True Courage

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People gather at Delhi’s Mahatma Gandhi memorial to honour the 23-year-old rape victim. Photograph: Anindito Mukherjee/EPA


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The Indian Bar Association last week decided against defending the six suspects because of the nature of the crime, although the court is expected to appoint lawyers to defend them.

Indian media have reported that forensic evidence indicates the victim of the attack, who died on Saturday at a hospital in Singapore, struggled violently, repeatedly biting her assailants.



We must face up to our own rape culture

Cody Weiland and his rape fantasies

5 thoughts on “True Courage

  1. So who raped the Indian girl u fuckers??? Guaranteed to be some of your mops lime buddies eh? As the leftist media assxwipes r completely silent on the issue that can be the only conclusion

    • * this blog focuses mainly on issues within Australia;

      * this post doesn’t suggest that rape desires are exclusively Australian;

      * we have spoken out at the rape culture that exists in parts of India on our Facebook page;

      * you are a fucking arsemunch.

  2. So lefty fucker Simon tedeschi sees a rapist under every bed? Just another feminazi like the fuckers at the herald who whine like old moles about ‘pay inequality’ another shrill wingeing session for the victim groups of the left.
    Females now out number male graduates response? None. Fuckwits. Just like the fuck heads that run this blog.

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