Letters to TheAntiBogan – Do Racists and Sexists Change Their Stripes?

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Dear Admin,
We are writing to you in regard’s to your Blog on December 13, about the “Support Tony Abbott” face book page.
Our concern is you have used our photo with out our permission to highlight a conversation between people that have liked this page.
You have classified us as sexist and hater’s from a two word comment, and a photograph. We appreciate the message you are trying to get accross, but we feel you have unjustly
left us wide open for bullying and harrassment. We are not racist, sexist, or So called Bogan’s etc…The first time we became aware that the comment had been advertised, was when we read a link to your Blog. The comment ” Barge Ass” had actually been done unknowingly by a family
sibling, hacking our face book account with one of our mobile phone’s, thinking they were being funny. To defame us in such a way is unessessary and unfair.
We make no denial that we Liberal supporter’s, and are not fan’s of Julia Gillard, but not because she is a Woman. We admit that the people on that page can sometimes be quite pashionate and down
right degrading. We in no way endorse this, and liked the page originally to support Tony.[name redacted] and I request that you please remove any photo’s, our name’s or association to this page immediately. Hopefully there will be no further correspondance needed in regard to this matter.Your’s Sincerely,[name redacted]
To whom it may concern
I would like the coments on your website about that i have written removed ASAP. I wasnt the person who wrote them in fact, my account was hacked and somebody posted those comments on the facebook page “Fuck Off Were Full”. So yeah if you post comments that came from my account while it was hacked by someone who wanted me to be defamde then I will have no choice other then to pursue legal options.
Sincerely [name redacted]
Dear antibogan admin team,
You have taken my private comments on the I hate Julia gillard page and published them on your hate site without permission. I expect a remove and an apology within 7 days or you will expect a phone call from the police.
[name removed]
Please remove comments made by [name redacted] featured on the Anti bogan website, on topic Ban the Burqa.

I am not racist, and my comments were said out of stupidity. I was quite wrong to make that antagonistic comment.
I still stand by my belief, that the burqa should be banned in this country. However I will not argue the point in such a bogan low life manner from now on.
I understand you wanting to expose small minded people, and once again, my comments were stupid and i now agree small minded and just plain stupid. However i am quite sure this publishing this on an open public website operates outside the law of legal distribution of personal published material. As any material published by myself, is actually the intellectual property of the publisher, and consent has to be sought to d publicly display pictures and comments.
Once again I do now see this comment was stupid, and insensitive, and i must say I have matured since leaving this comment and my apporach to such subjects that are very delicate, i now address with a much more respectful approach.
[name redacted]

Hi Admin,

I would like to report a complaint about your site, don’t delete this message straight away, just hear me out.
I’m not hear to abuse or judge you about what you post on your site. I am just requesting that you delete a certain post.
A few days ago on the 3rd of December my boyfriend [name redacted] was the target of one of your posts. When this was posted, I was quiet surprised.
When I confronted him about it, he claimed that he was only joking around. Although I know that it was 100% wrong of him to say this, he does have trouble knowing right from wrong about 70% of the time.
He also grew up in a racist family and went to a public school where no other cultures attended, only pure Australians. I am a “half cast” aka half Australian and half Aboriginal, and have been raised by Italians, so I do understand the whole purpose of this website.
Ive also noticed that most of the people that have been posted on this site are in their late 40’s, whereas [name redacted] is only 19. These men are obviously crack heads who have no lives whatsoever whereas [NAME REDACTED] is just starting to get one.
Being on this website can take a toll on his future career and friendships, including mine as I work with many races and have friendships developed with them, as does [name redacted] believe it or not.
He has already apologised to numerous “haters” about what he wrote, please take in consideration what ive told you about his upbringing and how that’s affected his views on life.
If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to add my facebook as I do not go into my emails very often.
Thankyou for your time
Kind Regards
[name redacted], Western Australia
I have just found my post on your website. I’ve tried finding the post on my Facebook to delete it but cannot find it. Sorry if it offended anyone, I did not mean it in a racist way, I have nothing against anyone from other countries. I’m sorry for discriminating and embarrassing another race and I can assure you it wont happen again, as I said I have nothing against anyone from other countries and am not a very racist person at all as I love learning about other cultures.  I cannot remember when I posted that status but I just found it ironic I really didn’t mean it in a bad way. I will track my facebook post down and delete it. i would like to ask if you could delete your post of me,  I have learnt my lessoncvb from seeing my post on a website that it is wrong. as i said before it will not happen again. i admit to being stupid and foolish when i posted it.
Hi Admin,
I was featured on this site after I commented on a friends Facebook post stating that the people who come to this country and set things on fire because they didn’t get it their way, should be murdered. Scum like that is costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I take it you don’t earn much (the guy/girl who created this site but then again I shouldn’t generalise) so you wouldn’t be hit hard being in the middle/upper tax bracket.

I personally said “I’ll give you a hand”. But then again I’d personally “give a helping hand” do away with rapists, child molesters and any other scum of the earth regardless of race, religion or creed. I stand by my words because I believe some people on this earth aren’t worth the air they breathe. I’m not taking back what I said because it’s my right to believe it. But now you’ve taken my words out of context and put them up on this site deformating my name with no prior story.

I actually expect a reply from you at some point. My name now links to this site with a deformating post saying that i’ve said something racist. So either add the fact that I hate everyone equally or take it down.

Dear fuckhead anti bogans,

first of all youse are the ones that are racists because u refuse to let ordinary white aussies have there right to freedom of speech. second you have taken my comments out of context there was nothing racist about them. I am going to start a class action lawyer suite against you faceless dogs.

later cunts

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Hi there,

I think you can see my legs in the photo “Clean up Australia day” where one of the trash present at the Muslim protest had his head beaten in.

I do have one quick question. Your website seems solely orientated towards exposing ‘what white people do’. Now in reference to the picture you posted “Clean Up Australia Day” I was actually present at the Muslim Protests in Sydney and I personally witnessed them using children as spokespeople to say, and these are direct quotes:

“Even an animal has more diginity than the kaffir!”

“All Christians are lower than dogs!”

“Sharia law will overthrow Australia!”

They said a lot worse than that, but they said and did so many appalling things it was hard to keep track of it all. They were running around saying they were going to cut someone’s head off or how someone was going to burn in hell so regularly it was a little hard to keep track of the outright insanity.

I took particular note when a man walked by and yelled out “Shame on you for using religion to advocate for murder!” and the crowd of ‘peaceful protestors’ turned around and pelted him with bottles. The crowd openly called for people to be murdered and for Australia to be overthrown.

So if you were wondering why I refered to the guy who get beaten in the head as being trash, it’s because, well, he is trash and so were they all. As bad as many of the people on your website are, I don’t see many of them calling for genocide and the institution of a legal system which is barbaric beyond belief.

So that’s my question.

Is it just ‘what white people do’? Or are you ever going to feature bad things people who aren’t white do?

I know, I know. If you did do that, the videos of the white people would like quite mild, but aren’t you concerned about things like accuracy?

Maybe people are bothered by things that happen on a regular basis and a lot of what you’re posting about is them lashing out at that.

Eh, just a thought. You don’t have to think about it, you can just skip straigh to calling me a racist or something.

Dear Admin,

Previously I have had the misfortune to be highlighted on your website for insensitive, bigoted and racist comments regarding various groups including boat people, Negroes and refugees among others.

You will be aware of me as [name redacted], or [name redacted]. At the time of using those pseudonyms I was a jaded and disillusioned person with a desire to have something to focus my distaste or negative energies on. A combination of personal circumstances and mixing with less than savoury people online caused me to be bitter and misinformed about the topics I so readily made online comments about.
As time has gone by from the appearance on your pages, I have made a conscious decision to research and explore just what I had so much distaste for and why. I have come across many sources of news and information not readily available in the mainstream media, and therein identified a part of the problem, we form our opinions based on what we know, and what we know is largely based on news media available publicly and put to us through organisations who have less interest in the truth of a matter then selling papers, subscriptions or whatever product they endorse.
So I was already behind the 8 ball with my sources of information, being spread by media outlets with no interest whatsoever in contrary opinions, and that are populist in nature.
The same goes for politics, the divide between left and right these days as evidenced by the elections in the US recently are almost non existant.
So against that background, and some personal experiences that were negative in regards to other people from other cultures or races, I developed my attitude that you highlighted on your site.
The time since then has certainly been one of an eye opener, and I have now got subscriptions to some excellent sources of information that have taken any blinkers I had previously from my eyes.
Whilst I acknowledge there are negative aspects to everyone and everything, I am now in possession of more information as to why a certain group of people act in a certain way, or have a certain opinion or desire to further their own point of view or way of life.
For example, I will quote the following from a source of news I make use of:
As has often been stated on these mailing lists and on the Aussie Digger blog, the real threat to Australian security comes not from the complements on leaky old boats on the Indian Ocean and Timor Sea, but from within Australia and at it’s major entry points eg sea ports and airports, particularly airports.
Most Australians are aware that there is much more to the Schapelle Corby case than has ever been published in the compliant and status quo protecting mainstream media or than has ever been revealed by politicians, particularly the senior figures in the government led by John Howard. John Howard, and now Tony Abbott, have made much political mileage from the boat people matter and have scored many political points [ ie votes ] from this fake security matter. They achieved these votes using the fear factor and from enabling racial hatred. However it can be said that Howard was much more successful in utilising the boat people fear factor than Abbott has been, probably because the Howard regime was much closer in time to the other fear factor vote winner, the New York attacks of Sept  11 2001. After reading the documents and article below and the other linked data it is clear to see that at the time of the Corby affair our airport security was a shambles and today probably largely remains so. So, at a time when Howard was pushing his hate campaign for votes using the fear factor of boats arriving on our shores with many refugees which we had largely created by supporting the American invasions and destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan, our security situation at our airports in particular was abysmal and wide open. Today politicians continue to push the security fear factor over the boat people in an emotive and spin filled way to try and win votes, while they neglect to reveal the truth about the events surrounding Corby, and they refuse to accurately inform the Australian people about security at our airports and sea ports. The many dills out there always fall for this trick, hook, line and sinker. Fortunately but slowly the Australian people are waking up to this campaign of falsehood and fear and are realising they have been lied to over the Corby matter and continue to be lied to about where the real threats to Australian security lay.
Having now looked at things happening in far off places, and seeing the information available that everyday news reporting never mentions, I can see how my opinions were shaped in a vacuum of propaganda, I do not shy away from the fact I embraced that news and willingly formed my opinion, this is on no way an exercise in poor me I was a victim of the media and politics. It is an acknowledgement of failing to look at an issue critically and to get both sides, or all sides, or all sources on the issue and then make a judgement, I let inherent prejudice guide me, and that is what the mainstream media and politicians count on.
I daily have news sent to me to look at things that may or may not affect me, and I certainly have changed the way I comment on topics, from blind insults based on populist opinion and racist/bigoted views, to ones that question the matter and ask the other commentators to justify their comments or opinions to a level that satisfies any reasonable person reading the article in question and then the comments.
I still have a way to go, I admit to residual feelings of antipathy towards certain people and groups, but I believe I am a better person for addressing my own point of view and moderating it, not just in line with community expectations of reasonableness, but holding my own standards up to scrutiny by myself and judging myself on that criteria and level of knowledge.
You may take or leave this email on face value, that is your prerogative, however I felt the need to communicate this and although I am using an alias, I am writing sincerely and honestly and leave the matter with you to make up your own mind(s).
I have faced my prejudices, and notwithstanding some more progress I am happier as a person now that I have offloaded the hate, bigotry and fear I once had! I am happy all my comments wherever they are made are considered and reasonable, and if they do upset, or do point out distasteful things, at least I can say I found out why in the first place before just making broad statements to fit in with the crowd in that particular discussion or forum.
I occasionally pop onto TAB and view the things I myself said, as well as others and it keeps me grounded and discourages me from falling back into the habit of being the same as that, it is definitely a resource for inspiring a wish to NOT be on those pages from the simple point of fact that the hate and misinformed bile is a dark place and life is too short to exist there for more than a short time. I find my life free from that soul destroying mindset a lot happier and enjoyable.
If you choose to remove me from your site, thank you, if you do not then it will as mentioned be a place I can go to keep it real if I find myself lapsing into intolerance.
[name redacted] (from Queensland) but a citizen of the world.
REmove my comments now you gutless parasites. I didnt even type them on my Facebook wall my cousin hacked my page and thought it would be funny if she made me look like a racsist. if you dont remove my comments I will be contacting my lawyer.
[name redacted]
Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.47.48 AM
Last night I was googling myself because well I’m that sad and bored lol.

During it I came across literally nothing of myself until I eventually saw myself on your website. It was a comment I’d made nearly 3 years ago and it was highly offensive to aboriginals demeaning them and saying the English invasion was justified and that they were lucky to still be around.
In my teens I was a very stupid and what would today be called a very active troll. I used to go around and say grossly stupid things just to get a rise out of people. Not too long after I made those comments I actually said something very hurtful to a friend, and I finally realised what I was doing wasn’t funny at all and I was being an idiot and prick for no real reason. I’ve since stopped making those kinds of comments and tried to be a better person.
So when I saw that comment from me from so long ago it reminded me of how stupid and how much of a prick I used to be. I’ve been trying to distance myself from anything like that and be a better person because I honestly hate how I was, and I have no idea how many people I could have hurt and never knew because I was trying to get a quick laugh at someone arguing with me.
I regret acting like that and saying stupid things an I don’t want to be that person. I think in the past 3 years I’ve grown and I just want all of that crap gone, because its not who I am anymore and the comment still being there is a connection I don’t want. It’s insulting to so many people I think it would just be best if it was gone.
If you are of aboriginal descent I’d like to apologise profusely for my comments, I should never have said them and I will totally understand if you do not accept my apology. Even if you are not I would like to apologise for showing the depths of human stupidity and ignorance. I truly regret making comments like that in the past.
So after all that, I would like to politely ask if I could have my comment and photo removed. It’s actually been put up twice so if you would agree to take them both down I’d be ecstatic.
If this is acceptable I’d be in your debt and I’d thank you profusely.
If not I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my emails, and I wish you well.
Kind regards,
[name redacted]
Hi, my name is [name redacted] and I’m asking for the removal or cover-up of my name [name redacted] on one of your articles [URL removed]. I have had nothing to do with this “Death Threat” behaviour or even condoned the behaviour. My comment shown is simply for the photo beside it, NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ARTICLE. I will also like to add that you have absolutely no authourisation in the use of my name or my facebook profile pic containing myself without my given permission. I require the removal of my name within a week or I will be forced to use legal action against the creator of the site and its affiliates.Thank-you for your time,[name redacted]
Hello;I’m not surprised if you were expecting an e-mail from both [name redacted] and I in regards to our Facebook page. The page has since been taken down on our own accord.
We have made our point and realize that the way that we did so was done in a negative manner. We did however bring to light a real issue that will hopefully not soon be forgotten by the parents of kids on Facebook, however it may not have been our responsibility to do so.The page was planned to be taken down over a week ago but since we had been ridden of our admin positions it has taken till now to get Facebook to shut the page down themselves as we weren’t able to. I’v had a few chats to members of the site and I do empathise with the concern that was raised in regards to the page, I have also shared our side of what we were trying to do and have managed to have some good civil conversations.Basically I am asking you if it is possible to remove our identities as obviously it poses a threat to future career opportunities for the both of us and may also very detrimental to our studies. I look forward to hearing back from you.Cheers, [name redacted].

hello i googled my name today and was ashamed of what i wrote in 2010 when i was younger.

looking back i have realised how ignorant and rude i was. If you could please remove what i said or hide my photograph/name that would be greatly appreciated.
my name is: [name redacted]
and i said : “of course those dirty paks sed that its there its there excuse”


You can keep my photo up but please remove the reference to CSIRO. I have a child on the way and  I have been reprimanded by my organisation from a comment said in haste and probably after a few drinks, so I would prefer not to be used as an attention seeking tool for your website. I am quite surprised you didn’t post some of the trolling comments from others calling people  ‘Aussie Dogs’ and other gems within that lovely stream of chatter .


[name redacted]

I am disgusted to think any of you are Australian. Were ment to help each other out. But because of you bigots a very close personal friend is about to lose his job from the slander you put on here about him.

None of you know him personally, know why he made the comments he did.

So I ask you why you believe you are better then the rest of us. You are obviously no better then any of us. You say your shaming racist people but instead you are ruining there lives. How you can sleep at night is beyond me.

You can try and shame me for what I say. Because you are the real racist people. Saying you are using freedom of speech but the rest of can’t say what we believe in. I’m not racist I have strong beliefs.

A very disgusted person.

Hey guys just a quick one I’m on your site and want you to take it off.. ‘another defence force arsehole’ [name redacted] is the name. Not embarrassed just getting in trouble with work I’ve clearly made a mistake.

To the admin of antibogan world press:

Take my picture off your hate site you fags. Im proud of what I said about abos and theres nothing you cunts can do about freedom of speech. So take all references to me and my comments off your shitty site or the police will be notified.

from BOGAN [name redacted]

Dear Sir or Madam
I have just discovered that I [name redacted] have been tagged in one of your articles, which can be found here.

[URL removed]

Firstly, I would like to point out that I am not and never have been a member of the Australian Protectionist Party, so if your group is using it as a way of attacking the APP, then it lacks credibility.

Secondly, that was several months ago when I posted those comments and since then I have changed my perspective on the issue, in fact now I even have several muslim friends, and I regret posting such ill-informed comments, and its not the kind of information that I want circulated around the internet.

I would appreciate it, if you could delete the snapshot of my comment and any other articles/information/etc with reference to me in it.
If your group really stands for tolerance, then I believe that in this case you should allow for such material to be removed.
Thanks, [name redacted].
To the administrators of theantibogan,
I am writing to demand that you take my son’s name and comments off your website immediately. He is young and in his first year of University. If his future employers Google his name, he will find it difficult to find work. His comments may seem racist and sexist, but that is merely your uneducated point of view. He has every right to freedom of speech in this country and that includes using Facebook as a forum to vent his frustrations at the world and at those who have caused his frustration. Remove his name and comments or we will be involving our family lawyer,
[name redacted], father of [name redacted]

Hey guys,

One of your posts from 10 hours ago, “Death Threats to Aborigines From Australia’s Lowest Bogans”.

I am wondering if you do me a massive favor and black out our business name. I do know that you guys are well within your rights, and I can only ask.

As a person and a company I can assure you we do not condone stupid comments, views and actions as stated by [name redacted].

We have several indigenous programs in the company and the community. I can assure you [name redacted] will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Again I understand that you are within your rights, but thought I would ask anyway.

Thanks guys


argh it pains me to see my name on there i didnt mean the words i said in the way that you posted them, i can see that u have mis read what i wrote, and that is very easy to see i do not agree with any thing this guy has said.i just didnt want to call him a dick head either, i know i prob should have deleted him as a friend and not said a word, but i did mean it a way that was your a dick head and you should label your self and your car in this manner, please dont repost this as i do not want to be associated with the site at all i just want to be removed, please know that it was not my intention to come across like that.
The admin on this bigoted website who has too much time on their hands has been editing my comments and posting comments that I did not even write, this is very low of you all, but then again, this bigoted website you all are running is filled full of hate that someone with even half a brain will work out very quickly that the website is just hate filled junk. But I am somewhat very concerned that whoever runs this web page seems to like defacing many people’s names and reputation including mine by editing or posting comments in other peoples names because you do not like what they say, and cannot accept outside information than what is on your site showing that you all are a bunch of narrow minded imbeciles trying to cause trouble, shame on you all![name redacted]
can you please remove this web page about me it’s already hurt my career, relationships as well as my pocket and been I have been dragged throughout the military justice system. I believe I have more then paid for my mistakes and I deeply apologise for what I have wrote. so can you please remove this frown your website [name redacted]
Hello my name is [name redacted] and I found myself to feature on your website after googling my name out of boredom. This was a post from last year in March and was wondering how I can get the post removed as me and my friends were being very immature at the time. I don’t actually hate African-American people or any race for that matter as we obviously were not thinking and thought it would be funny at the time to post such stupid things.. hoping for your kind consideration,Regards, [name redacted].
hi its [name redacted]
i realise now i was wrong about my actions and i am wondering if you are able to delete the blog has been made about me?
if u culd email me back that would be good. thankyou
[name redacted]
To TheAntiBogan staff, you have posted my full name and y picture on your site, and i want it removed.

I am formally asking you to take my name and picture the site permanently.
take the post off or i will see my superiors for advice, and ill have you know, it was a point of view, not a racist comment.
Reguards [name redacted]
My name appears on your page for comments that were made on the “Australia is dying” facebook page. On 3 occassions, my facebook was hacked into and comments were made of various pages that I had no knowledge of. While I am (soon to be was) a member of the AID page and yes I did make certain comments,I do not feel that you have the right to plaster my name all of the internet implying that I am a racist. A potential employer was googling my name, came up with my brilliant work history, but also  came up with comments that either I didn’t make or that were made and taken out of context. He asked me about them, and I told him the truth however, it does not look good. It is not as if my name is “john smith”. I am the only [name redacted] in the world. I am hereby requesting that you take my name down from all of your pages as this can and will affect my future employment and I am sure that you would not like it to happen to you.
I would like a reply. This email is private and confidential. I do not wish to see it on any other pages!
Kind Regards
In reference to you posting personal details about me on your website I require you to remove ALL posts regarding myself and my name, failure to do so will result in legal action taken against you and your associates. I am quite willing to take this to court as I have nothing to lose!

Would you appreciate this type of negative publicity im sure that you would not.
May you please remove my name from your website. I have left the groups, such as Australian Defence League and Australian Protectionist Party on Facebook and would appreciate it if you would remove my name [name redacted] from your website.Thank you.
To whom it may concern:After apply for a job and having a google search done I discovered I feature in this site for reasons totally out of context. I would love to have my name removed, otherwise legal action will be takenKind Regards
Good evening,
My Facebook post has been used in the following post on your website.  This was not available in the public domain while on my private Facebook page due to my security settings and was grabbed by another Facebook user and sent to you.  I request this post be deleted and/or blacked out.  I am also drafting an apology to address my abhorrent comments tomorrow.  My eyes have honestly been opened during this time as to how wrong I was, and I feel genuine remorse for the stupid stupid comments on my post.
[URL removed]
I request any reference to my name also be removed and/or blacked out from associated comments below the original post. I also request this email not be made public domain as to not be confused with my apology to be posted on the page.
[name redacted]
i am featured on your website. I am asking you to take myself of
there. For a number of reasons yes you have shamed me. I am sorry for
my actions i now live in melbourne and have madw great friends with my
muslim neighbours i have been removing myself of racist pages as i got
caught up in alot of crap and have realised the errorof mu judgment it
was a sickness i am getting rid of our of my life. I send my apologies
to the young muslim mum my actions there were wrong i think her name
was kylie. I once again apologise for my actions.regards [name redacted]

Hello There,

When someone brought to my attention what my name googled, had churned up, I was horrified!
These statements were made a couple years ago now, which was a bad time in my life.
I ask, that you please remove my photo and comments from this site.  I live amongst these very people now; shop alongside them, and eat their food.
I’d really feel aweful, if these people saw what I actually commented on.  I am also no longer FB friends with these people that are filled with such hatred.
Thanking you, in anticipation.
[name redacted]
you have posted an artical about my facebook status , please can you remove it
Can you please remove me from your site my  boss just said managment contacted him in regards to it please you must remove it
can you please , im asking from the bottom of my heart to get someone to remove it , im gonna lose my job tomorrow if it isnt gone , im sorry , thankyou
ay fuck you , your site is illegal , whats your contact number i bet you dont have the balls to speak to me , cowards
im getting your piece of shit hippy blog shut down cunt !!! , you gutless little slut , ill rip your fucking face off dog
Antibogan cowards,
Take my comments off your shit website. I didn’t write them my account was hacked. If I ever find out who posted my comments on your site I’ll make short work of you. You will wish you were never born.
[name redacted]
Hi, i would like my name removed of you’re website, it is not nice thing for people to see when they google my name. My name is [name redacted]. Thankyou

Dear sir/madam,

I know we’ve had limited email correspondence in the past about the removal of my details, and I’ve realised that I came across as a complete pillock. For that I apologise, and hope you will continue reading past this point.

If I’m to be completely honest, I regret ever posting that comment since it has caused a lot of problems for me, including getting turned down recently for a job because of it. I’ve now unfortunately realised the real life consequences of posting idiotic things in public forums, and will definitely not be doing it again at any point in the future.

Thats why I’m now just kindly asking to have my details removed. I don’t know if URL’s get caught by your spam filter, so I’ve just put the last bit of the URL that goes after the dotcom.

[URL removed]

Please let me know if you ge t this or not, just so I know if I must resend it or not.

[name redacted]

Dear antibogans,

Please – I have learned my lesson, I have contacted you all several times because my brother hacked my facebook account and wrote racist comments. I have stopped talking to him and I need you to sort this out.

Please please please.


[name redacted]

Can u please remove my tag [name redacted] i don’t like the fact u can search my name on Google and this comes up i still stick to what i said but it has been taken completely out of context the fruit loop that took it as far as to post what i said on this site is a pathetic low life with nothing better to do and i find it quite amusing.. Thanks

Good evening to the Admins,
I cannot believe that you were so quick to name and shame me on a site such as yours with just as many racist, bigoted degrading comments on it, where do you get off mouthing off about me on your page when some of the funniest jokes and comments i have ever heard are there, i will be notifying all of my friends and colleagues about your site so they may visit and have a chuckle and pass the jokes on, so if your intention was to circulate the jokes that you so quickly condemn then well done, mission accomplished. Having said that i would appreciate it if you can remove my name and photo, not just your original post but every subsequent post and reply that contains my name or photo, not out of shame but due to the fact that i do not know you and i have not and will not give my permission for you to use them. i will be keeping copies of all correspondence with you and will be following up some legal advice regarding this issue.
Thankyou for your time.
P.s. I would appreciate a confirmation that you have done what i asked and then would like no further comments or contact from you.
Hi there,I unfortunately regret to inform you that you’ve been trolled quite hard by my post that I made in the ‘Ban Live export’ page on Facebook. Its been a source of amusement between all my friends since I found it while Googling my name, but I’d appreciate it if you could remove it given the research they do online when you go for a job interview. They might take it seriously if it was found, in much the same way you did.Thanks,[name redacted]p.s. Not everyone out there with ridiculously bigoted and ignorant opinions are serious. Perhaps research a bit more next time, before taking random submissions from your followers =]
Good afternoon,I demand this to be deleted [URL removed]
I got hacked and someone has taken my personal pictures and full name and used it to post this obscene language and slander.
I request for it to be deleted Immediately or legal action will be taken.Thankyou.
greetings. just thought I’d pop you a quick note of appreciation for the invaluable aid you have given us and continue to give us, your invaluable contribution to spreading the White Nationalist ideology by post what you alone felt were nasty comments, trouble is, almost everyone who hears about you frre domian sub profile, which is all your site really is and why it’s so antiquated and cumbersome to use, don’t you know how to make seperate pages. or just up to the part of making one huge page with no search function LOL,,, this is why the far right wings numbers are swelling so exponentially, I’ve personally had to leave my previous well paiud career in freelance journalism to devote myself full time to the processing of new memberships and answering questions, and I’m making a tidy living driving muslims, jews, coons and asians underground,too scared to walk the street in white neighbourhoods,,,despite the best efforets of cross bred examples of 3rd world semi evolved simian trash such as yourself and your ilk, so keep it up boy, I do not give you permission to stop posting our stuff on your 17 hit a day website,,,, go do a suicide bombing somewhere, or alternatively, come out of hiding and meet with me to discuss our differences, seems fair to me,,,
Could u please remove the post of me being a twat
I refer to the above post. I request this be removed. My facebook was hacked as i have written in the post and this is not longer my facebook profile, now either someone from your website or you yourself has hacked me and are getting a kick out of it either way I don’t appreciate my photo being posted on here … if you and the people on your website get a kick out of disgusting behavior like that, that is fine by me…. keep the comments you find so amusing and remove my photo immediately.
I can assure you I am anything but racist. This is someones idea of a sick joke , I don’t even know if that post is real or photo shopped but it needs to be removed.
[name redacted]

34 thoughts on “Letters to TheAntiBogan – Do Racists and Sexists Change Their Stripes?

  1. It’s amazing how many people were ‘hacked’ and how so few people realise when you’re stupid enough to write shit like that on the Internet, the law is not your friend. Keep up the good work. Seems like some genuine remorse out there.

    • Mine certainly was, I have moved on from that shit, I was the post that started

      “Dear Admin,
      Previously I have had the misfortune to be highlighted on your website for insensitive, bigoted and racist comments regarding various groups including boat people, Negroes and refugees among others” You will read the whole correspondence and note no “hacking” or patently lame excuses, no threats and no whining, I take responsibility 100%.

      I comment on here regularly, and although having asked for my link to this page to be removed, if it isn’t is no big deal. I feel much better getting it off my chest and at least recognising and taking ownership of the shit I said and wrote.

      I would ask all on here to get in touch if they would like to talk about it or ask me any questions to see if I am not just being crafty and sucking up for any reason.


        • I will thanks, and no need to apologise, I can imagine just from reading this post the shit you get 24/7. I m just glad of the opportunity to get this crap off my chest by telling people what, why, when and how….

        • I like to think so, but for the detour to the “dark side’ lol, this site actually put me back in place where I belong, not in the realm of hate and spite and that is a win!

  2. I got busted being a racist so I would like to say that my account has been hacked.
    Failing that excuse being sufficient, I have grown since my comments were posted.
    My apologies if there are no spelling or grammatical errors in this post – I was thinking when I composed it.

  3. “He also grew up in a racist family and went to a public school where no other cultures attended, only pure Australians.”


    Says it all really …

    Thank you TAB for all your work – this is amazing 🙂

  4. “I am so busy welcoming new Nazis to the party that I had to give up my job as a freelance journalist’…
    Best email ever.
    Since the post is so full of spelling and grammatical errors, I would suggest that the writer had to give up their job due to lack of basic English skills.

    Total score for all the letters:
    English skills – 0.00001
    Whinge factor – 9.7
    Hatred bubbling through – 9.8
    Obvious personality disorder – 9.85
    Butthurt at having public comments made more public – 9.9999999

    Pure gold!

  5. I’ve had other situations also, where I find it much more easy to deal with Europeans than Asians, even if the Europeans have strong accents etc, they just seem for whatever reason to be much more patient.

    ay fuck you , your site is illegal , whats your contact number i bet you dont have the balls to speak to me , cowards
    im getting your piece of shit hippy blog shut down cunt !!! , you gutless little slut , ill rip your fucking face off dog”

    Just wow. Declares the site illegal while breaking the law twice.

  7. I’m open to opinions from the supporters of ethnics and those who do not support ethnics and believe we should not compromise our ways etc. Either way I would be interested in hearing some opinions.

  8. Nice post MMU. An interesting insight into the mind of these individuals and how they react when they realise their words have consequences. My favourite is the multiple personality disorder bogot who kept oscillating between grovelling:

    ‘Can you please remove me from your site my boss just said managment contacted him in regards to it please you must remove it’

    and pure rage:


    Entertainment value aside, some of these people seem worthy of redemption. It’s my pessimistic opinion however that the majority remain steadfast in their convictions. Maybe we need to ‘Hildebrand’ them.

  9. Why do you say that I am some stupid email address that I have never used. I have used one email, it is obviously not my real one, because as you demonstrate you will just publish this address for everyone to see, and looking at some of the other post where you have done this, I decided that I did not want my email to be published. I have stated a situation which you have not posted and left it open ended to hear all opinions and now you wrongly assume I am a troll. Great site you have going. Not.

  10. I find a lot of new Asian people to have no consideration at all for other people, and to be quite rude and demanding. An example of this is a situation I saw at a macdonalds where three of these people were shouting at the one young man at the one time and did not line up properly and even went behind the counter, before I walked out of the place. Sorry if you find this eg racist, I wish they were white people, however most white people for eg European backpackers, I have found to be even more patient and polite than Aussies. So go figure! is it cultural or genetic? That is the question that I pose.

  11. The obvious motivation on most (not all) of these pleas are self interest, “work”, “study”, “future employment” or faux embarrassment and false contriteness. Sad really, all they need to do is get both sides of a story, realise there are consequences for every action whether that be positive or negative, and act or post accordingly. Joining groups that feed off of the hate and misinformation that they regurgitate in an endless mobius loop is the where the first step can be made, leave that group or groups. Some I have no doubt were decent people that got side tracked, they have an opportunity to get back on track and reflect their decent upbringing, others I fear are from a dark place since day one, perpetuating the cycle of intolerance from birth. The sarcastic nature of the Bogan tag used by this site is lost on them, they genuinely fear the label and lash out violently. I know we have convict stock in our backgrounds but I doubt even they were as vicious in their hatred of others, especially as the lower classes criminals came from needed to get along with everyone or they would be wiped out by the same people they were classed as low with, the negro, the aboriginal, the asian etc etc

  12. I love what you’re doing. Expose and shame these racist idiots and show the world who they really are.

    The comments I’ve been reading on your blog regarding South African farm killings have disgusted me the most. The numbers regurgitated by racists trying to justify their actions are a tiny fraction of the total number of murders in South Africa. If anything, we whites are not even close to being on the receiving end of our population percentage in crime or murder.

    In 2012, White South Africans still own 90% of the country’s economy and we have the lowest unemployment of any white population in any country on earth. We are still privileged and reaping the fruits of Apartheid. That is why many millions of us still live in South Africa.

  13. “I ask, that you please remove my photo and comments from this site. I live amongst these very people now; shop alongside them, and eat their food”

    Scared the neighbours will learn of the ‘real you’? Few of these letters show real remorse and understanding of how or why their comments are so terrible. They aren’t sorry they made the comments. Only sorry they were caught.

    The many, many, guilt free, remorseless people who say these things shouldn’t have the privilege of a job – where they could interact with people of ethnicities and cultures that aren’t the same as theirs. Our society is made of many, not one. I bet they all eat the ‘foreign’ food, buy the ‘foreign products, and vote for politicians about whom they know nothing (Bob Katter for example).

    Don’t they even realise that most of their surnames are not wholly ‘white’? Their best bet at a multicultural education probably should start with their own family history.

  14. One of the emails redacts the boyfriend’s name multiple times, but you missed one instance – under this:

    > Hi Admin, > > I would like to report a complaint about your site, don’t delete this message straight away, just hear me out.

    > >

  15. I think this one is my favourite- “To the admin of antibogan world press:

    Take my picture off your hate site you fags. Im proud of what I said about abos and theres nothing you cunts can do about freedom of speech. So take all references to me and my comments off your shitty site or the police will be notified.

    from BOGAN [name redacted]”

    (Remove my post from your page. I am proud of it. There’s nothing you can do about freedom of speech so stop repeating what I said or I’ll have you arrested!- Classic!)

    Well, that one and the intensely bipolar dude.(remorse, RAGE, remorse, RAGE!!! death threat death threat)

    It also amazes me that these people think a “point of view” or “personal opinion” does not count as a racist comment. (No, no, that wasn’t a racist comment, just my personal opinion…..) !!!!!!

    I’m also quite amused by all of the *oh dear, I’ve said something racist/sexist in a public forum and it has just occurred to me that this might make it hard to get a job. Be a love and remove my fucked up world view from the public eye so it doesn’t have any negative consequences for me?*

    Ppphhhhttt. Yeah. Right. We’ll get right on that for you, arsehole. *eye roll*

  16. Dear Admin, How dare you take the comments I made in the absolute privacy of Facebook and change the context so that I appear racist to people who don’t agree with me and my white friends. I am a really nice polite person who loves everyone and wouldn’t say a rude word about another race or religion in public, in front of my nana, in front of my employer.
    You, on the other hand, are a f@$&%n c$&t and if you don’t delete my comments I’ll f@$&%n sue you. I’m an extremely well paid and respected professional and I have a lawyer on retainer at all times. Kind regards, [redacted].

    Bwahahahahahahahaha, love your page!!!!!

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