Did Aboriginals Deserve an Apology? – “This is not a racist page”



Kevin Rudd apologised as Prime Minister at the time on behalf of the government and people of Australia. Whether he was around during the period of the Stolen Generations or not is irrelevant.


Indigenous reactions to the Apology were positive. Indigenous people were not concerned whether Rudd had been “around” or not,  just that he was there as Prime Minister representing the government and the nation.


Oh and we know of no Indigenous people, alive or dead, who were or are “grateful” for being snatched away from their families. The anonymous admin of that page must live in another universe!


“He makes white Australians feel uncomfortable”



The Stupidity Award for Facebook Racism has to go to Jarrod Schaub


WRONG you cretin. Indigenous people have lived here for more than 40 000 years.

And guess what fuckwit!  The Chinese had an empire and an advanced civilisation for thousands of years and invented many things we still use but had no glass.



And they were even kind enough to invent the foldable umbrella for Jarrod’s European ancestors who obviously couldn’t manage it themselves.


And it gets better – or worse.

Jarrod is not the end of the dregs there. Take a look at “Mark Whiteman” who likes to grab the profile pics of people who dare to disagree with him and misuse them.

Sound familiar?

It’s something that goes with far right nutzi politics because when they get out in the real world they find their political nutjobbery has nothing to offer.

It is much easier for them to bully and intimidate young Aboriginal women for instance.



We are fairly sure that the real owner of that picture, State of Michigan political analyst Marlon Brown, who is an African-American albino, would not be too impressed by knowing that a white supremacist was misusing his photograph.

We know where to contact Marlon and we’ll be letting him know.

Joining “Mark” for some tag team bullying action is Chris Smith.



Yeah we know that Chris. You have quite a track record.

Chris Smith 1

This might have been at the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown where him and his motley crew like to hang out despite all the gay leftie greenies who are thick on the ground in that part of Sydney.

Chris has been in the neo-Nazi scene for a long time with a bunch of fellow fantasists called Volksfront.  That is, when he’s not fronting the beak at Penrith Court.

So is Did Aboriginals Deserve an Apology? a racist page?

Oh yes indeed!


Slackbastard blog is a mine of information on far right fringe groups and their antics

Law and Order: Not-so-special-victims

59 thoughts on “Did Aboriginals Deserve an Apology? – “This is not a racist page”

  1. ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ by Jarrod Diamond explores the geographical and biological linkages between technological artifacts and their emergence within various cultures and the impact of illnesses and ‘germs’ on pristiner environments and populations. The simple statement ‘they didn’t need it’, says it all when it comes to favourites of the right-wing like the wheel, glass etc. The apology to the stolen generations has ben repeated to non-Indigenous families torn apart by forced adoption in Australia, so really forms part of a concerted effort to redress genuine misdeeds and bad policy of the past. I live in a pristine marine park on an island that is all Indigenous land and sea, the people there are managing their lives and resources in a responsible way while attempting to recover from the effects of the colonial smothering that occured throughout Australia. People may indeed hate the ‘white man’ and in so doing may also be themselves racist, but in the end Australia cannot move forard as a chesive nation if it does not adequately address the issues created by colonialism. Many white Australians are descended from white slaves who did not choose to come here, so their is a greater kindred spirit here than may be immediately evident.

      • While this person is an ignorant and uneducated moron, the details that you have shown here is probably more irresponsible compared to these morons coming up and showing their stupidity. You are showing that you can’t beat them so fall to, or below, their level.

        Oh and I suggest you stop doing so as the misleading information you have in your comment fill in details field clearly states that the email address will never be made public.

        • this person is an ignorant and uneducated moron

          Everyone who supports that site is. It was specifically set up to defame and humiliate Indigenous people.

          We make the e mail addresses of trolls and spammers public. Then they stop doing it.

          Your e mail is patently fake, so is the name no doubt. Only your IP is genuine.

    • We don’t have to. We have protected the identities of the Aboriginal women who were bullied and harassed.

      Several Indigenous and non-Indigenous people have complained to us.

      The racists commenting deserve everything they will get. So do the Nazis.

      We are also informing the African-American civil servant about the scumbag “Mark Whiteman” misusing his photograph. The owner of the photo works for the Governor of the state of Michigan.

      So do you support racists and Nazis?

      • and were does it say that????
        you really are a fucken evil mean man, its funny how you say we can have freedom of speech, yet when someone disagrees with you, they are worng,
        wak up to yourself little man

        • I’m not a man. Not last time I looked anyway.

          You can have freedom of speech as long as it is not hate speech. After all what did Indigenous people and Muslims ever do to you tucked happily in Canberra?


        • Show me were I have said anything that is not true. Have you even read my posts, no, why do you think I hate Muslins? And I have Aboriginal friends so how can I hate them.
          I have never Spread hate unlike like you.
          Racism works both ways you can’t insult white, black, yellow or purple.

        • Why do you belong to that Ban the Burqa sewer? Why do you post at a site set up by neo-Nazis where they aim to humiliate Indigenous people? Why do you support the line their admin takes?

        • Again show me where I said anything racist, you can’t, so grow up.
          I can post on anything I wish to, It’s called freedom of speech.
          Just because you don’t like a page does not mean other people don’t, some people like cats some dont neither person is wrong.
          You think your do big, you can take things out if context and make your own hate page.
          This is a hate page

        • We hate racism and bigotry.

          We have contempt for ignoramuses who shout their racism and bigotry all over social media as if it had any validity.

          Would you let a crack dealer sell drugs on your street? Then don’t expect us to tolerate intolerance.

        • Here’s a sample of your posts

          Karla Hickey Nothing racist about the page, it’s the people who comment

          Karla Hickey The page is “Did Aboriginals deserve an apology” who else are they going to write about?
          All that has been written on the page is facts and statistics and options of admin

          Did Aboriginals Deserve an Apology? To anyone who thinks this story is made up, you’ve obviously never been to Darwin. This has happened to me and my mates PLENTY of times. Cheers.

          Friday, 4 January 2013 at 21:23 (22 hours ago) · Like · 9Reply

          Tristen Bowie It’s not “typical” because not all of us carry on like that it’s called being “mild”…
          Friday, 4 January 2013 at 21:23 (22 hours ago) via mobile · Edited · Like · 2Reply

          Karla Hickey Unfortunately most are like that

          So “most” what?

        • Try again, I worte the first two not the ready, and how is what I said rasist?
          I’m done paying your little game, grow up, and take the link to my page down please.

        • “…most…”

          If you don’t understand how that little word negatively generalises in a completely racist way then you’re more stupid than first assumed.

        • Oh so Karla Redneck has “Aboriginal friends” so that justifies this thing to attack Aboriginal people on a bogan racist website. Net thing this racst fool would want us to believe that Hitler had Jewish friends. Am sure Karla’s employers in Canberra be very interested to read what she says online about Aboriginal people,

        • That’s a great way to market a small business and get customers coming in – bag out Aboriginal people.


      • But Karla Klanswoman has “Aboriginal friends” so that justifies this bogan redneck in attacking Aboriginal people on that site. Hitler used that same excuse when he said he had Jewish friends!

  2. Can’t ignore the facts. Although that is a common trait of lefties. To conveniently ignore all the facts to push their misguided opinions.

    Thank god for the far right because I really fear the mess this world would be in and who you lefties would hand Australia over to lock, stock and barrel of it wasn’t for them.

  3. Knew I should not have read that page. It contains the following piece of inanity….

    “575,799 Australians served overseas during WWII, only 3000 were Aboriginal.
    There were even less Aboriginal soldiers in the WWI with approximately 500.
    If mainly white man defended this land, why do Aboriginals claim it to be there (sic) land, when we defended it? I think a public ‘Thank you’ day would be appropriate.”

    ‘This is not a racist page’ my bot-bot.

  4. I bet you that 17 year old loser from Perth who created this site is that Cameron loser who made the earlier comments in the post here.

  5. Awesome work mindmadeup -. You are a legend!! Keep the brilliant work up, By the way I got banned from the site because I was filled with hate and prejudice towards Hilter. Must say that is only one of the facts they did get right.

  6. The references to the white population saving Australia from being invaded by the Japanese in WWII are new to me. Guess I’m not spending enough time with racists. My question is what’re the chances that the Japanese would have invaded Australia if we weren’t a British colony fighting Japan along with the other Allies? None? How dare they not be grateful for that? I mean, for goodness’ sake the Aboriginal population not only failed to invent glass, they also failed to invent guns, bullets, V8 supercars, pink polo shirts, steroids, and a blind faith in the Bible. They really had no chance of being included in any of our fighting forces. Without us, they might have missed the War altogether. Why are they not more grateful for being allowed the privilege of being counted among the enemies of the Japanese? Selfish.

  7. mindmadeup – you have done a great job in your exposure of this horrid and vile page, you are well informed and a fantastic writer – I am so glad this page is finally getting seen for what it really is and does – incite racism and hatred, Well done mindmadeup keep up the great work 🙂

  8. Seems Jarrod Schaub is a former employee who is in a bit of trouble now going by this email from his old employer.

    Gibson soak hotel

    It is with regret that we must Apologies obviously any remarks have come from a disgruntled employee and we sincerely apologies if anyone has been offended the young man is a former employee has no right making these remarks on our page we will definately seek action for these remarks we are in no way shape or form involved in this and hope that the Public will believe us we have been in business for almost twenty years and have opened our arms to anyone that enters our doors once again we are sorry for this outrageous remark made by someone that obviously has no compassion or cooth

  9. I know it’s been done to death.. but what are people thinking when they write ‘this is not a racist page’? Is it that they think it’s some kind of secret legal defense? Or just a covering like ‘I’m not racist but’? One can only imagine an appearance in court would go something like this…

    Defense Lawyer: My lord I bring to the attention of the Court exhibit A, the the following disclaimer ‘This is not a racist page’ under the …. convention such a statement is a full defense against any legal action.

    Judge: Case Dismissed!

  10. Any help you guys can offer to Amanda Meredith who has been campaigning to abolish hate, gossip, and racist pages would be great. It makes you feel sick in the guts that there is sick foul mouthed and dangerous people on Facebook setting up shop to incite all types of evil. I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg has no control anymore over this stuff because of its company going into the market share thing etc although there must be someone who has the power to abolish this stuff , in the meantime, top work you mob for exposing these sites and hopefully someone in the international community is listing .. cheers G

  11. People say us aboriginals didn’t invent glass or “real house” but thats cause we live off the land, those pricks that say that couldn’t survive out in the wild without sucking on there thumbs and begging for there mums to come save the day.
    And the Japanese tried to invade australia because Australia pissed them off, us fellas wouldn’t have and even if they did it would of been exactly like today but the Japanese are here so there’s nothing to be grateful for.

    By the way there’s a hate page up called “noonga nigel” I’ve been asking people to help take it down but you seem to be the only one to get things done.
    The person who made the hate page is named Daniel Adams he goes to pendle hill high school (so yo don’t get the wrong person)


    • Technological advancement is largely down to math. Europe and Asia were traditionally more advanced than other cultures because you essentially had all the people in Eurasia working ‘together’. While there was not instant communication or anything, but every 20-30 years, a Christian priest, a Chinese scholar or an Islamic Imam would travel to the far reaches of Eurasia spreading the knowledge around. When you have 100 million people working on something, they will generally figger it out sooner than 1 million people.

    • Civilisation tends to arise wherever the conditions are right. The fact that the indigenous peoples of Australia never developed sophisticated technology is really down to the fact that there were no crops or animals amenable to domestication than anything else.

      The way I see it, anyone capable of surviving in the Aussie outback, resourceful enough to get by without modern technology, and keep it up for 40,000 years, must be pretty fucking smart.

  12. I am sick to death of the Aboriginal Industry that exists to exploit dumb white fools who think it is good to appease the bludging drug-fucked, alcoholic parasites.
    White Australia gave millions of acres of land to these bums and they want compensation when we need to extract minerals from underneath it. They want apologies, understanding, freedom from the constraints placed on us who support them and worst of all they want us to treat them as special custodians of the land we fought and beat them for. We own this place, we fought for and won the right to claim it as our own. It bears OUR flag. We should not tolerate the aboriginal flag being flown anywhere here as it is a defeated nation it represents.
    Idiots claim China never invented glass. What is ceramics? The Chinese travelled the world and invented a million things we use today. They rule the world of construction, industry and technology.

    The Aboriginals got a new type of petrol invented to stop them from sniffing it!!
    It is time to admit they are not here to contribute to society. They are a burden and will continue to be so until we have ONE NATION. A house divided will never survive. We have to become one country with one race. All immigrants who come here as our guests MUST assimilate or fuck off. The Aboriginals must stop trying to separate from the rest of us and start to assimilate and abide by OUR laws. We made them, you obey them!

    The whites in this country have become weak, docile and subservient. Until we grow some balls and demand equality for US, we will end up being a minority in our own country. We will end up as third class citizens to the Muslims and the Aboriginals. We will work so that they will be able to bludge and leech off our inventions and industry.

    This will be viewed as racist by imbeciles and radicals. Who cares? The truth is always viewed as anathema to their twisted logic by those who lack intellect and discernment.
    It is not racist to love your country and to want what is best for it.
    It is not racist to speak the truth, to have an opinion and the desire to give voice to that opinion.

    It is racism to deny a White Australian the right to take umbrage at being labelled a racist by Black Australians and their White apologists.
    It is time to wake up and realize fools like Adam Goodes are trying to divide and polarize us in a way that will only end in a race war that they will never win. Even if they resort to White weapons and to hide in White dwellings.

    Be one with the rest of us … or leave our country and never return until you are ready to change.

    • I look forward to our readers heading over to tear you apart.

      I’m a white person and I don’t want to assimilate with the likes of you. This is not your country you don’t speak for us so get the fuck out and go find a bunch of racists who will put up with you.

      And while you’re at it “Wallace” if you are referring to the late Nazi-sympathiser Wallis Simpson in your chosen fake nickname, get the spelling right will you old man?

  13. As for the apology, you can ask the same for other countries. Aborigines had a 40,000 or so head start to build, claim, protect. They didn’t do much of a job. Too much Dreamtime and no inventing. They could be ruling the world.. LOL This is still going on today.. fighting over land. The bank tells me I owe my House. but in reality the government can take it off me and tell me to leave. I think we should all go back to GO! and the aborigines go back 3 places to community.. do not pass go and collect $200..

    • Too late for your racist tears, Rudd apologised, and a mighty job he did too.

      Indigenous people invented what they needed to invent. And lots of civilisations have no desire to conquer less advanced csocieties or to rule the world otherwise we’d all have been colonised by Chinese or Indians when our ancestors were still hunter-gatherers.

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