I Want To Smash Julia Gillard With a Plank of Wood

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 6.00.20 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 6.00.12 PM

So a Prime Minister’s performance will be judged solely on how big her breasts are? Thanks Greg Brown of Caringbah.

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 4.13.47 PM

So when somebody points out that you’re a misogynistic knuckle-dragger, you think you’re insulting them when you tell them they are homosexual, exercise-enjoying, environmentally protective and worker rights-defending? Of course these would be insults to you. Why? Because you:

* appear to be asexual;

* clearly avoid exercise of any description other than single-digit typing your frustrations onto Facebook;

* drive a polluting vehicle for a living;

* will always be dominated by an industry that demands more than humanly possible from its employees.

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 11.56.38 AM

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 6.00.57 PM

Real women have a sense of humour about being criticised about their appearance? Do you think the lady you’re sitting next to would have a sense of humour if you insulted her appearance? Do you think you would appreciate anybody inferring that she was unattractive? Take a look at yourself, love. You’re hardly an oil painting yourself. Ugly on the inside and on the outside.

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 12.00.55 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 6.01.17 PM

Thanks for this gem, Matty Batzloff. When you threaten to smash the Australian Prime Minister with a plank of wood, well, such a comment just cries out to be immortalised.

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64 thoughts on “I Want To Smash Julia Gillard With a Plank of Wood

  1. Well, let’s see. The one on the left: silicon enhanced, photo-shopped,blow up doll parody of a woman, signaling total lack of contact with reality among her male ‘fans’; also in your face utter lack of subtly, demonstrating lack of imagination.

    Yep. That works.

    • Not really fair to attack the girl in the picture. I doubt she gave permission for her photo to be used in this.

      Ugh, men. This is why I’m a misandrist.

    • Love that analysis Catherine Scott! 😉 And I’ll add, I would prefer a woman with the wit and intelligence of Julia Gillard over the bimbo on the left anyday!

      • What is a defamatory publication?

        The definition of “defamatory matter” varies among Australian jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions common law definitions apply, while in others (e.g. Queensland and Tasmania) the definition has been codified.

        Very generally speaking, material that could be found to be defamatory includes that which has the tendency to lower the person in the estimation of others, or that would tend to result in the person being shunned or avoided or that is likely to expose the person to hatred, contempt or ridicule (trivial ridicule or good natured humour is less likely to be problematic than derisory ridicule).

        In its 1996 report on defamation law, the A.C.T. Community Law Reform Committee outlined defamation as follows:

        “Defamation is the publication of words or images to a person that damages the reputation of another [‘slander’ if spoken words, ‘libel’ if written words or images]. A defamatory statement is one that is likely to cause ordinary, reasonable people to think less of the person about whom the words or images are published. An inference that casts a defamatory imputation is enough to bring an action.
        The following are examples of defamation:
        •An imputation which may tend to cause a person to be hated or despised, or cause them to be treated with contempt by their peers;
        •The publication of material that renders a person to ridicule, even if involving humour. The publication of a photograph that contained an optical illusion giving the appearance that someone was guilty of indecent exposure is defamatory;
        •Certain caricatures have been held to be defamatory. Determining what is defamatory is notoriously difficult in these matters. The distinction between artistic freedom and defamation will no doubt remain the subject of litigation.”

        For a defamation action to be successful, it must be established that the communication:

        •was published to a third person, i.e. to at least one person other than the plaintiff (person/entity defamed).
        •identifies the plaintiff, for example, by name or by a reference to a small group of people, etc.
        •contains a defamatory statement or imputation (whether intentionally published or not).

        • Who is able to be sued and liable?

          Defamation action may be brought, not only against the original publisher (writer/speaker), but also against anyone who takes part in the publication or re-publication of the material. Furthermore, re-publication by someone other than the original writer may result in an action against the original writer as well as the re-publisher.

          In relation to defamatory material published on the Internet:
          •Internet users may be sued in relation to material they write/publish themselves, or if they re-publish/distribute material written by someone else. They may also be sued if another person publishes something they wrote, for example, an email published without the writer’s permission on a web site.

      • +Another set of clues.
        “federal legislation
        474.17 Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence
        (1) A person is guilty of an offence if:
        (a) the person uses a carriage service; and
        (b) the person does so in a way (whether by the method of use or the content of a communication, or both) that reasonable persons would regard as being, in all the circumstances, menacing, harassing or offensive.
        Penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years.
        (2) Without limiting subsection (1), that subsection applies to menacing, harassing or causing offence to:
        (a) an employee of an NRS provider; or
        (b) an emergency call person; or
        (c) an employee of an emergency service organisation; or
        (d) an APS employee in the Attorney‑General’s Department acting as a National Security Hotline call taker.

        Offensive Harassing and Menacing Emails

        • I’ve given you the information both you and your victims need.
          Not my problem.
          It’s all yours, and of your own making. Deal with it.

        • The TAB site does nothing illegal re-posting peoples freely available content that the posters have taken no steps to secure or limit to a select audience. As for victims, the only victims who need the “advice” you have supplied is the people being vilified and targeted by the types of people who grace these pages. So thanks for that they will start to make use of it I am sure, as would you if you were subject to the same behaviour.

      • To be fair, there’s nothing to indicate the lady on the left is a bimbo Mike. Perhaps she shouldn’t be labeled this way based on her appearance. My partner is quite physically beautful (and very bright) and has endured the bimbo tag, quite unfairly, over the years. She isn’t the least bit conceited about her appearance and never trades on it……………. Just sayin’

  2. the problem with you all is this, you think we dont like Julia because she’s a woman, WRONG, we have long waited for an intelligent woman to stand up and become our Leader, our PM, someone who would change the discourse, lift the standards and forever change the poltiics in the political game – we were so wrong thinking Julia Gillard was that woman, and we dont like Julia because clearly she has risen through the ranks by what appears to be corruption, theft, deceit and much worse – and her lack of leadership on matters that she holds Tony Abbott to account show her as a hypocrite -you cant possibly expect to hold the Liberals to any standard to which you yourself have failed to live up to and have consistently shown your hand as being evasive, deceitfu and certainely not inclined to give full disclosure – the office of PM is the highest office in the land to which ther person who aspires to sit in it, should do so with the responsibility on their shoulders to lead us somewhere good / better

    Gillard has done nothing but show us how mean & nasty she is when confronted with truth – the fact that this government has implemented laws to curtail our freedoms, our freedom of speech and our voices shows that she will do anything to cut the means by which the general public can call her to account, yet in the same shrill voice, she demands that Abbott and Libs come clean on everything including where they may have breakfast.

    quite frankly Gillard is a liar, it has been proven time and time again and not fit to hold the office of PM

    everything her government has touched has failed or is mired in much controversy, grocery watch, fuel watch, my schools, pink batts, school halls, mining tax, carbon tax, border control, budget surplus, tax review, school review, speaker role, thompson affair, AWU affair to name a few…

    and fudging the numbers and how they are published including witholding NBN spending from government accounting just shows how morally bankrupt this government is

    so it seems that all those women before Gillard who were Premiers of states that we now know were ran badly, and failed miserably, all of them were by any stretch better than Gillard

    all she has done is set back the opportunity for a good woman to ever get the role again for a long time

    and despit all the cat calls, and hoohaa, her misogny speech was nothing but hot air – it seems she can get passionate about defending a man we know has sent hundreds of disgusting messages about women all to hold onto power, but not passsionate enough to deal with real issue facing the country, the poor, the unemployed and thos eliving on the streets

    no – we hate her because of what she stands for, how she got to where she is, and what she has done to our country and the office of PM in our name…

    she has to go

    • …lack of leadership

      This “leadership” stuff has always intrigued us here at TAB. Like “Strayan culture” it has never been defined. Even Malcolm Turnbull is guilty of carrying on about it.

      We elect our politicians to keep the day to day business of government ticking over – to pay the public servants, to oversee the economy, to look after things the individual cannot and realistically should not (schools, hospitals, defence)

      We do not need to worship anyone. That sort of bumpf died out with the Pharaohs and Louis XV. We don’t have god-kings except in Frank Herbert novels

    • Yawn. The only person who has ever lied about the Carbon price is Tony Abbott. We are not paying $150 for Lamb Roasts, our industries are still functioning, unemployment is still at all-time lows and the town of Whyalla is still in tact and functioning.
      As for the NBN, it is in the budget as an equity investment. The claim that it is outside the budget is a lie disproved time and time again.
      Note: When accusing someone of lying – don’t resort to lies.

    • What are you rambling on about??

      This is not about Julia! This is about Australian women being able to go on the internet and not see people condoning violence againt them or sayingy they shoulg not be taken seriously because their voices are “shrill” and they “cat-call” (thanks for that!)

    • …because clearly she has risen through the ranks by what appears to be corruption, theft, deceit and much worse

      Evidence? Or just some more far right cut-and-paste. You guys have group recitation lessons or something?

      …quite frankly Gillard is a liar, it has been proven time and time again and not fit to hold the office of PM

      Quite frankly your comments are bordering on defamation

      …grocery watch, fuel watch, my schools, pink batts, school halls, mining tax, carbon tax, border control, budget surplus, tax review, school review, speaker role, thompson affair, AWU affair to name a few…

      Ah yes the tabloid shopping list. In fact most of these things are actually government successes and as we told your bosom buddy Millsie the aspiring political scientist the evidence is there. The jury is still out on the Thomson business but there is some evidence that the same crew who set up the Ashby/Slipper show may well have had a hand in that.

      … real issue (sic) facing the country, the poor, the unemployed and thos eliving on the streets

      You know there are actually programmes addressing all of these issues. Pull your head out of your arse and do some research of your own – we are tired of having to run around and provide evidence every time one of you right wingers wanders over here.

      And going by the Howard Government’s performance on these issues, your Abbott certainly will do nothing in these areas.

  3. Good attempt at spin Guys – Of course everything is taken out of context as usual !!
    How about showing the full conversation & the full context that the comment was said
    in !!

    I posted the Photo at the top of this page on a Facebook page- I was chatting with two other conservative ladies & Paul Syrvet from the Courier Mail came long shortly afterwards & took offense to it & claimed that it was sexist – despite the Ladies supporting me that it was not.

    I then posted the comment to have a go at him & show that “real women do have a sense of humor” & wouldn’t worry about an image like that !!

      • I think personally this goes beyond right wing left wing, although that gives people a baseline so to speak on where someone’s thoughts and idea’s are based. This seems to be more of a character issue with the people who subscribe to these points of view being ugly on the inside and lacking broad knowledge of just what it is they fear. Good upbringing was probably had by most of them, so they formed their views outside of the rights and wrongs they were taught from an early age. No parent except the very hateful and bigoted would raise a child with so much hate and vitriol as a base emotion and view on the world. Many things happen to influence thoughts and views we have, these people are just pre-disposed to them and are fertile ground for the articles, information and policies that encourage these outbursts and directed hate. I know I was swayed by the same forces for a while till I got back on track and restored my psyche and integrity. As for others, if they live a life of hate then they will die bitter and twisted and poison the next generation unless action is taken to moderate the messages coming from vested interests who foment fear and loathing in the “masses”.

    • The image used has been removed. Sorry – didn’t realise it was your parents. Perhaps if you’re so touchy about the photo being juxtaposed with stupid comments, maybe you might want to remove it as your PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE.


    • Hmmmm…I’m pretty sure I’m a ‘real woman. I have breasts and a uterus which I’ve used to grow 2 children and I think I have a good sense of humour but I still think that image is sexist.

      Although I do think it’s funny because it basically confirms that ‘conservative’ men still believe that a womans only role and sole value is to be sexually attractive to men, and they’re afraid of strong women.

      Epic fail Marc, how embarrassing for you.

    • Marc, “real woman” have a vagina (mostly). Other than that we’re, you know, like, people, like, with different opinions and humour and stuff.

      Your photo is so offensive, I feel sorry for you that you cant see that.

      • That’s fine by me – the federal police have been notified – you have been warned !! This site breaks a criminal law’s – namely using a carriage service to harass people – 3 years in jail per offence !! You wont be out for a long time !!

        The photo that I posted may be offensive to some – but its no more than what is available on any beach !! That does not give you the right to be judge jury & executioner – for those that agree it could be you next !

        Like I said previously this post was in support of women & was directed at a man -if your too stupid to understand that then too bad

        • Best not to try and interpret legislation if you have no experience doing so.
          The contents on this blog entry does not fit the commonwealth statute in relation to using a carriage device to harrass and menace.
          I certainly hope you haven’t wasted the federal polices time but if you have, I think you will be very disapointed with the outcome of their investigation, if they choose to launch one.

        • Let’s remind Marc that in the first instance he has to front his local nick before he even gets a whiff of a Fed.

          If he cannot convince the coppers that the matter fulfils the criteria for a charge under S474.17, and he won’t, then he might as well go home.

          Tough ain’t it.


        • I didn’t have to do the interpreting of the legislation – the police did that for me & yes they regarded it as harassment

          typical gutless leftys – wont even put your name to the page – enjoy it while you can –

        • So you need to be asked a second time.

          Did you ask the model if you could publish her photo?

          Did you ask Julia Gillard if you could publish her photo?

          Typical cocky righty. It’s so much fun to put shit on everyone else but when somebody calls you on it you can’t handle it.

        • Now, I suspect you’re fibbing.
          If you do not wish to be subject to a blog like this one, then think before you post things on the Internet.
          If you wish to make a fool of yourself by claiming that you’ve contacted the federal police then be my guest.
          The police certainly wouldn’t have told you this since you’re not being harrassed, your behaviour is being exposed.

        • Oh, and you should have read the terms of use you had to agree too before joining Facebook.
          Everything you post becomes their property.

        • Yes… He’s gone awfully quiet. His tale might have been slightly more believable if he had have just said he contacted them and they took down his complaint and then advised him to stop interacting with the person(s) he alleges are harrassing him. Since he continued to rant here and claimed the federal police had assessed his complaint within mere hours and explained the legislation too him as well, he outed himself as a teller of fibs.

        • “The photo that I posted may be offensive to some – but its no more than what is available on any beach !!”

          So, the picture you posted is no more offensive than anything you have at the beach.

          Are you running to each beach in Australia shouting at each woman “This is what Liberlavvoters want, this is what Labor voters want”?

          You must get very tired

        • Marc, just remember to apply cold water to that burn you just received. Haha… you’re posts are about as legitimate as making a show of writing down someone’s number plate when they cut you off in traffic. Give it up dude!

  4. I’m a ‘poofer’ because I pointed out that the main accusation levelled at gillard (that shes a liar) apply equally to howard because of children overboard, no gst etc etc. oh well.

    • Spoken like a true flog ..i mean wog …Spiro crawl back to your little group..say hi too moon lapdoggy curle groat and all the others

    • Spoken like the true moron that you are Spiro – funny how nothing ever changes with idiots like you – funny how its all right in your book to abuse & insult all day to the cows come home – but you take such offense to some humor that even the ladies had a laugh at !! Wanker

      • Which ladies? Your inbred friends? Did you ask the other 11million Australian females what they thought?

        Re what we published about you – were they not your own publicly published comments?

  5. Oh my god. Just the incoherence of that truckies post. Why would he insult union members like that? It’s the kind of disconnected hysteria that plagues right wing politics. Makes me so angry because I genuinely don’t like Labor’s current platform but I wouldn’t come even close to voting for the ironically named Liberal (warmongering, homophobe) Party. And also the first picture, I want to see evidence from these morons that Labor supporting men wouldn’t find the bikini girl attractive. One is a model who gets paid to look good and one is the head of the executive branch of government. ‘Aussie bloke’ culture at its worst.

    • Weinstein. That is actually a well put comment (and I do not mean to sound patronising!) I have seen some rants from both sides and an unnatural use of the F word or worse. I am on the right. But I have my own opinion and support issues that are considered core left issues. I have a transgender brother and have learnt much from him about the intolerance thrown at the LGBT community. As the child of a matriachial family I have utmost admiration for woman. We polarise when there is no need.

      I cannot stand JG. I met her in friendly settings and thought she was good value to be honest. But as a Masters level student in a number of disciplines (law and another in politics and policy) there has been a loss of accountability in this government that has not been seen before. We talk of record lows for unemployment, but that is not the case, it is on the rise. We talk of low interest rates but that is at an unusual low and is more a factor of world economics and not any brilliance by Swan. If we must acknowledge the true reasons for the state of economy we can look to Keating and Howard and thank them BOTH.

      Why not talk of the worst current accounts. Spiraling national debt… It is the full picture we need

      • Jeff; you state that you are a masters in law and politics, but I will match you with a masters in civil engineering and project management with a second major of economics, including 6 years experience in working in the international section of the engineering firm. In this role I both work on the strategic end i.e. looking at what nations are the best place for trying to push into for work, and then the actual construction.

        Now, I’m not really going to bother arguing with you on every point of your economics claim, just some general statements.
        Spiraling National Debt: Our Net Debt is at about 9.2% GDP, compared to the G7 average of 74%. Stop listing to doomsday prophecies off government debt spiralling out of control. do some actual research into the mater. Here is a link to a historical outlay of Australian federal debt, http://www.budget.gov.au/2012-13/content/bp1/html/bp1_bst10-04.htm .

        The debt that you should be worried about is private debt, but the government doesn’t control that so you just need to get angry at every one else in Australia about that.

        You are right though, this current situation would be largely achieved regardless to liberal/labour, because China solved the problem for us. During the GFC, the Chinese government spent trillions on building cities, keeping the backbone of Australian international trade going. This in turn feed a level of confidence into the Australian market which largely kept it afloat.

        Now to counter this point, Howard spent his time in office doing his best to damage the long term growth of Australia, which we are starting to see now. There were MASSIVE infrastructure shortfalls that are now starting to cause major strain on the economy.

        As for unemployment, congratulations. You have managed to point out that the entire world economy is in the crapper.

        • I was intrigued that Mills is neither practising law nor a legal studies academic because his alleged qualifications certainly would indicate he could be either.

          Then I read his post and cringed. Poorly constructed arguments, no supporting evidence, emotive language, sloppy strawmen arguments a lack of coherence…in fact I doubt if he’d pass an essay task in Year 11 Legal Studies, let alone be able to write or present a brief for a legal case.

    • Yeah, that reminds me of something. Isn’t it odd how these right-wing bigots always like to accuse others of being gay, yet themselves so oft are obsessed with pornographic depictions of anal sex?

    • Yes. I hope the same. Providing the Mudoch media start taking responsibility for their treatment of Greg Wilton and John Brogden.
      I also hope that the groundless attacks on Julia Gillard and others don’t lead to a suicide either.

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