22 thoughts on “Cody Weiland and his Rape Fantasies

    • He’s American from South Dakota. Not exactly a haven for progressive views on women.

      On the one hand we are relieved it isn’t yet another home-grown misogynist arsehole. On the other hand it makes sanctions at this end rather futile.

      Reporting this insect to Facebook would probably have zero effect. Facebook likes to nurture its fuckwits in its pursuit of the mindless consumer dollar.


      Rapid City is about the size of Rockhampton so there’s a good chance the coppers might have met Cody before.

      Rapid City Police Department
      300 Kansas City St, Suite 200, Rapid City, SD 57701-2890
      Non-Emergency: 605-394-4131 Emergency: 911

      • i think it was one of the Southern States that jailed a guy a couple years ago for 12 years for just writing in his personal diary about rape or pedophilia. they couldn’t even prove intent or that he was going to publish what he wrote yet they still found him guilty & jailed him. so why not sweet Cody? he sounds like the anita cobby killers, i had a friend who taught them in the eastern suburbs of sydney, they were always sexually aggressive and it was no surprise when they found out who were murderers were.

        • i meant cody not benny. can you edit – moderate my Post? should also say who “anita’s” murderers were, not “were”. thanks.

  1. Have to ask why some fucktard from the US is on here for this? We all know they exist and there are enough of the dogs here in Aus, do we really want to pollute the page anymore than that?

  2. Ill rape your whole family pussy. Check it out ” Who am I
    Cody Weiland and I’m crazy
    I BE
    Robbing , raping hoes and killing mother fuckers
    Who am I
    Cody Weiland and I’m crazy
    I BE
    Robbing, raping hoes and killin motherfuckers

  3. well by lookin at his photos ((holds back vomimt))… the only way this speciman of a man ((holds back another bit of vomit)) could get laid is if he actively participates in necrophilia…

  4. hahahahahaha does he take himself seriously? hahhahah fuck man thats funny. A fan of selfies and writing bad poetry, again about himself. What a tool. Still I got a laugh out of it which is not a bad start to New Years Day.

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