The Land of Rape and Honey


Do you remember that kid who lived near you that went to that posh school with the fancy uniform, the one that thought his shit didn’t stink?

That kid is a bit like Tony Abbott.

Do you remember that school near you that was full of kids who looked down their noses at you, just because your daddy chose to work for a living rather than exploit.

That is not unlike the Liberal Party.

Maybe this isn’t literally the case, but I’m sure you catch my drift. Every time we hear Christopher Pyne with his knickers in a twist, and every time we watch George Brandis get all high and mighty one cannot help but think of privilege off the backs of the poor. Not only that, every time that Sophie Mirabella or Kelly O’Dwyer appear on Q&A spitting bile and venom we are reminded that it is not just…

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3 thoughts on “The Land of Rape and Honey

  1. If this man is Australias great white hope, then people would do well to remember this quote when interviewed by journalists about forming a coalition in 2012. “I will do anything, to form government except sell my arse, I will even bring in a carbon tax”

  2. I just learned that our govt is selling citizenship for 5 mill a pop. You can give your entire lifes earnings to a people smuggler and end up in nauru or you can simply buy citizenship if you are uber rich. Abbott is scum but the other option is fast revealing itself to be just as rotten. Why are they (Libs & Labor) so inhumane? I will give my vote to the next independant who runs I guess.

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