Love Letters from Ralph Cerminara

After we published our exposé on the Support Tony Abbott site we received a barrage of hate mail and trolling from the site’s supporters and creators. As was to be expected. After all bogots don’t like seeing their inadequacies uncovered and scrutinised.

We thought we’d feature self-confessed troll and fan of hate free speech Ralph Cerminara’s little contribution since it was not as redolent with obscenities as some of the others.


And he does love that free hate speech!  So does his fake mate Mongoose, who also seems to hate Muslims as well as hating Julia Gillard. Way to go Ralphie!


Bet Tony Abbott is really impressed with the quality of his supporters and the sort of country they want.

Say hi to Ralph people!

And look at this. Ralph is apparently a so-called “fathers’ rights” advocate

Of course if you have any sneaking sympathy for some of these supposedly aggrieved Family Court litigants keep this in mind.

5 thoughts on “Love Letters from Ralph Cerminara

  1. Also, he seems to feel like he can ban the police from looking at his website. Defiantly that sharpest tool in the shed. I would be willing to be money that he has posted one of the Facebook posts after believing that he is stopping Facebook from using his stuff.

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