Nick o’doherty : “YOUR OPININONS COUNT(sic)”

The speech that stops the barbie

So slap a drop bear on the cook top, bite the top off a Darwin stubby and harden up harken to the words of Nick!

In all our recorded history such words have never been uttered!  If you don’t believe us ask a barristor (sic) !

Barrister barrista barristor

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 9.56.35 AM


18 thoughts on “Nick o’doherty : “YOUR OPININONS COUNT(sic)”

    • Just wondering what recipes I can use for high treatson? I heard brownies do ok 😉

      The joke was… half baked… thats low, even for me. Quitting while I’m behind.


    This guy’s illiteracy has its own unique style that makes it more readable and entertaining than most. E.g. his consistent misuse of “whom” is intriguing.

    Great find.

  2. Yikes. Talk about readability issues and the netiquette of ridiculously inappropriate capitaisation “shouting” … Hint : Dude, settle down & stop posting drunk! Think for a second (or five) about whether what you are saying actually makes sense or no, hey?

    Racism – yeah, Take a good hard look at yourself and reconsider. No ones perfect – you and me included. The idea is, ideally, to reflect, learn, and get better. Go on I’ll try it if, well even if you won’t actually.

  3. I love it when fruitcakes use ‘Constitution’ as a crutch when they obviously haven’t read it.
    The only mention of Treason in the constitution is under membership of the House of Representatives (where prosecution for treason disqualifies you). No member of theantibogan is in the HOR (unfortunately) so it doesn’t apply. As for religion, read s116 – freedom of religion, no government enforced religion and no religious test for public office.

  4. Settle down all you intellectual types. Nowhere in the CONSTITUTION does it say you can’t CONTRADIC the laws of English. Stop questioning whatever his name is I’ve already forgotten’s Aussie right to create his own language.

    • Not to mention the perennial excuse “I WUZ HACKED BY ME BROTHER WHO WUZ JUS HAVIN’ HIS SAY!” coming in 5, 4, 3…

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