66 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From TheAntiBogan – Here’s A Racist Goochwad For You

  1. Yeah, I sent them a message as well. People should think a little bit before making such disgusting comments from profiles where they also list their employer.

    • condone |kΙ™nˈdōn|
      verb [ with obj. ]
      accept and allow (behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive) to continue

      We don’t condone racism, we oppose it. And please, show us where we have ‘loved’ death/violence.

      • Condone…sorry one too many Xmas tipples πŸ™‚ At least you got the jist.

        Well you loved that ET was murdered, and Dave now wants some indigenous people to go beat up some roid douche bag. Im sure he didn’t mean have a friendly chat.

        • ET? Huh?

          * Dave is not an admin here;
          * Dave represents one person; an angry person who is rightfully pissed off that Aboriginal people have been referred to in such a manner;
          * ‘you guys’ and ‘strange bunch’ are very generalising terms.

        • Sure a friendly chat is exactly what I had in mind, it would then be up to Mr douche to explain his comments to the very people he took the time to vilify online, I mean it is only fair they get the opportunity to call him on it and see where it takes them! Or is it ok to say those things, not be held to account and basically get away with it?

        • Where did I ever say Dave was Admin. Yes, the English language can be very generalised, especially to people like you guys who will twist every word into your generalised vocab.

      • I think BA was referring to Dave’s message. Oh and s/he probably meant to say “condemns”.

        On another note I hope Mr McKay gets the sack for such nasty and stupid remarks!

        • And yes you clever thing, that is my name on the website.Search is a wonderful tool hey. However, as my wifes business, with my name as a contact on it for her, would you please remove the link

        • Well fuck you as well then, leave it up. I told you from day one who I was, any dip shit can google to find more if they want, I told you I had nothing to hide, BUT you know you are stepping over the line now, posting a private persons website because they are affiliated to me. So your statement of email you forremoval requests is also bullshit. I will pop down to the local cop shop to find out where to take this.

        • Why don’t you idiots ever understand the difference between ‘private’ and ‘public’?

          “…private persons [sic] website…”. Laughable oxymoron from an unintelligent lowlife.

  2. Send them all back to their home countries and I wish them all the best, seriously. Give Melbourne back. FFS It’s getting worse. We should put them all in Queensland

  3. yeah back to the few aboriginals living there and the British who settled more than 200 years ago. The others were a massive mistake.

    • ^ I’d agree with this. Anyone that’s spent any more than 10 minutes in a place heavily populated by Ten Pound Poms and their progeny (such as Elizabeth in Adelaide’s Northern suburbs) would concur with my theory that the Motherland just used Australia as a dumping ground for its surplus scumbags, just like they did when they first invaded Australia in the late 18th Century.

  4. Blair Allan, just for the record. Firstly you can answer me direct, not being an admin and not posting anything I am not prepared to defend or condone myself I find it strange you refer to me through the admins at TAB and not directly to me, as I have addressed a question to you which you have so far declined to answer.
    Secondly, private persons website? You and your wife are the owners of the website for your business, well its name anyway, and that website is publicly searchable and publicly available to be viewed, reflecting its status in the public domain. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t reach out to many potential customers. On the website you display no personal comments of any nature, it is all business related with trust being a big selling point, along with peace of mind for owners entrusting their pets to your care. That attitude and image you portray doesn’t reconcile with someone who posts in support of the Ararat idiot who will shoot aboriginals for likes on Facebook. You then go off on a tangent with white genocide arguments in South Africa and Zimbabwe, totally irrelevant to the story on TAB about the muppet in Ararat.
    Hardly the sort of profile and knowledge you would want attached to your business is it?,yet by virtue of your comments and attitude it now is, no ones fault but your own.
    So you say the TAB advocates violence? My comment was to indicate the fact that the idiot in this story should be prepared to back up his words with actions, and therefore if some indigenous lads fronted his gym and called him on his comments, he should have the cojones to stick to his guns or back down, how that pans out is anybodies guess.
    So you support racist comments, you think whites are being slaughtered everywhere, have a desire to go to the police with some sort of complaint and are afraid your wife’s business will suffer. These consequences of your attitude and stance, you freely admit with nothing to hide, is going to be hard to sell to the police, just what exactly are they going to follow up on? Your website is publicly available, your name is attached to it and you have input into it, no one here has threatened anyone and you have confirmed your racist views in numerous posts, also freely available to be viewed by the police. You say the TAB and its supporters love death and violence with nothing to substantiate that claim, and apparently ET has something to do with that? Casting aspersions on character with unsubstantiated rubbish is last time I checked frowned upon by the courts and could be actionable if someone were to have a thin skin and complain to whoever they complain to, I don’t pretend to know so won’t guess.
    So when you present to the police, be sure to take all of the comments here on this page and the others you have commented on, so they can get the whole story, not just yours, and be prepared to be told politely that they will take your details and look at the issue when time permits, once you go out the door anything written down will go through the shredder and they will have a chuckle.
    That you have strong feelings on certain issues related to your time back in Africa is obvious, but be aware you are in Australia now, where the shit that goes on there doesn’t here, and won’t because we don’t have the same mindset as the Boers. You have come here to get away from that hate and violence, don’t bring it with you in your attitude for aboriginals, they are not your enemy or problem, you are your own enemy with that outlook. Everything you do and say reflects that, and there are consequences, you will moan about your business suffering being someone else’s fault, when your totally responsible should that happen, the fact people like to make informed choices will hurt because you will, contrary to some opinion, find Australians take racism and the sort of rubbish you spout seriously and won’t use your service if there is another where the people running it do not display those attitudes. Reap what you sow, you stated you had nothing to hide, well here is it is in all its glory for the public to decide.

    • “So when you present to the police, be sure to take all of the comments here on this page and the others you have commented on”

      Will do Davo. Not once have I put any point across that I am racist. I won’t go into a novel of a reply. You and your likes and the admin will continually report white on black, and very little on the reverse. That is racist in itself. That is the point I have made from the start. Just one example of where I have been racist and I will leave this site for good.

      “Hardly the sort of profile and knowledge you would want attached to your business is it?”

      Why, most “normal” people do care what happens. I happen to discuss this a lot with people I meet.

      “You and your wife are the owners of the website for your business,” So are the admin “owners”of this site. I also have every admin contact name, email etc. Two can play the posting game if necessary. Just because mindcunt gets so hurt everytime someone has a difference of opinion she feels it necessary to get her juices flowing by trying to show how powerful her search skills are.

      Not sure why you keep going on about TA page mindcunt. I follow it, I have no other interest in it. And stop swearing, for a woman that is really bogan.

      • Excusing and enabling racism is in the same league as straight out saying stuff like this prat featured here. I still want to know if you agree with what he says or don;t you, like TAB says you haven’t once addressed the topic, this blokes comments on aboriginals. Will not hold my breath waiting to see if the police in your locality suddenly get a hard on for chasing TAB for doing nothing worse than re-posting public comments and opinions. They have better things to do, like keeping people safe! Scraping motorists out of crashed vehicles, investigating crime and that sort of thing, you know real crime, not hurt feelings of some petal who has been shown to be intolerant and bigoted and quite frankly disagreeable on issues not connected in any way to the ones highlighted here. I mean come on, white genocide in Africa? If it is such a problem go and take on the issue back in Africa. As for examples of racism or any hate crimes against whites being featured here, when they get brought to the attention of the admins they will get the same treatment.

        • As for examples of racism or any hate crimes against whites being featured here, when they get brought to the attention of the admins they will get the same treatment.

          Finally getting somewhere, but as a non admin that is here say. Let me hear the admin say it and I will be happy

          Again Davo, my aboriginal comment was a what if comparison, comment away on that, it would be an interesting forum, but again, I’m waiting for one piece of evidence that I made a racist comment.

      • You were not talking to a woman before. You are now.

        Your views on women are what I’d expect from someone with a secret passion for the oppressive hillbilly Calvinists of the veldt.

        When we see an enemy we get to know them.

        You post on the Tony Abbott page, that is why you are over here.

        • You were not talking to a woman before. You are now.

          Wow neat trick,

          Jeesh cutie, I thought you were enjoying your evening. I have known for a few days that you were of the vindictive sex.

          Now come on, get down to the proof please, my racist comments that I made. here.

      • You are talking to a woman now as well.

        “…mindcunt ….. feels it necessary to get her juices flowing by trying to show how powerful her search skills are”.

        How dare you talk about her “juices”?? Do you think that will intimidate her? You disgust me.

        “And stop swearing, for a woman that is really bogan.”

        And you are a sexist pig to boot.

  5. You excuse racism and you enable racism

    Where mororn, do you just pretend to read and then convert words in your head to suit yourself, Like you keep saying over and over ….proof please

    • What’s a mororn?

      Have you anything to say about the guy featured in this post? Because without getting onto a computer and copy-pasting your words, I can’t remember you saying anything about his comments. Nothing at all. But I can remember you trotting out useless information and suggesting that whites are subjected to equal amounts of racism. Or something.

      Is it okay if I enjoy my night and access my computer later on to entertain your boredom?

      • Sure sweetie pie. No use wasting this beautiful evening on searching and finding nothing. Oh I did call an aboriginal an abbo, one point to you. But read in context it was not meant as a racist remark. Point deducted.

        And something to sleep on, my info is useless??, I know maybe irrelevant to the poor Vietnamese guys that I started my post in, but relevant regarding other forms of racisim.

  6. In regard to the racism, it could be your condemnation of those condemning racism. That;s the biggest give-away.
    As to you you being a tosspot, that’s just obvious.

    • Do you guys not read. FFS, once again, I condemn this site for not reporting ALL racism. Why is that soooooooooo hard to understand. If the admin would just confirm what Davo said, all would be good (well on this subject anyway)

    • Asked for evidence of racism against whites in Australia, and *poof* he’s vanished!

      So apparently, TAB is not doing a good job of representing racism in Australia because it fails to look at racism outside of Australia. Kidna like the Australian art gallery is doing a poor job of representing Australia because it fails to show sufficient amounts of art from other countries.

  7. Wow, you’re a genius, too. Phone numbers from the STA page. You’re such a detective, Blair. I really don’t think anyone from this site will be calling about dog walking, you dog. πŸ˜€

  8. And you can’t even get the numbers right. According to that picture, Amanda’s is 0487, not 0478! hahahahahahahahaha…
    You really missed out in the brains department, huh?
    Is dog-walking really the best you can manage?

  9. Hi GN,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    This man does not work for Snap Fitness. We have notified the Police of this matter.

    Kind regards

    Please be advised Snap Head Office will be closed Dec 24th 2012, we will reopen on Thursday 27th Dec at 8.30am.

    Roz XXXX | Snap Fitness | Managing Director – Australia | +61 73331 1400 |+61 (0) 430 604 966 | Unit 3, 11 Palmer Place Murrarie Q 4172 XXXXXXX@snapfitness.com | http://www.snapfitness.com.au Be well.

  10. This person DOES NOT work for Snap Fitness – he has been reported to Facebook and is no longer on Facebook. He is causing alot of problems and Snap Fitness is trying to find this person – please contact Snap if you know where/who this person is.

    • I received a reply today and Snap Fitness are disturbed enough to report this person to the police for using their business name. I also note they are an international company and have branches in places that the dick who posted this would call wog countries or something derogatory. Snap are certainly onto this and not impressed, seem like nice people!

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