Do some research and you’ll find it’s OK not to be black enough

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White Abs

Aborigines face the unending task of resisting attempts, on the one hand to cut them off from their heritage, and on the other to bury them within it as a thing of the past.  This statement is indicative of the struggles that Indigenous Australians face in the constructions of their own Aboriginality.

This was never more evident than during the Andrew Bolt case where:

. . . in two famous columns in 2009 he took a swipe at “political” or “professional” or “official” Aborigines who could pass for white but chose to identify as black for personal or political gain, to win prizes and places reserved for real, black Aborigines and to borrow “other people’s glories”.

More recently, Tony Abbott reignited a similar argument when he foolishly described Western Australian Liberal MP Ken Wyatt as “not a man of culture”. Ken Wyatt is an Indigenous Australian.

I would have…

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3 thoughts on “Do some research and you’ll find it’s OK not to be black enough

  1. Prominent among the perceptions it was believed that culture was carried in the blood…

    Among these perceptions it was believed that culture was carried in the blood, that culture was the external indicator of biological ancestry and culture, and that cultural characteristics, either heredity or unchanging, separated human groups from one another.

    You know that belief is still held by white supremacists about white people – that somehow “whiteness” and some mythical “white culture” is conveyed biologically by whoever your ancestors were.

    It underpinned Nazi ideology and enabled them to classify anyone who happened to be “not them” as Untermenschen (subhuman)

  2. Black enough? White enough? We’re all human – let’s be human(e) enough to each other for once shall we? All of us laugh, love, feel, bleed, cry, live. All inhabitants on one pale blue dot floating against the vast Black. Broader Perspective. If only more of us saw it.As seen here :

    Words from Carl Sagan, music from Sigur Ross, stunning photos from not sure where, my very favourite youtube clip.Hope its ok to share here, apologies if not.

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