Rape Culture Seeps Into Spectrum’s Cocktail Menu

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As you may have noticed above, Spectrum Daiquiri Bar in Brisbane has a couple of drinks on its menu that are clearly offensive, particularly to women. Calling a drink a ‘slut’ because it ‘goes down well’, or a ‘winey [sic] bitch’ because it ‘shuts her up’ in the company of the combination of men and alcohol is a big deal and we’ll come to that later. Spectrum clearly made a social media error by asking people for feedback for 2013 planning as literally hundreds of men and women turned up to their Facebook page telling them that such drink names were offensive. But what’s possibly more disturbing than the names of the drinks is the reaction of Spectrum management and a select bunch of anti-‘feminazi’ barflies. The very fact that the bar asked for feedback and proceeded to delete tens of rational and respectful comments and requests while leaving plenty of insulting comments from their lowlife regulars also speaks volumes.

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Leonard Walker thinks that those who speak up against pejorative, gender-specific derogatory slurs are automatically ‘…screeching unwashed armpiitted [sic] ones.” He sees those who find such slurs as offensive as “…faux intellectuals…” who are not only screeching but also crying and whining. Misogyny much? In his pithy paragraph he highlights exactly how he views women who speak out against degradation and also shows that he is completely unable to identify degradation when it’s happening right in front of him. It should be noted that one of the four people who ‘liked’ Leonard’s comments was the bar manager.

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John Thompson is under the misguided impression that making a comment on a Facebook page is a completely time consuming activity for people who believe in opposing sexism. The assumption that anti-bigots have ‘targets of the day’ is actually somewhat of a faux pas because it suggests that there are proponents of sexism to be found everywhere, and each day there is someone new dishing out the misogynistic cocktail. I wonder if that was his intent.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 7.54.23 PM

Josh L M Brewer makes the mistake of believing that the only people who could possibly find offence with these publicity-in-a-glass stunt-drinks are ’40 something feminists’. He also makes the mistake that the same people are primarily and only occupied with getting ‘knickers in a knot’ over cocktail names and nothing else.

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Greg made a total of eight (8) spelling and grammar errors in one sentence. Enough said about this oxygen thief.

There are more highlights from the Facebook thread attached below. What we are seeing at play here is this ‘new concept’ of ‘rape culture’. If you look at any media source today, with your eyes open, you may begin to notice that women are portrayed in a completely different way to men. Women make up only 24% of news subjects (the people in the news), and appear in newspapers and magazines in far more common states of undress. Women rarely save the day in movies and television and when they are playing the heroic protagonist, they are nothing short of a fighting fuck toy (Lara Croft, Invisible Girl [Fantastic Four], Catwoman etc.). Women appear in advertising as either sexual playthings or household props and when only 2.4% of CEOs and management positions are filled by women in a country like Australia, you can start to see why people start to get their backs up when remarks like ‘whiney bitch’ and ‘slut’ are considered ‘tongue in cheek’ and part of the common vernacular.

So why does any of this matter? Why should we give two craps if some shitty dive in Brisvegas has a couple of offensive drink titles on its largely uninspiring and unoriginal cocktail menu?

1. The words ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’ are as offensive to women as the words ‘nigger’, ‘chink’, ‘dune coon’ and ‘kike’. They represent oppression, denigration and slander. When such words become commonly accepted, the negative connotations stick. Black African Americans are in the process of ‘taking back’ the word ‘nigger’ in attempts to reverse the negativity in the same way that Italians, Greeks and people from the Mediterranean are trying to nullify the effects of the word ‘wog’. It could be argued that some women are attempting to do the same with the word ‘bitch’ by proclaiming a pride in being outspoken and the organisers of the Slutwalk (a mass protest where women dressed scantily in response to police suggesting that they were less likely to be raped if they covered up) were also trying to spin a positive angle to the word ‘slut’. But naming a drink ‘bitch’ (and adding that it will shut up her ‘whining’) and ‘slut’ (because the alcohol will make her go down on you) is completely inappropriate.

2. The definition of the word ‘slut’ is basically a slovenly or promiscuous woman. If you applied that definition to a man, society would brand him a cheeky playboy and in some men’s circles a hero. But apparently it’s wrong for a female to enjoy sex or to seek multiple partners. The problem with this is that choosing one’s partners grants you power and that goes against what society deems to be appropriate for women. If a woman is ever referred to as a slut, you can rest assured that 9 times out of 10 it’s being used against her in a pejorative sense.

3. Men who are outspoken are brave and inspirational. They are confident and passionate. Women who speak up are whiney, shrieking, screeching banshees. Men who speak their mind wear their hearts on their sleeves but women who speak their mind are seen as bitches. Again, if you’re ever called a bitch, you can assume you’re not being complimented.

4. Alcohol plays a significant role in the rape scene. In various studies it has been shown that between 20-25% of rape perpetrators and rape victims have been found to be heavily intoxicated, and another between 20-25% of rape perpetrators and victims as mildly under the influence of alcohol. Let’s be clear about this: a woman under the influence of alcohol cannot consent to sex. Of course, many drunk people have sex but that doesn’t suggest that a person is able to make clear, conscious decisions about intercourse – it just means drunk sex is just a fact of life and something that will always happen. Laughing at the bar about getting someone drunk enough to root is entirely unacceptable.

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Here’s a few of our previously featured rape supporters:

58 thoughts on “Rape Culture Seeps Into Spectrum’s Cocktail Menu

  1. I was trolling, you utter noob. And its generally considered good form to not show people’s entire names when you copy what they’ve written. Obviously very ‘professional’ of you.

  2. oh dear…I feel incredibly saddened by – and sorry for – those poor deluded/angry/ignorant guys re the above rants. They actually sound dangerous…is there any use, or way to report such comments…? Surely their names should be logged on a police list or – somewhere – as potential rapists/rape suspects?

  3. I was trolling in my comment, you utter noob. And its generally considered good form to not show the person’s full name when you copy what they’ve written. But I can see you’re very ‘professional’. But either way, I stand by my views and every comment I’ve posted. I do not consider the names of 2 drinks in a little old bar sexist or misogynist. It is ridiculous to take offense at a couple inanimate objects.

    • If you were genuinely ‘trolling’ then you would have been saying deliberately inflammatory things just to incite a response. You say you stand by what you wrote so you saying deliberately inflammatory things but you believe them, ain’t no trolling in that. Don’t try and pretty up the fact that you were busted in public being a tool.

      BTW I’m from Brisbane and will definitely not be frequenting this bar. Glass Bar in the valley does the best cocktails around anyway, if anyone was looking for an alternative.

  4. Thankyou for bringing to light the fact that sexism and misogeny are so prevelant most people dont even recognise it right in front of their faces. How truly depressing.

  5. Mindmadeup: There is a huuuge difference between a drink called ‘Red Headed Slut’ and ‘Winey Bitch’ and then one that targets a specific individual. I can see that you’re incredibly mature, calling random people you don’t know fat whores. Please grow up.

    • Are your comprehension skills so deficient that you cannot read a properly constructed English sentence? Is that the effect of living under Campbell Newman or of frequenting pubs like the one in the post?

      Admin was not referring to you as a “fat whore”. Admin was posing a hypothetical question.

      Of, based on, or serving as a hypothesis.
      A hypothetical proposition or statement: “A talked in hypotheticals, tossing what-if scenarios to B”.

      Maybe you should go away and come back when you have learnt how to dialogue with grown-ups.

  6. What is truly depressing is the amount of young women, who through ignorance and/or immaturity support gross sexism and misogyny in order to appear as a “cool chick” to these neanderthal, mouth breathing knuckle draggers.

  7. I actually saved this article to take into my university as an example of extremely low quality blogging and journalism, so that everyone can have as much of a laugh at the blatant bias, and lack of ability to focus on the supposed problem at hand for more than a few sentences without launching in to a personal attack on people (calling them ‘oxygen thieves’ etc) as I did. It is however, a shame for whoever wrote this blog that this one post has just about eliminated any chance of credibility it may have once had, these names may be offensive to women, but it in no way constitutes ‘rape culture’. Does insulting someone count as ‘rape’ these days? I can answer that question with a confident no. The lack of education and anti-professionalism found within this article is a real shame, because ‘rape culture’ certainly exists, but this, I believe has put it very much out of context. But as they say ‘those who know the least, speak the loudest’. As a woman, I am most uninspired and unimpressed by this blog, but will definitely keep it in mind, for comedy purposes.

    • “The lack of….anti-professionalism”.

      Uni’s are far too lenient on who they let in these days.

      If you’re looking for an extremely low quality example of blogging to take to class, your reply should do the trick.

      • Lack of education….and anti professionalism found…. not lack of (ignore words that make the sentence comprehensive) anti-professionalism. Regardless, as a woman this post does not inspire me in the slightest, and I’m not bothered by some silly names of drinks, people are far too concerned with stupid things these days.

        • Oh dear. You came here trying to look like you were intellectually above everybody. But constructing a complex sentence was unfortunately not within your skill set.

          “…ignore words that make the sentence comprehensive…”

          No. Use correct grammar.

          Sarah Lisewski

        • P.S – I’ve edited your last sentence for you:

          “Regardless, as a woman this post does not inspire me in the slightest, and I’m not bothered by some silly names of drinks, people are far too concerned with stupid things these days.”

          Regardless, as a woman this post does not inspire me in the slightest and I’m not bothered by some silly names of drinks. People are far too concerned with stupid things these days.

        • Oops, Sarah. Another mistake. The conjunction ‘and’ makes the noun ‘lack of’ applicable here to both ‘education’ and ‘anti-professionlism’ in your sentence.


          I wouldn’t be taking this to class for laughs if I were you. I get the feeling that it won’t be the blog that will be laughed at …

          And as a woman myself, I AM inspired by blogs like these. It says so much about our society and how far behind we are in forward thinking. And it’s often the little things that say volumes about us as a society.

          Just as an aside, do you think it’s acceptable to have a drink called something like ‘Gay Bash’ or ‘Winey Homo’? If not, then ask yourself why and see if the same principles can be applied to your thinking about the names of these drinks at Spectrum.

    • It’s a blog dearie. It is neither The Spectator nor the New Yorker.

      We have the odd astoundingly profound article but most of the time we aim for a racy effortless tabloid style which will get a message across to two groups.

      The first group are the people who are getting frustrated and hurt by the refusal of a monetised social media to tackle issues of intolerance, discrimination and bigotry. These are people who are often powerless and voiceless and who neither have a comfy platform in traditional media nor can they use new media without being shouted down by the privileged. They are the people whose rights and dignity we aim to protect.

      The second group is the parade of clowns we feature. We want them to know that actions do have consequences, that the laws of the land override the cult of some foreign billionaire geek’s personal playground and that what they say publicly can and should come back to haunt them.

      We refer explicitly to Facebook because it is the worst offender in this regard.

      And as for your comments on “rape culture” – the humiliation and degradation of women always starts with words.

      But hey go ahead and write a long treatise on “rape culture” according to Sarah. Start your own blog. See how much things change. See how many dopey testosterone-fuelled men will read it before they go out for their next chick pickup at Spectrum.

    • C’mon, Sarah. Just have a little think about how being surrounded by media messages of women as less worthy human beings just miiiiiight contribute to how victims of rape are required by society to prove they were behaving like ‘good girls’, while never actually given a platform to even begin to do so. (Never even mind that the thinking that only good girls are deserving of not-bad stuff happening to them is enormously problematic!)

      The names of these drinks tell me being in control of their own sexuality is something women need to be humiliated for, and women who talk and have opinions need to have their voices silenced. These are not fun, funny, cool messages! Especially not if you consider how they contribute to the broader social narrative on women and what women deserve from their world.

      • Perhaps, but most certainly not in anyone I’ve known. I tend to only surround myself with the people who are supportive of me. There always have been, and always are going to be shit people in the world, so people need to just identify which people they are and avoid them. Yes, rape happens, and yes its unfortunate, but I refuse to believe that the names of a few cocktails are somehow condoning it or aiming to degrade women, drinks are known to have some pretty crazy names involving all sorts of things. But what you’re saying is valid, I just don’t want to be one of those people who worry about every little thing that could potentially be the cause of something that might, just maybe influence someone to do something bad. Lifes too short

    • Quote: Sarah Lisewski “…these names…in no way constitutes ‘rape culture’”

      Synonyms of ‘constitute’: embrace, form, complement, comprise.

      Oops, Sarah. I think this blog went a bit above your head. If you can’t see the relationship between language and behaviour then I think it’s better that you quit now (and yes, I think we all know that words themselves cannot ‘rape’ people but those names, which you clearly think are ok, are indictive of a social metality that embraces and prolongs a certain level degradation for women).

      Good luck with your studies.

  8. I love how you claim that Spectrum is “some shitty dive in Brisvegas”. Classy. Why don’t you actually go there, and have a drink?

    Nice work writing an incredibly one sided blog as well. Kudos.

    • We have plenty of over-priced cocktail bars where we live thanks. With a wine cellar, we have no need to go out unless we want to meet friends, eat or hear a band.

      The one thing which would get us to Joh-burg (yes it’s that again thanks to Newman) is the modern art gallery and a handful of top friends. The climate is shite for a good part of the year and the bogotry is heavy north of the Tweed.

      • By the “Joh-burg” jibe, do you refer to the city, or the state? Either way, you sound someone whom is slightly up themselves. In fairness, one should not make a generalisation/assumption without meeting someone, but please, do me a favour and never come up here if you have these sorts of wicked accusations about a place you probably have never been to.

        • I live in a nice place called Hervey Bay, with a few but certainly not as many bogans as other places, one of them being Maryborough where the simple act of tooting your car horn at someone who didn’t indicate when pulling up sharply and turning, gets you a tirade of abuse and a driver out of the vehicle taking his shirt off and demanding you fight. I left WA after 43 years of watching it go in that direction, Queensland apart from some places is unfortunately very much further down that track.

        • Tim Smith, the guy who denies people’s rights to travel in a free country because he doesn’t condone/agree with someone. Fuck off, you hypocrite.

        • Problem? – Where did I forcibly tell him to not come up here. I asked him to do me a favour. Based on the way this thread of comments is going, he wouldn’t listen to me.

          Free country? Spectrum can’t even name a drink that has a tongue-in-cheek joke behind it without becoming the target of organised hate, led by the moderators over at ‘Destroy the Joint’. This country stopped being free when we let Political correctness undermine everything we do.

    • Well when people like Tim go to this bar, does people like him make it like “some shitty dive in Brisvegas? But hey if he want to be a fool and pay for overprice cocktails, it his problem.

      • Reading this hurt my eyes.

        Nonetheless, how can you make an assumption like that without meeting me? Of course, you are part of the presumptuous gang of bandwagoner’s that are aiming to bring Spectrum’s name into disrepute.

        It’s okay, I’m sure it sounded like a great response in your head.

        • Timmy read your own rants, to see you had made many assumptions the latest “Of course, you are part of the presumptuous gang of bandwagoner’s that are aiming to bring Spectrum’s name into disrepute”.

          And I was going to stink to your level and call you names, but I won’t as your own rants have proven you are a idiot.

          Best wishes in what you do in your life and reading your own rants, there is nothing much to do in your life apart from lying in a forum and going to a dive in Brisvegas.

    • I love the implication that if a blog does not provide a balanced account of the facts, it is doing something wrong. This blog – as I understand it – seeks to out racists and sexists, not understand them. That may be explored on another blog. And why in the world would we want to go to a place that supports such an anachronistic and one-sided view of gender? I wouldn’t give a restaurant that had a ‘Coon Burger’ on its menu any of my money. This is the same thing.

  9. Although the names of the drinks don’t particularly bother me, I think they could have made them a little bit more playful than just simple name calling. I kind of understand where this article is going though, the idea that it’s okay for these kinds of phrases to be used during ‘fun times out’ is bothersome… I hope in winter they come out with some names pointed more toward the male gender just to even it out. Maybe instead of getting up in arms about how shit the names for these drinks are, we would spam them with names that would have been much more awesome. I also apologise to the grammar police in advance if my comment is not ideally written. Keep up the good work mindmadeup, it would be almost journalistic discrimination if you only blogged the ‘bigger’ issues and let little ones like this slide.

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