Response to the racists on the Melbourne bus

And we bet like Adam we could all list some “troo bloo” icons which are actually from somewhere else.


While we’re at it, even one of the bogots’ favourite current affairs shows has come out in favour of anti-racism.

Tough luck bogots. Time to rethink your attitudes.

12 thoughts on “Response to the racists on the Melbourne bus

  1. Mike Nayna posted his commentary here.

    Most online sources focussed on Fanny Desaintjores and ‘friends’ but others including Huffington Post more accurately described the victims as ‘four black French women’. I’m cynically wondering if the Australian media deliberately focussed on Desaintjores, a lighter-skinned woman in appearance, to generate more interest in the story.

    Interesting responses to this story. Even readers posting in Murdoch papers condemned the perpetrators rather than offering the standard ‘it could have happened anywhere’ excuse. But I’m wondering if the responses would have been as vitriolic if the media had concentrated on the ‘four black French women’.

    Meanwhile, I had a quick perusal of French papers including Le Monde where the response seems remarkably… civilised. Maybe they’re still basking in the glory of the Les Bleus beating the Wallabies…?

  2. When people like Tony Abbott and Jason Morrison talk about non-white/anglo/christian Australians they use much better English. But they are not speaking in a void. Their words enter a megaphone that amplifies their comments and spreads them to many, many Australians who unfortunately don’t think for themselves. This is the output of this megaphone. It’s time influential people were held accountable for the results of their well-spoken and highly educated, but still intolerant words.

  3. What’s the deal with 2 of those arseholes being arrested then released without charge? I sincerely hope that is not the end of the matter and that they get hold of the third person.

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