“Get rid of the prok (sic) in Australia” – bilateral evidence-free bogots strike (again)

A few days ago, a fire broke out in the roof of a small shopping complex in suburban Adelaide. Fire crews and ambulances attended and no lives were lost.


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News.com.au carried some pictures of the incident

Now of course as yet it cannot be shown what caused the fire without an investigation by the appropriate authorities and no news source even speculated on what might have been the cause.

However this didn’t stop a US-based anti-Muslim hate page from picking up the story, and to put their own spin on it, even though they’d be hard-pressed to tell you where Adelaide even was.

And of course they were ably assisted by some of our local self-appointed fire experts.


According to this hysterical huddle of xenophobes, the butcher shop in the complex was supposedly “fire-bombed” and not only that but the supermarket in the complex carried “no pork or bacon” after alleged “attacks on the products”.



However in the real world which most people inhabit here is absolutely NO EVIDENCE FOR ANY SUCH THING





The theme was actually taken up on another forum, again with no supporting evidence whatsoever but with plenty of bilious grunting.


And you might be interested in “Jack Johnson”. We certainly were after we read his paranoid rants to a US forum on combat knives.

In fact we know him as this loser.


And here’s a picture of him amusing the people of the Inner West a couple of years ago at a community forum.


He was also quite happy to get up close and personal with former self-appointed Mahdi to the Muslim masses Ibrahim Sidddiq Conlon, while also making baseless claims to having been involved with Australian volunteer veterans who dismantle mines on former battlefields in Indo-China.

So bizarre were his fantasies that even the far right, no strangers to bizarre delusions and outrageous utterances themselves, were unable to stomach him and he was ejected from both the Pathetic Party and an anti-lefty whinge group.

Ah bogots – the same yesterday, today and tomorrow

5 thoughts on ““Get rid of the prok (sic) in Australia” – bilateral evidence-free bogots strike (again)

  1. Apart from no evidence, these bunch of losers especially Jack Zee (Fake?) has problems with spelling and grammar all the time.

  2. My personal favourite is actually THIS comment:
    “No mention at all of this in any local or national media – gee I wonder why? (sic)”

    I think I may be able to shed some light… See, for things to appear in the media, they generally have to actually happen in real life first.

    Step 1: Invent fake story.
    Step 2: Speculate as to why pretend story hasn’t been reported in news. (hint: clearly a lefty cover-up)

    …seems legit.

  3. Any extremist group is addicted to conspiracy theories. It’s their only way of explaining why they aren’t, despite evidence to the contrary, completely paranoid idiots.

    My favourite was, a while ago, the APP stated that a wallaby that had been killed was obviously had its throat slit by Islamic terrorists to tell people that they should support a mosque being built. When I pointed out that such a message could not have been dealth with in a more ambiguous fashion (The wallaby was found in an out of the way area of a shopping mall that has no political beliefs$, where it needed to be searched for to be found)-they told me “You don’t understand Muslims-this is how they work!”

    It must be nice, living in a world where literally everything that happens to them is a result of a vast international conspiracy of Muslims. I imagine once they get old an incontinent, they’ll start blaming Muslims for “”Muslamic bladder relieving ray guns”

    Anyway, I pointed out to the APP at that time that it was just as likely that a member of the APP killed the wallaby, and then reported it to the APP in the hope of encouraging others to support their anti-Muslims crusade (Pointing out their only source was someone who expressly stated they didn’t want to be identified).
    The APP’s response was “No, it couldn’t happen, because it would backfire on us, and we’re too smart to let that happen”

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