51 thoughts on “Caught on camera: racist Australians abuse girl & smash bus window

  1. What a great example of parenting huh? Swearing at and abusing someone while getting your kids off the bus and then smashing a window (I assume that was him who did it). Two words – vicious cycle…..sad sad sad…

  2. Some years ago whist I was in Melbourne a group like this began to taunt and threaten a trio of Asians, one man and 2 women. One of the bigot threw a punch at the Asian man and what followed was like watching a Bruce Lee movie. Just deserts…however, the racist then howled that their friend had been “assaulted” and wanted me as a witness; I just laughed..

  3. I had a similar incident on South Morang train line when I was talking to friend of mine over the phone in Sinhalese. One crack head sat behind me with bunch of other crack heads shout at me saying ” I can’t take this bull shit……Speak in Australian”. I was alone in that train carriage. So I moved to the next carriage. I looked at them before I left but did not have any courage to look at my eyes. I was thinking my self, What is the language call Australian ??? Un-educated bogans 🙂

  4. Ignoring everyone else’s overly simplistic analysis of this incident; there are two sides to the story here.

    First off, you’re not allowed by law to cause “unreasonable noise” from your own private property (EPA 1970); so for anyone to think that you can scream your lungs off in a public space and everyone else within your proximity needs to simply put up with it, is wrong (State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Noise from Public Premises)).

    Talking on your phone or to a friend in another language, at point blank distance, is ONE thing and that normally doesn’t raise any eyebrows, nor should it.

    Loudly and audaciously singing in any tongue (whatever it happens to be) to the rest of the bus or train can actually be classed as disturbing the peace; any noise over a certain decibel limit in a public space (which a bus most certainly is) that is not part of a prearranged performance/event is against the law.
    Most buses even have this stickered on a wall in the form of a warning sign.

    Granted, heavy-handedness isn’t really justified for most breaches of this in public as they are rather incidental and trivial at best, but I feel that given the passengers protests against this women’s singing (which I can only assume escalated from minor complaints to all-out threats of violence as the video mentions the women in question finding the offenders “playful at first”), she seemed to have completely ignored the fact she was actually on a packed bus and not in her shower.

    In any case, due to the very selective edits presented in that video it’s impossible to tell just how this incident erupted and who ignited the situation; which really doesn’t help the author’s credibility, but I’d be willing to wager it initiated with calls for her to be quiet and from there, once she defiantly kept singing, ignited what was a fairly rude situation but not anything close to such a public row.

    And while the offenders in question are reprehensible, at the end of the day… public transport is for everyone and as such has to maintain an atmosphere of harmony.

    Once some hero cracks open the can of worms and starts putting on a shouting match or all-too-commonly a physical scrap, people invariably feel the need to get involved, as their personal space is being invaded.

    Those anti-social louts may be reprehensible, but at least, unlike the “French girl” they were obeying the rules of the bus until she felt so compelled to belt out some French ballads.

    Secondly, just where exactly was anyone discriminating against her on the basis of her French ethnicity?

    Insulting her, most certainly yes. Racially-abusing her? No. That’s just clutching for straws.

    One guy mentioned his hatred of blacks, which is certainly racist, but certainly irrelevant to the person this whole tirade was being directed at.

    I also find it convenient that the creator’s allegation of somebody offering a knife and a beer to the fat guy isn’t documented with his video footage.

    Take everything you see on YouTube with a grain of salt; I think that should be ingrained in anyone with above-room-temperature IQ but just to reiterate: anyone can and most likely does have an agenda.

    To me both “sides” in this video are a pack of total douchebags.
    As someone who regularly commutes on buses the amount of people who feel a bus is their own personal auditorium and feel a sense of self-entitlement to just disregard everyone else’s basic need for peace and quiet is astonishingly common, and while they don’t deserve to have windows smashed in their vicinity and be verbally threatened, I can’t say I have much sympathy for shit-stirrers who just don’t back down when it’s all to obvious no one else finds them amusing nor welcome.

    This girl could have piped down at the first sign of protest or even apologized and in all likelihood been left alone for the remainder of her journey without incident and we wouldn’t have to have a friggin’ full-spectrum, class warfare battle royale over some loud-mouth French girl and a couple of bogan degenerates.

    • Spiro:
      “Speak English or die, motherfucker” sounds a wee bit racist to me.

      The comment about blacks is likely directed to the guy filming the incident, who describes himself as “brown” (towards the end of the clip).

    • Spiro, if you want to get technical… the laws you cite apply to residential premises and noise from entertainment venues. The more relevant Transport (Conduct) Regulations 2005 prohibits the playing of musical instruments and operating sound equipment, it says nothing about singing. Now let’s have a look at Regulation 28: Prohibited language and behaviour. You want to guess whether those mens’ behaviour is permitted?

      I will say I agree that public space has become way too noisy – talking on phones is allowed, by the way, but not playing music through their speaker – and that without the full incident on video (he didn’t start filming till things were getting ugly) we can’t know exactly what happened. But claiming that someone singing on a bus is fair provocation for deadly threats is ridiculous, get real. I don’t think this attack started over noise, it was about a foreigner making herself known in the midst of bigots.

    • Spiro, your whole argument is ridiculous mate, and it goes back to the same fundamental, repetitive point. And that is, everything that eventuated in this incident was caused by the French girl’s inability to quieten her singing… are you for real?!

      “First off, you’re not allowed by law to cause “unreasonable noise”

      “Loudly and audaciously singing in any tongue (whatever it happens to be) to the rest of the bus or train can actually be classed as disturbing the peace”

      “…she seemed to have completely ignored the fact she was actually on a packed bus ”

      “…she felt so compelled to belt out some French ballads.”

      “This girl could have piped down at the first sign of protest or even apologized”

      And this is your MAIN argument for that frenzied display of criminality?! Don’t be a coward Spiro and pretend that they were angry at their personal space being threatened due to the noise she was making! They were offended by how un-Australian she was! (I am fully aware that you are not condoning their thuggery, but you ARE justifying their anger toward her, there is a difference. And I’m sorry, but this argument is tentative at best and seems like you are, how shall I put it… “clutching for straws”?)
      She sang too loudly so the hooligan, in his frustration, bashed the windows in – this is your justification.
      She sang in a language that was not English and therefore not Australian so the hooligan, in his frustration, bashed the windows in – this is my justification.
      Do you agree?
      If not, you then skirt around the issue of discrimination itself and fail to recognise the incident in this light:
      “Secondly, just where exactly was anyone discriminating against her on the basis of her French ethnicity?”
      Answer: “Speak English or die, motherfucker”
      Did you really miss the explicit discrimination here too or does this fall under the justification of “I can’t say I have much sympathy for shit-stirrers who just don’t back down when it’s all to (sic) obvious no one else finds them amusing nor welcome.”? You are still not acknowledging the issue, Spiro. I get it, I get that you are trying to point out the error of HER ways and I don’t think anyone can deny that she could have handled things differently although I didn’t really see her antagonise anyone that much from the video evidence other than to mistakenly sing louder in what she thought was in good humour. But that can be said about a lot of things. And for all your speculation about her quitting earlier might have avoided trouble is absolutely no excuse for what happened. She was attacked for her ‘Frenchness’ here in Australia, not her ‘Frenchness’ as a whole and I think she cottoned on to that too late.
      The point that I am trying to make (and not very well as the other bloggers here are able to do, including yourself) is that, according to that mob on the video, her Frenchness is ok in France but it’s not something to be celebrated here in Australia because to be here, you need to be ‘true blue’. This is what is becoming more apparent here in Australia for which TAB is documenting and one in which you are in denial about in this instance.
      “One guy mentioned his hatred of blacks, which is certainly racist, but certainly irrelevant to the person this whole tirade was being directed at.”
      Irrelevant? I don’t think so but let’s just say it was irrelevant to this incident. So what? Mate, this whole blog and its motivation is to highlight the prejudices that people are all too quick to exercise at the drop of a hat. The fact that this imbecile thought that now would be a good time to shout out racial abuse, which, according to you is wholly unconnected to this incident, demonstrates how quick people are to find ANY excuse to berate anyone that doesn’t fit into the Australian ideal. This French girl could have been speaking in German or Afrikaans, the principle stays the same regardless of colour! And that is that ANY threat to this supposed ideal of what it is to be Aussie warrants ALL and every kind of abuse. The ‘So she didn’t speak English, let’s have a go at her and all the darkies too whilst we’re at it’ mentality is what is being exposed here. TAB has pointed out time and time again the correlation between xenophobia and racism and you have the evidence of that, right here!

    • Where’s the video of the girls ‘screaming their lungs out’? I haven’t seen it…

      BTW: Didn’t your mum tell you that if you ask politely and nicely for something, you usually get it? These jerks are obviously life fails and haven’t grasped the concept.

      • Exactly

        Q.Excuse me, could you sing a bit quieter please?
        A.Oui madame

        End of story – too easy and would have avoided all of this trouble.

        • “Not everyone simply complies when asked politely.”

          In which case the only available option left is to racially abuse them, threaten them with violence and smash the window, surely. I mean, what else are you supposed to do?

        • Of course if you don’t get the required response after the first 1 or 2 polite attempts then you can “up the ante” so to speak.

          What would have happened if someone was playing Rammstein on a boombox – would they nuke the bus or something?

    • Get fucked Spiro.

      See how it works? Because that’s the exact response you’d get from those meatheads you feel the need to defend.

      • Spiro, were you there? Did you hear screaming at the top of her lungs? Jesus mate, she was singing, a tourist in a strange land, would not be screaming like a banshee at the top of her lungs to piss off a bunch of people she has no idea who they are. You are now grasping at straws so give it up. You cannot condone any of the other peoples behaviour, if you are trying too then you are just as much an arsehole as them. noise pollution and public amenity my arse. Like someone else says, if she started singing Waltzing Matilda or Aussie Aussie Aussie I bet they would have been creaming their pants and calling her a fucking legend for being so cool.

    • Life’s so tough isn’t it? X-Factor wrapped up… you must be going into depression.
      My condolences. I’m sure another reality TV program will fill it’s place to satiate your ADD-addled brain.

  5. *response to spiro*

    Right… I’m sure the woman who was singing was sooooo offensive. How dare you sing in your native language! Apparently that’s not acceptable public behaviour


    I’ve seen bogans pissed off there face, while still drinking, spill drinks all over strangers and collapse on top of them. Then threaten the said people they soaked or collapsed on with violence because apparently people aren’t comfortable with a stranger doing so.

    Or crank there phones up with the most offensive lyrical music possible, or get on the phone and yell out at the top of there lungs which girl there friend was attempting to root at a nightclub (While sitting next to minors and school children going into graphic detail.)

    Or go up to people minding there own business and accuse them of “”ruining the country!”” Then proceed to threaten the driver with violence because he dared asked this person to “”behave himself.””

    All on the bus back to Frankston. There are some real jerks who catch the public transport and I’m not going to believe a woman singing was any where near threating or as uncomfortable to all the passengers than what these guys did or what I mentioned.

  6. Spiro’s attempt (rather poor logically & factually) at being an apologist made me more angry than watching the actual bogan video. :/

    Does that make me a bad person?? 😀

    I won’t bother responding to spiro because few people have already ripped spiro apart.

    What I really want to know is why (honestly) did spiro feel the need to do what he did?
    I guess I’ll never know 😦

    How loud can a girls singing get? (in decibels) You can hear her (French girl) say “you’re crazy” in the video and she doesn’t sound like having an operatic voice that she could shatter the windows of the bus.

    I’ve sung in buses in the past (After footy/concert usually), I’m a male adult & I bet I can be much louder than a French girl,but no one has ever told me to shut up, I know I’m a better than average singer but that is besides the point. I only speak English so I have no choice but to sing in English. :@

    • Why did Spiro feel the need to make up his own story about the bus ride? Because Spiro is a moron and a turd, just like bogan 1, 2 & 3 on the bus. They’re probably related. The shallow festering end of the gene pool.

  7. I’m acquainted with the man wearing the headset and I can assure you he is mean and vulgar all of the time. And not just to people of different race either.

  8. Spiro, if the French girl had been screeching Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi at the top of her lungs, do you think the bogots would have reacted the same way?
    No, because it wasn’t about volume at all.

  9. There can be two sides to a story.
    Sometimes the story can be 5 percent cause and 95 percent reaction.
    “Boxcut yer tits” ?? This story is all about reaction.

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