Justine’s Final Solution

Meet Justine Khamis who has a solution to asylum seeker boat arrivals.

No doubt she has detected millions of them paddling softly up the Goulburn River in Victoria with the sole object of disturbing Justine’s Strayan Way of Life.

So after concluding that the dreaded asylum seekers are here with the sole intention of fucking Justine and her kind up the arse, she suddenly decide that the Jews and Muslims can’t (sic) fuck off too

Someone is very confused.

18 thoughts on “Justine’s Final Solution

  1. Justine, ya f$%ken right there love! These asylum seekers have f$%ken come into my f$%ken community too, and you know what? The c$%ts have taken over the shopping centre, me mate even had to move his shop just so they can move in. We’re being invaded. Best part though? Now i can sit at home on C$%trelnk with me telly, have a VB, a meat pie, and these c$%nts are all paying for it! You should be larfin!!

  2. Doncha just love it when Brothers & Sisters mate & then their inbred offspring jump on FaceBook to keep us all amused? I’d happily dump this silly bitch out at the 5km border & swap her for some poor buggers that have risked their lives to get themselves & their little ones here to safety.

    • Is sexist language and personal family abuse really the best response to Justine’s abhorrent, disgusting facebook typing finger vomit?

      I’d like Justine (& these others) to do one of those “Go back Where you Came From” trips to see who these refugees are and what conditions they’re fleeing. I hope that would change her opinion and make her and those like her rethink such hateful comments. Too optimistic and naive of me perhaps?

  3. I am Justine khamis and i wrongfully passed judgement out of fear .. like most of us do . I’m from a German , Irish and Maori blood .. I have lived next to two completely different Muslim families and i can honestly say they are a loving and giving ppl … i was sucked in because,,like all ppl all races and all religions.. you get you extrem that hannesty destroy it for those that are just trying to make a new start … the worlds a nasty crazy place and iris so easy to lose sight that we are all just trying to do our best to survive and help our families…

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