racists have hijacked our flag and things like Christmas and Australia Day.  It’s disappointing for me because I believe that Australia is great, not because we’re an incredibly wealthy country, not because we’re one of the longest running continuing democracies in the world and not because Sydney has the most badass double decker trains.  No.   Because Australia is a land where people of all cultures can live in prosperity and happiness.  But even though things are actually pretty rosy, there are still racists who want to damage Australia’s harmony.

A hoax that Julia Gillard wants to turn Australia Day into ‘Citizenship Day’ has been doing the rounds on the internet for quite some time.  But now there is a new twist:


This post actually…

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16 thoughts on ““we dunt wont no imigrants”

  1. this pisses people off so much and its not even real.. i would love to see australia day ACTUALLY go just to watch the bogans explode.

  2. The original poster supports a banner of collected medieval bigotries plus the Southern Cross and also the elitist religious sectarian institution of the monarchy – but objects to racism. Bit contradictory there pal.

      • Again. So you support having an single protestant family who happened to be on the right-side of an ancient civil war as our head of state. So you’re supporting a religious sectarian institution – but don’t like racism.
        You ‘like the flag’ – that being the British flag with a couple of stars attached – but object to people using it to emphasise their anglo heritage.

      • Davoe didn’t say that “left-wingers” (However you personally define left-wingers) cannot be racist and that everybody else is racist. He said that somebody who is so hardcore (Your word “staunch) and conservative (Unchanging) about Australia’s Anglo/British heritage is being contradictory when you wonder why some people are so jingoistic. A common form of racism in Australia is Anglo-centric racism, that is, when you act like British heritage is the only heritage that exists in Australia. When you support an old-fashioned hierarchy where our head of state is British, gets her position by blood and pride yourself in being conservative, you are kind of defending social Darwinistic ideas about race and what-not. Just saying. Meanwhile, as a proud Australian I would rather have a regular citizen be able to work his or her way up to being a democratically elected leader and I would like our national flag to represent all of us. Also, I don’t know why people get so pissy when we bring up colonisation. That is what happened on the 26th of January 1788. We can’t pretend it didn’t.

  3. the whole article cracked me up… how stupid can ppl really get to believe the shit they spill… lmao!!!…

    bit of a correction for ellen jarrett… muslims dont eat pork not because theyre “filthy” its coz the pigs anatomy is exactly the same as the human anatomy… pig hearts have been used for transplants into humans…

    n tht kim vuga…wtf??? halal housing??? where are these houses lol… coz i wanna liv in one…

  4. Can we not get through just one January without this same lie being spread across the cyberverse? If would obviously be too much to ask for the idiots who fall for it and then confirm their stupidity every year with comments such as those that appear above to one day ask if it were true, why are they reading about every year?

    • We can’t get through December without somebody going on about “The war on Christmas” so no, probably not. The thing is, people see Australia Day different ways and it’s always going to bring out the stupid jingoistic pricks. Christmas pretty much does the same. Visiting NZ I had to sit next to a woman while she complained about brown people “ruining Christmas” because Great Britain is “too politically correct” and how she gets less discounts now for being an army chef.

  5. Maybe we can cause a stir by posting false info on St Patrick’s Day being cancelled as St Patrick was Welsh and the day is not an Australian tradition so we are going to call it go to work and not get drunk and fight/vomit day?

  6. THIS SITE IS A JOKE…. .HEh…12 Replies…woo hoo such a popular site not!!! Im an aussie…and from what i can see is an attempt to incite racism for your fucked up blog site… Ive done my own research and can see u are a muslim who works as a volunteer at a mosc I even know your name and phone number!! ITS people like u that fuck this country….u are a disgrace….soon your site will be down many people have good grounds to sue you….I also know you are a greens supporter…..so fuck off and leave australia cos we dont need your shit either….your the one who lies.. Aussies are proud of their country!!! U OBVIOUSLY dont or felt u hvnt fitted in well…can see how u hv no friends and have to hide behind your fake fb pages….well admin bitch…Like we say in Australia…FIT IN ….OR. FUCK OFF!! YOU ARE NOT A TRUE AUSTRALIAN!!! your a FUCKWIT!! MISFIT OF OUR COUNTRY!!

    • I would love to hear about your research to find out that someone in Australia who also is on this site is a muslim who volunteers at a mosc (Which according to google is the Management of Serious Crime course, or Adelaide’s leading hair amd make up style team!) Was it asking a bunch of trolls online, or did you do some hard hitting investigative journalism?

      Anyway, while we’re at it, what lies have you seen here? You’re saying “Your the one who lies”-what lies? Be specific, or be silent.

    • JAIMIE….WOW U READ GOOD I didnt know the word mosc…youre so smart!!! AND U DID SUM RESEARCH WOW!!!…which is bogus but dun let REALITY stand in the way of YOU’RE OWN FACTS!!…why dun u CRAWL back under a rock cos your the arsehat that gives Straya a bad name!!…YOUS SHUD FEEL LUCKY we dun put sum lead in you’re feral arse and serve u in restaurants with a nice RED WINE SAUCE!!!…u hv no frends and if u did they have probibly bin mistaken for brocoli heads and chopped up by ppl with a paring knife!!…MISFIT OF OUR COUNTRY!! DUMASS FUK OFF!!!

      • hahaha over to you jaimie who’s parents couldn’t spell or you can’t spell your own name lol why don’t you just go back to your porch and grab a rum and complain how fucked everything is that you have a job, a porch to sit and drink rum on, probably a car and family who love you despite you being an unreconstructed Neanderthal (apologies to our early ancestors) you know if people were just a bit more grown up about how they approach problems and voice opinions there would be no need for a page like this or for laws against hatred and bigotry, you don’t have to like some things or even some people but if instead of name calling and insults mixed with vitriol and threats to do harm, you could get your point across and actually have people who can do shit listen to you and go into bat for you!

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