33 thoughts on “Well That Escalated Quickly…

  1. Well, the homo-erotic subject is a bit strong for this one. Notice how he hates both women and gays, but while women are weak, destroying australia, should be hung, and rely on men for everything; gay people are fine IF they avoid interaction with people who oppose homosexuality.

    So in other words, this poster hates women, but is okay with gay men as long as they’re gay in secret. methinks he knows a bit about keeping secrets.

    • And like most genetic traits, one doesn’t have to be homosexual to carry homosexual genetics. In the same way one doesn’t have to be a brunette to carry brunette genetics, or be of asian appearance to carry asian genetics.

      • What are “homosexual genetics”?

        They haven’t found a “gay gene” as yet though there seems to be no doubt that basic sexual orientation is present from birth and not acquired despite what religious fundamentalists would have you believe.

        • I have to laugh at your attempt to relate homosexual genetics to your belief that a person of doesn’t have to be Asian appearance to carry Asian genetics. I can only assume you are talking about a mixed race individual of Asian- Caucasian mix, as most people know Asian genes are dominant to Caucasian genes particularly western genes. A mix of Asian and Caucasian is going to produce a more Asian looking child. Black hair and dark eyes are dominant to light hair and light eyes etc. What you may be witnessing is an Asian person who goes to great length to change their appearance from their natural Asian feature. They dye their hair a lighter colour, they wear lighter colour contacts, surgury to make eyes look less “Asian” and noses more like typical Caucasian noses is quite common. (it is beyond me why some people do this, and use any excuse to justify it) and this less Asian looking Asian gives birth to a beautiful Asian child, who looks nothing like the mother who has chosen to change her natural appearance. Is this what you are alluding to Chris. Please explain your comment further.

      • Again, a rediculous comment, Chris above talking about genetics: homosexuality is certainly not genetically inherited, there may be factors such as hormone exposure in the womb etc or other not yet identified factors leading to an individuals sexual inclination, but it is not passed on, purely for the fact that there is no difference in a homosexual man to a heterosexual man, if anything it may be hormone levels during pregnancy which make the brain more feminine or masculine etc ultimately leading one to be attracted to males or females later in life, there is no stark differences in homosexual or heterosexual males, it is not something like hair colour being passed down, purely for the fact that homosexual males for the most part are not in a relationship naturally able to reproduce, and many are not interested in this anyway. here is the comment:

        “And like most genetic traits, one doesn’t have to be homosexual to carry homosexual genetics in the same way one doesn’t have to be a brunette to carry brunette genetics, or be of Asian appearance to carry
        Asian genetics.

        You clearly imply that homosexuality is genetic, and your comment on a person not having to be Asian appearance to carry Asian genetics is just stupid. Are you referring to a mixed race person, Asian – European and suggesting they look more white, because this is never the case as Asain genes dominate the recessive Caucasian genes. Most likely what your observing is an Asian person that has gone to great lengths to change their natural appearance eg dying hair from natural colour, even plastic surgurey is quite common, to give more Caucasian nose, less Asian eyes etc (for whatever reason perplexes me) even coloured contact lenses, and then you are surprised when this person that doesn’t look Asian gives birth to a baby with Asian features.

        I would like you to explain your comment Chris, tell us how homosexuality is genetic as you have implied.

        • As I mentioned in my previous comment which hasn’t made the cut apparently, most likely hormone differences during pregnancy which can affect the developing brain determine later life male / female sexual attraction. There is no anatomical differences in a male heterosexual and a male homosexual. It is clearly not something that is genetic and passed down like hair colour, as the very nature of a homosexual relationship, is that it is a non reproducing relationship as apposed to a heterosexual couple of a man and women who reproduce and pass on genes.

        • While no study conducted has been 100% conclusive, a large amount of evidence form the studies conducted point towards a genetic cause.

          Recent neuroanatomical studies have revealed differences between heterosexual and homosexual men in the structure of three regions of the brain.


          Click to access 2881563.pdf

          Another study pointing out towards genetic factors:- “Male Homosexuality: Absence of Linkage to Microsatellite Markers at Xq28.


          While further studies are needed & the available results are inconclusive, the available evidence points towards genetics.

          That was just 2 articles and there are many more from where they came.

          So there are in fact anatomical (Brain) differences between heterosexual & homosexual males. So it could be something that is genetic and passed down like hair colour.

          The abnormalities or differences (from heterosexual males) were found in the X chromosome, So it came from the mother who clearly wasn’t homosexual.

          Anyway that is just a bit of evidence suggesting that male homosexuality is very likely to be genetically predisposed & it is straight people that make gay babies 🙂

  2. This is just a coward hiding behind free speech to vent his homo-erotic desperation. Could this guy be more gay? Neo-nazis are like star trek geeks, hung up on symbols and living in the past.

  3. That has nothing to do with it. You could give a homosexual man a high dose of steroids or testosterone it would not change his attraction towards other males, it would merely increase the individuals sexual desire. The point I make it that the “wiring” for attraction to males or females or both later in life comes from the levels of hormones which the developing brain is exposed to. The female brain actually responds highly to testosterone( both sexes produces both testosterone and estrogen) and the male brain is sensitive to testosterone that is converted (aromatased )estrogen to so obviously you have male with high test low est and females high est low test but, if you can get your head around this it is nothing to do with acting masculine at all in general males and females brains have different sensitivities to the hormones and what has been found is that so do people who are attracted to the same sex. Digit ratio of fingers is a reliable way to determine hormone levels during pregnancy and supports the theory that people attracted to the same sex have been exposed to different hormone levels during pregnancy. It is a completely natural occurrence and even within heterosexuals there is much variation. But the results of this work are fairly consistent, and it shows that it is not by “choice” or any other superficial reason that some people are attracted to the same sex.

    • Does it pain you that you have taken the time to write so many lengthy comments that no one has bothered to reply to? Here’s a reply, hope it helps 🙂

  4. I am shaun and lol this was a joke of a post to piss people off.
    The person who put this up here is an Emo girl, she cuts herself and TRYS to ruin peoples lives by uploading them on the net.. tobad it doesn’t work.
    hope the bitch cuts herself again

    • Hey Shaun,
      It wasn’t actually me that posted this!
      But thanks for stereotyping me by my piercings and shaved head to thinking I’m emo and cut myself.
      However, I do not actually care about you or your life so didn’t actually make the effort to post this or care about you at all.
      Get over yourself and grow up!

    • Gotta love the troll who says “Oh, it’s just a joke. Me saying that Hitler was right is hilarious! Just ask all my Jewish friends”

      Good luck getting a job, fool.

  5. Abuse, racist rants, wanting to kill others etc etc yeah Shaun is doing fine? At proving he belongs in the toilet bowl along with other shits.

  6. Girls are soft and rely on men to do everything for them? Well this proves a female didn’t give birth to fucktard sorry Shaun and he was really found in the toilet bowl and is still living there?

  7. Kaleishia, it was you who put this up because you cut (just like your wrists) out all your posts silly girl.
    and besides, i got a job, and im still working there.. so how does that work for you?
    Yeah it might affect my future employment, but atleast I wont be working with people like you who are dramatic and complain about everything.
    You losers created this website just so you could complain to people about your problems.. do yourself a favour and go cry a river.
    What you people don’t see is that you people *(yes all of you on this website)* are actually the ones who create problems.
    I’m normal. You aren’t.

    • Also, for the record, anti semitism and support of Hitler, according to Shaun, only existed because of this site.

      Don’t know how WWII happened-but I’m sure Shaun will inform us all!

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