Ivan Tipp: Grumpy Old Man

Ivan Tipp is a pensioner who lives in Queensland, is a noisy “contributor” to social media, blogs and newspaper comments and a passionate advocate of identity politics – which as we have often pointed out is an infantile view of a mythologised past.

Ivan gets very angry sometimes and likes to share his anger with the rest of the country. He shows this by using LOTS OF CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation marks!! Australia take note!!

And we can find out lots about Ivan by reading his outpourings which span the gamut of social media.

1. Ivan likes to share his message by spamming this blog. Here we discover Ivan is misogynist with a particular hatred for Julia Gillard.


2. On Facebook Ivan is an anti-Semite as well as misogynist.


3. Ivan has a Twitter account where he likes to pose as a nuclear physicist and reveal his hatred of Julia Gillard and of people from the Middle East.


4. Ivan has even set up a compendium of his wisdom on YouTube


5. Ivan likes change.org because he gets to vent yet more spleen on useless Internet campaigns. Not sure what cancer has to do with his fervent desire to have sex with Tanya Plibersek and defame her husband.


6. Ivan is a keen fan of feminine hygiene products as revealed on a blog.


7. Muslims as well as Jews attract the ire of this truly patrootic Strayan. You can see how important this post is because it uses expletives as well as CAPITAL LETTERS.


11 thoughts on “Ivan Tipp: Grumpy Old Man

  1. That funny, the Crusades started in the 11th Century; they were kicked out of Asia by an ex-slave at the end of the 13th. Just sayin.

  2. Why is it that all these people who are so full of hatred and anger are so quick to let everyone know they are Christian? Is being Christian now a defense for those who hate so vehemently? Have these people read any of the bible, or at least even heard of its contents, e.g. judge not lest Ye be judged, do unto others…., love thy neighbour, &c.
    I’m not a Christian and, honestly, I wouldn’t want to be one simply because they seem to be so angry and so full of hate. Did these Christians forget that God created ‘everyone’? That means that they are actively hating the work of their God, and I’m certain He would not be impressed. I’m also quite sure that God would prefer these people stop wasting the very short lives He has given them and get on with some happiness and community spirit.
    I’m not surprised Ivan is worried about cancer, it is well documented that cancer is linked to stress, anxiety, and extreme negative affect (hate, in this case). Given his personality, Ivan seems to be a prime candidate for cancer.
    It’s a shame that he is scared of and so hateful toward women. Someone should let him know that half the worlds population is female. Also, it may be pertinent to mention that his mother was quite probably female.

    • Beck, you smart mouthed little bitch. I know Ivan and he happens to have tourettes among other things. Pull your head in you silly little bitch and don’t open your ugly mouth when you have no fucking idea of what or who you are talking about. You remind me of those fuckwits from the radio station that caused that wom,an to suicide. In fact all you wankers here are no better.

      • You know Ivan in a biblical sense or just an acquaintance? Also Tourettes doesn’t affect your cognition, emotions, or ability to learn and form opinions, it is a physical defect that manifests itself in the classic way we all are familiar with. So are you saying he is allowed to be a slug of a person with no redeeming features and a filthy view of the world because he swears a bit under pressure?

      • Cora,

        Thank you for recognising that I am indeed smart.

        Your use of the word bitch implies that you are obviously just as scared of and hateful toward women as your pal Ivan, which is very strange considering that you (having a female name) are female – I apologise if I am wrong in my assumption of your gender, as you well might be in your assumption of mine.

        As others here have mentioned, Tourettes is not a mental illness. If Ivan does truly have Tourettes it still would not explain the hate and contempt he exhibits towards others. Also, Tourettes is not associated with typed content, only verbal content and physical tics. So, again, Tourettes does not, I repeat, does NOT, explain the swearing. *If* your knowledge of Tourettes has been given you by Ivan I recommend you reconsider your friendship with him as it would seem he has lied to you. Tourettes is a very serious condition and it is indecent to use it as an excuse oor to lie about it, especially considering that many people suffer with it day in, day out.
        I might add that I made no comment on Ivans use of illicit words in my previous post, only his propensity to hate.

        Just as Ivan had every right to post his ‘beliefs’ in a public place (everywhere online possible) I too am well within my rights to post mine and to critique what many feel is quite unjust and abhorrent. The difference between you and I is that I did not go chasing him specifically to cuss him out. I chose to place my comments here. Now consider this, Cora, what if everyone whom Ivan has spewed his vitriol about chased him down on all of the many websites where he has posted, simply to swear at him. Would that be unfair?

        I hope you said yes, as that is exactly what you have done.

        Are you also a Christian with Tourettes, Cora? Or do you have another excuse for your disgusting behaviour?
        We all have free will, we choose our words and actions. We can choose to be decent or we can choose otherwise. Your choice here is interesting, to say the least.

    • Even though I am an Atheist, I was raised Christian and went to Christian schools and the differentiation that I find, and followed when I did believe and to an extent still do. True Christians follow the teachings of Jesus, you know, the dude that said that the two most equally important things to do is love god and love everyone else on Earth. equally important. While I don’t believe in God, I still follow Jesus teachings, as I believe that he was a smart, good man.

      Then there are the followers of the Church, or more importantly, those that believe the words of Paul. Paul’s part of the New Testament is primarily the parts the contain a lot of the more spiteful passages. Paul never met Jesus, and if you ask me, never believed, just used Jesus message as a weapon to help him gain political power, as was common for the time.

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