SMH: Stay in touch … With an extreme Christmas Party

Stay in touch

December 7, 2012

Peter Munro and Shelly Horton

‘Our culture is better than the Muslim culture” … Nick Folkes of the Australian Protectionist Party. Photo: James Alcock

WHEN right-wing extremists gather for an end-of-year knees-up, it’s BYO food and bile. Or as the online invitation reads: ”Please bring some nibbles.”

The Australian Protectionist Party wants people to roll up for ”a few Xmas drinks and cheer” at the December meeting of the Ironbark Social Club, which bills itself as ”a friendly monthly get together where Conservatives, Nationalists, Constitutionalists, Anthropogenic climate change sceptics and Australians concerned about where this country is headed can discuss issues of concern in a PC-free environment”.

Such friendly gatherings have previously railed against ”terrorists in the guise of refugees”, ”illegal” asylum seekers and the ”great global warming swindle”. Sounds friendly as hell. The contact for interested party-goers is Nick Folkes, pictured, an industrial painter from Rozelle who has previously stood as a candidate for the far-right Protectionist Party, chasing the xenophobic vote with gusto. Folkes has preached that Leichhardt Council be declared a ”sharia-free zone” and that the council scrap grants to multicultural groups. ”Our culture is better than the Muslim culture, it is better than the African culture,” he said this year about migrants. ”At the end of the day, why did they come here? There must be something wrong with their culture.” Well something is wrong here, but we suspect the source is more likely to be found among the ”like-minded people” of the Ironbark Social Club.


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12 thoughts on “SMH: Stay in touch … With an extreme Christmas Party


    I see on Nicky’s blog that he wants to start a new political party (Because apparently the problem wasn’t that he was selling shit-but that he had chosen the wrong name). The new party will apparently be called the Patriotic Freedom Party.

    Now, ignoring the fact that a group that has stated that hate most of Australia (Anyone not white, left wing, sympathetic in anyway, women, etc), and far from promoting freedom, actually want to punish people who disagree with them……

    Could they get any more vague? Apparently Australian Protectionist Party was too specificaly linked to their beliefs-let’s lose the Australia party and convert protectionism into just general nationalism.

    5 years time, my guess is Nick will be announcing that he’s shutting down the “Patriotic Freedom Party” is favour of the “Nice things are nice Party”

    Incidentally I see that the APP’s new headquarters is now in Tasmania. Because if there’s one place that extremist racist policies, anti-environmentalism, and conservativism that makes John Howard look like a filthy communist will flourish, it’s the same state that birthed the Australian Greens.

    • It’s even more vague than I thought. It’s call “Party for Freedom” ̣̣-except, of course, in terms of sexuality, religion or political beliefs.

      Here’s their description, which is even vaguer:

      “The Party for Freedom is a patriotic conservative political party and movement that combines policies that will benefit and preference the Australian people. ”

      Vote for them-they have policies that will benefit you-not hurt you.

      It looks like they got a “make your own political party” kit, but instead of coming up with their own plan, they decided to just use the default example. I can’t wait until they search for “John A Citizen” to run for them in the next election.

  2. Anglo sphere immigration only. Keep the joint white hey. Fucken rediculous whats happening it’s a fucken laughing stock.

    I’ll take a German or a Scandinavian, but fucken no other non British. None, what the fuck are we doing. Keep it British. The others don’t even think the same.

    They can’t even eat milk products half of them, These places were built by our ancestors from Britain, you would have to have rocks in your head to let all these foreign folk in from over the world. They don’t think like us, they are better off in their home countries. These are countries with British settlement, fuck allowing the rest of them, No fucken way, keep it white.

    Multiculturalism is the stupidest idea that ever came about. We should only take in people from Britain, Germany and Scandinavia.

    • You will note troll that we have condensed your dribblings into a few typical paragraphs.

      It goes something like this:

      1. Troll posts six white supremacist rants

      2. Troll posts condensed into one and released so that real people can have a laugh at them.

      3. Rest of posts deleted permanently because they are just huffing and puffing.

    • Wow, some nice classic racism here. Let’s go through the idiot’s post, shall we?

      ” Keep the joint white hey”

      Yes, Aborigines will not be welcomed into their own country.

      “I’ll take a German or a Scandinavian, but fucken no other non British. ”

      See-classic! Most of the craziest racists in Australia today would conceive of allowing the French, or Italians or Greeks in-not this idiot! Apparently Australia has more in common with Germany and scandanavia, than it does New Zealand and Canada!

      Pray tell, why only Germans, British and Scandanavians? It’s not white skin-other countries have white skin-and culturally they’re three very distinct groups. Different languages, historical differences, a bit of past tension considering, y’know, we went to war with Germany and haven’t gone to war with….say France.

      “They can’t even eat milk products half of them, ”

      Wait, so drinking milk is the definition of Australian culture now? Wow, I thought it would be something deep and meaningful-turns out it’s just about the amount of dairy you have. So….anyone who is lactose intolerant is now no longer Australian.

      “These places were built by our ancestors from Britain,”

      And, y’know, the waves of migrants that followed the British, but I’m sure you think they don’t count.

      “They don’t think like us,”

      They don’t think like you. But surely that’s a good thing! How can you say that the majority of the world (And if you’re only counting Briain, Scandanavia and Germany-that’s the world!) do not think like Australia as a whole, but the British, Germans and Scandanavians are of complete like minds with Australia.

      “they are better off in their home countries.”

      Wait, so now you’re telling us that it’s actually better for migrants to stay in their own countries? So you’re being kind a senstivie here? How nice of you….but shouldn’t it be up to the migrants to determine where they’e better off? Or are you telling us that you have guardianship and can give consent to the world’s population?

      Incidentally, under what basis are Scandanavians, Germans and the British not better off in their own countries, compared to all other migrants who you think would not fit in here? After all, it’s an obvious one, but the environment is a tad different in Australia compared to Scandanavia, Germany and Britain, with a difference much bigger than, say the difference in weather between Australia and south east Asia (Especially compared to northern Australia).

      “Multiculturalism is the stupidest idea that ever came about. ”

      How exaclty has multiculturalism harmed you directly in any way shape or form?

      And incidentally, I think the worse idea ever made, and I’m sure the other posters agree with me, is when your parents decided it was time to make a baby.

      • You are far too kind with your questioning of the turd that calls itself No More Foreign. It’ll take German or Scandanavian because it thinks these are the only white European countries. It is a bumfuck moron. It cannot even fathom that there are (please have your fainting couch at the ready) ghasp!!!!! black skinned nationals that are German and Scandanavian and even English!!!!! I know right! How scary is that? It has no idea that it’s ancestors arrived here by boat themselves to a country that was owned by a whole nother race that it HATES! It is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

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