Scott Andrews of the Australian Defence League Wants to Bash and Kill All Muslims in Australia

Dear Australian Federal Police,

Please feel free to peruse the file of Scott Andrews. He’s a member of the ‘Australian Defence League’ and he has not only spoken freely about how he seriously wants to be responsible for igniting a Hitleresque style of genocide against all Muslims but he has also publicly stated that he is trying to organise an underground group of people who will ‘rise up and destroy Muslims’. He has marked the 3rd of December as ‘annual bash a Muslim day’ and says that it will mark the beginning of ‘Australia Day open season’.

Your move AFP.

71 thoughts on “Scott Andrews of the Australian Defence League Wants to Bash and Kill All Muslims in Australia

  1. yeah this guy is a great example of the education system… dude it’s They’re * not “their” and wear * not “were”… hasn’t* not “hasnet”…amongst others… but most importantly… a correction to his belief that all muslims are arabs… actually scott andrews only 10% of the muslim population is from the middle east… the rest of us aren’t… frankly if u wanna “bash” a muslim… bring it… i’ll slap u so hard that ur great great great grandfather will ask… wtf???

  2. So far removed from reality that it’s even difficult to take offense to him. It’s like a Pinky & The Brain episode where he is taking over the world each week. My favourite part however was where he wants to rid Islam in order to protect our many faiths….wait…what?

  3. Another racist gutter rat who is too stupid to learn reality, know how to spell,that Australia does not have Freedom of Speech and what he is proposing is against The Law.

    So I say, I well be standing in court cheering, that a low life this is put in gaol.

    So Scotty you are f**ked. LOL LOL

    • Islam is not a race.While i do not condone his course of action. The world is suffering due to Islamic barbaric views.
      That being said anyne who opposes Islam is not a racist, as yet again Islam is not a race.

      We dont want Australia turning into Europe or the Middle East.

        • And for the record I don’t advocate the bigoted comments shown in the screen shot above. But for people to go on and deny the existence of different races is a bit much. There are F wits and nice people from all races.

        • Also, Tushi. You claim to have a “fairly good university level education in the sciences particularly biology and genetics”, yet you seem to think that science cares what you ‘believe’. As someone with all probability a higher education than you in applied sciences, a masters in Engineering from not a fairly good university, but an excellent one, your opinion is irelevant. Science is not a democracy. I can believe that AC current is generated by elves inside a motor, but that doesn’t mean anything. Show substantial evidence that the larger scientific community agrees with you and you might have something.

      • Actually “race” as a whole concept has been scientifcally disproven if I recall right. There is no such thing as a “sub-species” of human. Although I do think I recall something about us possibly being a third species of chimpanzee! Africans with black skins, indigenous Australians with black skins, Japanese with yellow skins, Cuacasians with white skins etc .. we’re all one. Not separate races, just the same with varying levels of melanin and various genetic histories producing very subtle patterns of (not too significant) differences. No “races”, no “sub-humans” or superhumans. Well, Except Michael Clarke and maybe Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara as well! 😉

      • No such thing as “race” anyhow – from what I understand that notion has long since been scientifically disproved. All humans are teh same essentially just with varying levels of melanin in our skin and a few other really insignificant genetic differences. Although we have, if memory serves, been described as a third species of chimpanzee!

        • Yeah!
          We’ve come as far as mapping the complete human genome. There is little left to be understood in that particular area of science.
          But still there are people that don’t understand evolution & think a magic guy in the sky make stuff.
          Innate intellect is inversely correlated with bigotry – Me.
          I wish I have the resources to prove that hypothesis 😀

          Science education is also inversely correlated with Bull shit 🙂

        • If there is no such thing as race, then this whole site is just people being nasty to one another, nothing to do with race? I believe races do exist. Depends how broad and general you want to describe our species, you could just call us all apes with gorillas and chimps, but it is quite evident that there are different types of humans living in the world.

        • There is no such thing as “race” and there is only one species of human currently on the planet.

          That’s a scientific fact.

          However there are such things as “racists” who prefer not to back up their delusions with facts.

          We prefer not to be nice to them.

        • But yet there is a couple of species of gorilla etc and most other animal species, but you say there are different types within our species “races” and you send people into a spin!

          😦 OMFG you can’t say that that there is only one race dammit, the human race. So when police say they are looking for a person 1– cm tall of race—– etc etc well we all wouldn’t have a clue because there is only one race according to the moron do gooders. ) I don’t care about being called my race I don’t see how it is discriminative and scientifically I m certain many scientists agree types, races, what ever you want to call it, within our species, If there is a problem with acknowledging different races of people than I don’t know what the world is coming to. I have no problem at all with people saying my race.

        • Police in Australia use ethnic/physical appearance descriptors only. It makes it easier for ordinary members of the public to spot an offender because ordinary members of the public tend to use stereotypes. If you say someone has “dark skin” they can be anyone from a well-tanned European to someone of African ethnicity. But if you say “of African appearance” then you are going to know that they are not a well-tanned European, a Latin American or someone from the Indian subcontinent.

          I would say it is handy to know also the gender, the height and the approximate age of the offender.

          The US is mired still in so-called “racial” descriptors and these tend to follow an individual around on official documents.

        • Yeah I agree with you with police discriptions, but what was mentioned before with the no races is just rediculous, why go so far to say races don’t exist. Not everyone is wants to be so race neutral.

        • The statement is that race does not have a biological definition. Humans are remarkably alike. Yes there are variations, as there are for all species, but to compare different “races” with different species of gorilla (where there are strong genetic differences), is inaccurate.

        • JM you claim comparing different races to different subspecies of Gorilla, there are several subspecies mountain, eastern and western populations, they are more alike than the human races, there is not “strong genetic differences” at all. I don’t know where you got this misinformation, you my friend are the one who is being inaccurate here. ( I have a fairly good university level education in the sciences particularly biology and genetics.) The subspecies can breed with one another to produce fertile offspring, as can human races, though they generally don’t in the wild due in part to geographic separation. Humans and Gorillas are very closely genetically related, we share well over 95 closer to 99 percent of DNA with these other primate species, it’s obvious you would not group us together though, and just like the gorilla we have several types which have developed within our own species. Whats the big deal about that. I won’t mention my own race, but I have no problem with someone saying what race I am as long as it is not intended to be offensive. We are all humans, can breed with one another to produce fertile offspring, but clearly there are different races within our species.

        • Tushi,

          I’m a student & I’m very interested to find out these racial differences you speak of.
          Are they neuroanatomical differences? what biological differences are they? other than the clearly visible melanin concentrations of the skin.

          Can you please give me some journal articles/ academic resources etc.

          Thank you.

        • M-Dawg-not even melanin concentrations can distinguish races as a biological levels. There are pale skinned african americans coming from the same family as dark skinned African Americans. The colour of skin for most countries does not come from any genetics, but by the amount of sun that is present.

          And I join you in asking our learned friend to describe and source his clear biological and genetic differences in races.

      • Hey, if we turned into Germany, that wouldn’t be to bad. For that matter, the Scandinavians are having a pretty good time too.

        • Actually “It does happen” I’m quietly confident I know a hell of a lot more about genetics than you do, what makes you think you have a claim to knowledge in that area with an engineering degree is very interesting. I know a few people with engineering degrees, I did better than all of them at school, so I’m sorry if I don’t see them as being some high supreme beings.

          I would never enter a discussion about some engineering concept just for the record.

          Which brings me to another subject English. You have had a fair crack at me, now it is my turn. you see where you have written

          “Hey,if we turned into Germany, that wouldn’t be to bad.”

          If you know the difference between the words to, too and to, you would know that you have made a mistake. instead of “to bad” it should be “too bad”

          too hot, too cold, too funny, too stupid, too ridiculous for words. Now you use “to” in cases like going to the mall, send it to the repairers, going to bed now. The number of people who don’t know the difference is ridiculous. Way I was taught at school was “too” is used to convey excess or to mean in addition, where as “to” is usually the infinitive verb if you can understand that with your engineering degree lol or as a preposition so for eg to the mall. You really shouldn’t try and put someone down and then show your own lack of smarts.

        • The English/ many early Australians are/ were very closely related to the Germans and Scandinavians anyway. I don’t know what your comment above is getting at, but I remember seeing a genetic testing results plotted from samples in Europe and the UK and the English and Swede samples were basically overlapping compared to the other samples. So there is obviously a lot of Gene input from those places, I guess there was the whole Danelaw etc.

    • There was the whole Danelaw in England. I the results plotted for samples of European and Uk populations once and there was overlap between the Swedes and the English compared to the other samples. A lot of Australians being from early English, would be relatively representative of the English sample I would think. I don’t know what your getting at with your above comment.

  4. This guy is clearly not only an idiot but also an attention seeking twat. How does giving him what he obvious;y craves help fight racism? Seems misguided to me.

  5. Interesting that he nominates the 3rd of December. I believe the White Supremacists do have something planned on that date. It’s been thrown around not only here but in the US, UK and EU as well. I don’t like it.

  6. If Facebook had actually risen up from its lazy arse and done something about this guy I would be very surprised. You have to be virtually in the Breivik class before Facebook removes you.

  7. Could be he is just a shit stirrer or trying to bait people? If not then he is seriously handicapped and his condition needs medical treatment or intervention. That is just plain bile he is spewing, very ignorant and hate filled bile. Must be a shit life he has to be so scared he acts this way. Of course he will tell you he isn’t afraid of anyone or anything, but from those posts (providing it isn’t some sort of set up) the opposite is plain to see, this is an insecure scared individual.

  8. This is all just pure nazi bullshit with some bits whited out and replaced, the same old song sung by the same old dregs. You will notice he attacks Jews because they are not conforming to what he thinks a Jew should be, or do. He allows for the rest of society being revolted by him with the assumption that anyone who doesn’t agree, or conform, is the enemy. He talks about freedom and describes exactly how he will preserve it for himself by taking it from everyone else. There is a level of simple cowardice here, the constant call for others to join him, to create a force within which he may feel safe to commit crimes against humanity. Dumb fuck skinhead stereotype. He seriously thinks everyone in Oz is as insecure and rabid as he is, he thinks he will be carried through the streets by a ground-swell of other people intent on killing and destroying their fellow citizens. No respect for Australia here, we fought nazism, remember? Or perhaps they hadn’t gotten around to 20th century history when he left school at 12. If this bloke wasn’t born here, you would never give him a visa and he’d go straight on the plane and off home, but being stuck with him I guess the best option is to vote Labour instead. Or Green.

  9. I think Scott needs a hug. He’s finding life a bit hard and is probably under-achieving at everything in life except Bundy drinking. He’s confused and angry and in need of some man-love. Cheer up Scotty. You inbred fuckwit.

  10. he actually is a she this was a false profile how do i know this you ask? Because im the one that hacked it and took it ofline her real name is carla an 16 year old idiot from sydney

      • Easy to explain as i said before its a fake profile used in a fake name that has been routed everywhere, And to add to that these in no way link to the profile in question stupid person that doesnt listen! Your just an immature fool that thinks the above profile is me.I think your better suited to to be a hooker and as the above mentioned scott has done nothing but prove he/she is a retarded idiot as are you for taking his mindless rants to heart.As we all know nothing happened on the 3rd of december Empty mindless threts from a coward.Ps the federal police are now investigating you as a computer hacker little miss mind up her ass.The ip adresses you stole tonight in no way link to the profile in question so that makes you look pretty dumb now doesnt it.

        • Whom do you think you are talking to?

          We are aware you have been sending texts to someone who has nothing to do with the admin of this site.

          I thought Scott was allegedly a mate of yours according to one of your posts. Now you call him an idiot.

          Make up your mind – if you have one.

          And don’t spam us with the law, we have far more knowledge and expertise in that area than you have.

          You may have just encountered your worst nightmare sonny.


  11. Miss mind made up her ass,Your no one but a poser whom was removed from facebook for you lies and slander. I think the problem may be you yes he is a mate, But also an idiot that does not think before he acts,Seems to me you have something in common with scott,”your an idiot”Who has no idea who you tryed to fuck with last night! If you had legal knoledge you would know that to try to hack a profile is a criminal offence.And as such is a federal crime.Regarding your empty threts i think it is You that has encountered your biggest enemy as I have friends in high places that are looking into your actions as we speak.So it would be unwise for you to go throwing threts at someone for all to see.

    • “he actually is a she this was a false profile how do i know this you ask? Because im the one that hacked it and took it ofline her real name is carla an 16 year old idiot from sydney”

      Your words I believe, so why are you suggesting that TAB admin is in deep shit for “federal crime”, when you have no evidence of this “attempt to hack a profile”, yet here you have openly admitted doing exactly that same thing? Were you born stupid or did you have to learn that skill?

      Friends in high places, they work in a high rise office do they or smoke a lot of ganga?
      As for “threts”, you state “you have no idea who you tried to fuck with last night”, that constitutes a threat, as the implication is you will visit some sort of “punishment” on the recipient! Again, do you work hard at being stupid or did it come from birth?

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