American Psycho??

We don’t usually deal with nutters from overseas unless they stray into our orbit.

However this charm school graduate from the US recently messaged one of our Australian female supporters. When our folk get messages like that we like to give the senders the right sort of attention.


Michael is around 19 years of age. He likes Defence Leagues, guns and anti-Muslim groups and has some very dodgy friends over this side of the ocean.


Michael likes powerful military assault hardware as well. In view of recent events in the US he will no doubt be confining his passion to looking at pictures of them.


So you don’t need to clear your desks to do so but you might like to contact Michael’s local FBI office and let them know the sort of disturbed people they have on their watch.

FBI Office Williamsport

Federal Building, Room 206
240 West 3rd Street
Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: 1100 +1 + (570) 323-3791
Fax: 1100 +1+(570) 329-5359

From a mobile the phone number would be +15703233791

Or via US diplomatic posts here

American Embassy: 02-6214-5600
Sydney Suboffice
American Consulate: 02-9373-9200

9 thoughts on “American Psycho??

    • no i think he’s really psycho , profile : 19, lot’s of gun’s. think’s his macho. likes to abuse women. psychotic ,anti-social ranting. diagnosis ; do not approach this person,contact police at once.

  1. This kid is a real menace. He has absolutely no self restraint what so ever. I have dealt with him in the past and he has threatened my life and my families life. I like guns and I don’t care for Islam and I’m certainly worthy of more then a little bit of scrutiny from those who do not know me. Basically I’m a family man, former Marine, and do my best not to be some insane sounding facebook warrior. This guy takes the cake.

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