5 thoughts on “UNSW’s Cameron Edwards vs Penny Wong

  1. Poor little Camster.
    Obviously outgunned in the academic arena by the Asian contingent at UNSW,he has to find SOMEONE to blame for his continued fails at life.
    Because priveledged little wankers never accept blame for their laziness and lack of grey matter.
    Whiney little no-hoper.

    • MissL: ‘His university has been contacted. Hopefully they act on this. All actions have consequences.’

      Cameron Edwards: ‘Oh thank you, get the very rare local student thrown out of university in favour of the internationals.’

      Says it all really. His apology isn’t an act of contrition, just an attempt to salvage his future career.

  2. I like how he tried to contact Senator Wongs office. Because she has nothing better to do than accept the apology of some Northern Beaches nobody.

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