NSW Police allow racist comments on FB page

Aussies for Freedom

Last night the ugly head of domestic violence reared it’s head in Bankstown and sadly a multitude of police officers doing what is a very hard job were injured.

The NSW Police Force posted the following status on their Facebook page:

nsw police

The post did not name any ethnicity at all, but as predicted, violent and bigoted and racist comments ensued by a large amount of people assuming that the perpetrators were Arab.  Because only Arabs commit crimes in this city, and white people don’t ever hit strangers,riot and stab people or kill police officers. Or anything bad like that, because in their mind, we’re a peaceful race.  Right..

Here are some screen grabs of bigoted and racist comments, that are prejudicial, that NSW Police have deemed to be law abiding enough to not be moderated out of the page.












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Best wishes for the recovering police officers!


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One thought on “NSW Police allow racist comments on FB page

  1. And Facebook has proven many times in allowing racist rants, abuse and threats to be left on Facebook in groups and comments.

    Facebook themselves has not only gone against their own Community Standards, but are in fact helping others to break the law.

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