3 thoughts on “Respect For the Police? Naaaaa

  1. Apparently that’s why some people (Most of whom would classify as, for lack of a better word, bogans) idolise Ned Kelly and wave Eureka flags because Kelly said FU to the cops and the Eureka rebellion was also about saying FU to the cops. Of course what they fail to understand is that Ned Kelly and Eureka weren’t about getting drunk and disrespecting cops just for the heck of it, it was about challenging authority in the name of injustice. And of course Ned Kelly was the child of Irish immigrants and the Irish Catholics back then were treated appallingly by the authorities and the Eureka rebellion was about independence from British colonialism no matter what your background. A spirit which dip-shit drunkards seems to have ruined just because they like swearing and spitting at police.

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