“…let’s belt the f— out of these c—s in Sydney this week…”

Two scummy Aussie dregs, both called Matt. One calls for mass beating of Muslims on a public social networking page and the other makes light of rape with some attempted humour about non-whites and the disabled.

Share the page around if you would wipe your feet on these two dirty mats.

7 thoughts on ““…let’s belt the f— out of these c—s in Sydney this week…”

  1. And the photos are proof of what happened when you are born in the gutter.

    So to Matthew and Matt girlfriends in the photos above, don’t do it, don’t breed with both Matty. Save yourself, you can and will find someone better.

  2. Ah, Matt Eglinton, are you sure you are a white man?? I don’t know, you look fairly Aboriginal to me. Maybe stolen generation ancestor that you don’t know about? No doubt in my mind mate you are a murri, you should be proud of your heritage, not pushing this white versus everyone else crap. Seriously, you look more Aboriginal than a lot of people who identify as Aboriginal that I have met!

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