“I would so rape her” says Aussie Hip Hop Hopeful

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“I would so rape her.”

                                                  – Cino Rizo Lane

                                                                   (father of two children)

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(Previous place of work above, current place of work below:)

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30 thoughts on ““I would so rape her” says Aussie Hip Hop Hopeful

    • You really absolutely HATE such people involved in hip hop? Yeah, seems level headed. If you’re not being facetious then you’re extremely ignorant and probably shouldn’t comment on something you have no understanding of. I’m a “white-male middle-class rapper” by the way, damn sure I’m not donning black face, rocking white gloves and doing jazz hands when I perform. I guess just being a white-male middle-class rapper makes me that reprehensible by default, right? Yep, makes sense.

    • This fella is a nobody that no one has heard of, so this won’t even register as a blip on the radar in the (aussie) hip hop community. There’s plenty of cringe-worthy misogyny and homophobia in hip hop that has a wide reach to worry about.

  1. Victim blaming is one thing, understanding that there are predatory bastards at large is quite another. HOW can a woman dressed as in the pic hope to go safely about her business without attracting the attention of such people and possibly being attacked? Just saying that she should be able to doesn’t change the fact that she is likely to be targetted if she crosses the path of such a person or people. It is not her fault if she is, but she may well be and isn’t that something worth being aware of and acting to avoid? It isn’t about prohibiting freedom of choice and caving in to mysoginst expectations, its about the real world and everything slithering around in it. She is NOT asking for it, but by God there are men out there looking for it. The gang rape and murder in India is a ‘good’ example of the fact this kind of attack can happen anywhere, anytime, even to the most conservatively dressed or morally conservative person. Re: the pic, reality must surely teach the lesson that rapists don’t care about a woman’s right to dress as she chooses and in fact may be attracted to her self-confidence and power as a reason to attack her? After all, rape is a violent crime that perpetrators use to assert control over those they see as weaker people in order to debase and control them. It is a sick sad world out there and there are perpetrators looking for opportunities – do what you can to avoid becoming a victim, even though you cannot be at fault if the worst happens. I would never blame my daughter if the worst happened, but I would aske her to be aware of her surroundings and preparing for the eventualities of what can be a brutal environment.

  2. Admins, You’ve got to be a kidding yeah?
    This guy was clearly joking.
    He was being humorous. Albeit in bad taste, but nonetheless, still a joke.
    Do you really think it is fair to post this poor guys wedding photo, (blurred) photos of his kids and even after said wife and kids, list his employment details???
    Come on that is extremely unfair to this guy. Do you hate the family ideal so much that you would quite easily facilitate the break down of this guys life, his marriage and the lives of his wife and children???
    Don’t be A-holes. Remove this post and find the real pricks out there. Not a working family man who cracked a joke.

    • Where does one draw the line? Everyone has a sad story. Especially the hundreds of racists and bigots we feature who then come back begging to be anonymised. Break your heart it would – if you thought they were genuine.

      OK Matty help us out here. Tell us whom we should go after, give us some evidence and we’ll go after them.

      90% of our material comes from the “other” mail we receive – the hundreds of e mails and tweets telling us about some scum or other on social media accompanied by screenshots.

      This is how we found this fella.

    • His family will understand that it is a joke then. No problem at all.

      And all good jokers want bigger audiences. We’ve given this to him so loads more people can laugh at his hilarious rape jokes too.

      • Well said mindmadeup. The whole point of TAB is to expose these clowns for all the world to see. While sadly bigotry & racism will probably never go away, exposing those dense enough to air their feelings in public is a start. If matty truly belives the guy was joking, maybe we should try and track the young lady down. We could then ask her if she thinks it was funny? I’ve got an odd feeling as to what her response would be. Keep up the excellent work.

  3. Wow. You’ve got to hand it to people on the Internet to a) take things out of context and b) blow things way out of proportion. I’m slightly offended I wasn’t contacted directly about this issue and asked my real stand point before this drivel was posted, but as the “article” was written by unprofessional journalist wanna-be’s, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. I don’t really care about the blogs non factual statements, if you take this tripe to heart then I guess you join the list of the vast number of morons inhabiting this rapidly depleting world. Understandably the statement I made was of a horrendous nature but it was an absurdists view taken, as previously stated, completely out of context. I was merely making a point that it doesn’t matter how you dress it there will be creeps trawling the web making crude statements even on the pages of the people who oppose the exact thing that the aforementioned creep is commenting on.
    Any way I make absolutely no apology to any of you.
    Slander is always a great way to have people read your otherwise uninformed opinions and I just happened to be the target this time. Kudos to you. And may serial murderers cut off your facial features and feed them to you.
    Also please don’t mention my wife or kids again or they’ll be the ones who come after you at night near where you live and they’ll be the ones feeding you said facial features.

    • So….for the record, talking about raping people and threatening their lives….totally okay if it’s an ironic context.

      Criticising someone for doing the above-WRONG in all circumstances!

  4. Oh and to the guy who made mention of my getting married in a t-shirt, we’re actually in Las Vegas taking a some what ironic dig at the sanctity of the idiotic ritual which is marriage.
    Again Die.

  5. Please, don’t make like you know anything about me. I found out about this spurious nonsense only this morning. Gigs? Mate you’re living in the past. I’ve not had a gig (apart from ones I’m attending as a patron) for quite some time as I am pursuing a new and varyingly different path these days. And as for publicity, who do you think you are? Amber Lyons? You’re a nobody in a sea full of nobodies. Just like everyone else. What were you hoping to achieve with your post, International scandal? Perhaps some recognition. Or were you simply trying to make me into some kind of scape goat for societal issues? You’re not even close. As one of the posters in this intrepid comments section had the wherewithal to point out it was a facetious comment, wether in good taste or not, is not the point. So do as you want. But what’s the point of keeping a post like this around once the protagonist has made his own point and it is counter indicative of your own?

    • So…the post has not effected your life at all, and will never effect it at all, it won’t change anything, it’s completely pointless made by nobodies….but you should put it down anyway. Is that what you’re trying to say?

      This. 100% this, Cino. If it doesn’t matter at all, if you have no reason to worry about the comment, and you’re totally okay with the comment you made, then why want it taken down? As you said, it has no effect, so why worry about it still being here?

  6. Meh, do as you please. Keep it up. Take it down. It makes no difference to me. I showed my wife after work and she laughed at the frivolity of it all called the author a “ding-bat” and we continued with our dinner unimpeaded. My only concern is the fact that it is slander and could also be considered libel. But that’ll end up your problem not mine. I don’t condone the act of rape and never will. I also don’t condone a many other human atrocities but do acknowledge the fact such things exist and some times need to have a little fun poked at them. If you cared at all about fact, if you were in any way a true critical thinker, had your blade of skepticism been at all honed, you would have also brought up the fact that I’ve shared articles on the nature of rape and its victims, have shared stories, true accounts, written by women who have been raped and how they are then ostricised by their friends and society, which deems it self so pius and grand. I shun the so called “good people” who have commented with their true hatreds bared, they stand all high and mighty in their own proclaimed glory wither nothing to stand on but thier own self worth. Let them stand up to true adversity and come out unblemished. I will have to answer to my own maker and care little for the invented values of the likes of you. To quote Mark Twain “I do not fear death. I was dead for billions of years before I was born and it didn’t bother me in the slightest”. So what of you sir, do I have to fear. This shall be my last correspondence on the matter. Good day sir and remember…..your facial features.

    • “Keep it up. Take it down. It makes no difference to me. ”

      Then why try to convince us that the post doesn’t need to be around anymore?

      “My only concern is the fact that it is slander and could also be considered libel”

      So after death threats, we now have “Possibly legal challenge”-yes because even if you had a basis, you would be happy to go to court stating produly “I think joking about raping someone is totally okay”

      “But that’ll end up your problem not mine. I don’t condone the act of rape and never will.”

      Except when you’re joking. But that’s okay, because it’s okay to say you want to rape someone, if you’re joking (And you can totally tell the difference between joking about rape and actually threatening rape online). Naturally rape victims think that sort of humour is hilarious.

      ” some times need to have a little fun poked at them. ”

      Yes, and that’s totally your decision to make. As a man, you get to joke about rape because you can physically overpower a woman, and are also far less likely to rape.
      And women? They are allowed to accept you joking about rape, because what are they going to do? Obviously they’re not allowed to complain (You don’t like anyone joking about your rape based humour, hence your being here), they just have to accept your control, and absolute dominance.

      Go you friend of women, you!

      Just for the record-why does rape need to be made fun of? It’s making fun of the powerless, the victims-how is that a need? What benefit is there in making the serious traumatising act of rape a bit of a light hearted joke?

      “I’ve shared articles on the nature of rape and its victims, have shared stories, true accounts, written by women who have been raped and how they are then ostricised by their friends and society, ”

      Yes, so you’re so kind! You share articles about rape, about the poor treatment women receive by others when they are raped, the ostracisation from society they feel….and then you ostracise them by joking about their traumatic experience!

      And you don’t see any contradiction with this. Go you friend of women you!

      “I will have to answer to my own maker and care little for the invented values of the likes of you.”

      Invented values eh? So for the record the following values:
      1-joking about a hugely traumatic experience is totally wrong
      2-Dismissing a woman’s protest against rape by saying you’re going to rape her is wrong.

      Are totally invented values, but your values of
      1- Disagreeing with me is totally wrong
      2- Criticising my humour which diminishes a traumatic event is totally wrong.
      3- Telling people about my humour and criticising me because of it is absolutely wrong

      Are apparently values invented by God. Missed that in Bible class!

      “So what of you sir, do I have to fear. ”

      Your lack of question marks are mildly intimidating (Wasn’t going to nitpick, but since you started….)

      Seriously, what I’m scared of is the many many rapists who get away with their crime. Have you ever met a rapist, Cino? I have. I didn’t know it at the time, he was just another guy at a party, but later I found out he had raped a friend of mine. But it was her word against his, and she wasn’t the most confident of women beore the attack, so definitely didn’t feel able to prosecute, so he got away with it.

      And he didn’t have big scars, a bald head, or an intimidating look. He was educated and look normal. And he probably didn’t think he was a rapist. He thought what he was doing was fine, just a joke, and anyway, rape isn’t a big deal, just have a laugh about it.

      What I’m scared of is that he isn’t alone. There are plenty of people out there like him. And they’re encouraged by society. They’re encouraged by a society that states if a girl is drunk she’s available, they’re encouraged by organisations that put protection of their name above prosecution of rapists, they’re encouraged by constant judging of the victim’s sexuality prior to the attack, they are encouraged by significant people across all beliefs and societies which make rape seem like not so severe a crime, and they are encouraged by people, such as yourself, who make rape jokes so it doesn’t seem like it is such a big deal or something to worry about.

      I’m scared that there are people like that who have been taught that rape isn’t a big deal, and encouraged to do so. And I’m scared they will hurt more people I care about.

      What are you scared of?

      “Good day sir and remember…..your facial features.”

      And with that veiled threat, you say goodbye. Next time you decide to benefit the world with your rape based humour, try this on for size.

      You’re married. If someone said that comment about your wife-not a friend who you trusted but a stranger on the internet-would you be laughing?

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