there is Asians every wear

Playing ‘Spot the Aussie’? Here are some things to look out for:

* Poor spelling and grammar;
* Deep intolerance;
* Addiction to social media;
* Facebook profile picture containing dirt bike, alcohol brand, latest new-born, dog, hotted-up piece of shit car;
* Happy to express desire to kill non-white people.

Of course – not all Australians display these characteristics, but the people below would definitely identify such traits as exclusively Australian.


88 thoughts on “there is Asians every wear

  1. Marie, it’s pull the wool outa (sic) your EARS not EYES. Though given how blindly bigoted she is, wool in the eyes seems somehow appropriate.

  2. I don’t like to laugh at less fortunate people but I make an exception here… they’re so freaking retarded (in a non-DSM sense) I’m surprised they can dress themselves in the morning.

  3. they are as a whole a respectable bunch. Problem is there is just too fucken many of them. And yes can say what they like in own language.

    • So, just to be clear, when you go to foreign countries, you only ever speak English, even when you meet other Australians? Because I don’t!

      And why does it matter what language people talk in, when they are having private conversations? Or is it a key requirement of Australia to eavesdrop on everyone else’s conversations?

    • Another example of poor grammar, the trait of a bogan racist. You know, people who using offensive language like you do so because they don’t have the vocabulary/intelligence to express themselves more eloquently.

  4. I find there is a common trend among these bogans.
    They are exactly what they hate except for the skin colour of course.
    Despite giving a whole lot of economic, administrative, environmental & resource shortage etc reasons for disliking foreigners and/or asylum seekers the real reason seems to translate to “I like only white people”.

    I read an essay written by a bogan titled “Asylum seekers, Australia can’t afford them.”
    and one of the reasons given was that asylum seekers didn’t fit in because their lack of English language skills.
    The number of spelling & grammar errors in the essay was ridiculous, following is the last paragraph from the essay 🙂

    The hypocrisy is astounding :/

    “The fact is that Australia can’t afford financially or culturally the large number of asylum seekers that are coming into our country each year. The money that is spent on them could be much better spent on improving the lifestyle of the asylum seekers homes, not on letting them stay at much cost to Australia and then usually not fitting in anyway and turning to drugs and suicide. They would be better of at there home were they know not only the lifestyle, but also the language and many other aspects of a culture that can only be learnt by being born and brought up there. It’s not heartless to send them back, its just the most logical and fare solution.”

  5. this really makes you look like better people really by bulling Australian people with your intellect you will all be shaking in your boots when Tony Abbott get’s in and deports your un Australian asses.. when you get out of uni say hi to you maccers manager for me whilst you pay your dirty big hex fee

    • Hey mate, just wanted to thank you for paying for me to go to university, got a degree with no hex and a government wage the entire way through, cheers for that.

    • “…by bulling(sic) Australian people with your intellect”… ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀
      I wish I knew this when I was in high school. 😀
      I wonder where will I be deported to if & when Tony Abbott gets in??? NZ??? or do I get to choose?? I’d much rather work overseas for 4 years if Tony Abbott gets in, so thank you for organising that 🙂

      On a serious note, more reasons to refuse Abbott if these are the kind of people his followers are.
      The anti-intellectualism is astounding. I fear if we are headed towards an Idiocracy becoming somewhat like the USA 😦

    • If we are ‘deported’ by Abbott, we won’t have to pay our HECS as we will be earning overseas income. But I don’t think that Mr Stenborg is smart enough to know the intricacies of Australian tax law.

        • I don’t remember seeing any of the Abbott daughters in the media, but I wonder what would it be like to go on a date with one of them? 😀
          If they’re the chip off the old block that would make such interesting conversation or what I’ll call ‘material’ 🙂
          I hope either of them has studied Science 🙂

      • Davoe,
        You gotta be kidding even to think that Stenbord understood the Australian tax system 😀
        All that the Stenborg ilk understand about tax is “omg! we’re taxed to death”, “omg! boat people are wasting tax money” or any such catch phrases that Today tonight or ACA shows. And in between they’ll insert the words “pensioners”, “homeless”, ” hard working Aussies” etc.

        I’m no economist but I have come up with the word ‘Boganomics’ to describe the type of economics Stenborg ilk understand 🙂

    • Wait, Tony Abbot is going to deport Australians now who don’t vote for him?

      Let’s pretend that’s true. Let’s really pretend that he’d even want to do that… is that leaving Australia as a democracy?

      Yet another person who champions the right to free speech….by telling everyone who disagree with them that they will be punished. The deportation bit is novel though.

    • As ass is a hoof like animal. When did Australia breed their own ass?

      And it is not called “hex” so people cannot pay it off.

  6. what i meant by this was AUSSIES are the LAST OF A DYEING BREED our culture is getting pushed aside and we are all made out to be BOGANS i think this is just as racist as making a racist remark your all just a bunch or racist keyboard worriers with to much time on your hands by the way this is Darren Stenborg and i ask once again would you like to stop with the cyber BULLYING

    • How are you being cyber bullied Darren? Also, how are you a dying breed? How is your breed being made extinct? Any specific way, or is it just girls won’t talk to you, and therefore conspiracy?

    • I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m definitely a keyboard worrier. I worry that I might spill coffee on my keyboard and cause a short-circuit. I worry that all this keyboard tapping might give me a repetitive strain injury. And sometimes I worry that I might contract some horrible disease from a public keyboard when I see the guy next to me picking his nose while typing!

      I’m guilty as charged. Darren you’re so smart!

  7. CYBER BULLY’S ^^^^^^^^^ no one cares about you’s i couldn’t be bothered wasting my time typing for this bull shit, just stop shaming people up and making up crap, our culture is dyeing that’s what I’m saying, i have lots of girls to talk to one’s that take pride in there country and are hot as ever Aussie girls, go and join the army if you want chicks you nerds you might see a change in attracting woman, None of yous will get a hot Aussie girl doing this shit, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE AND GO AND HARASS SOME ONE ELSE YOU BORING PEACES OF SHIT’S

    • Oh I love this. You know the kid you knew in school who said he had sex with your teacher and your mom, and he has a girlfriend who lives in New Zealand, and they have sex all the time, and his house has a million bathrooms, and it’s better than you because no one likes you, and everyone likes me, and just evryone’s not around at the moment, which is why I’m on my own, SHUT UP! LEAVE ME ALONE! etc….Ever wonder what happened to that guy?

      Darren is that guy. Slightly grown up in terms of physicality I suspect but not maturity in a psychological sense.

      “no one cares about ”

      Says the person who is spending a lot of his time complaining on this site, which he totally doesn’t care about.
      Here’s the problem, Darren, you can’t be highly emotional and not care about something at the same time. Incidentally, there’s no real point telling people you don’t know that no one cares about them-we know people who care about us. I suspect no one cares about you, as the failed insult reveals the true person.

      “i couldn’t be bothered wasting my time typing for this bull shit, ”

      Wait, you couldn’t be bothered wasting your time typing? Then how did this comment appear? Do you have a voice recognition system? If that’s the case where did this line: “^^^^^^^^^ ” come from?

      “Just stop shaming people up and making up crap, ”

      Why shouldn’t we be shaming people when they are engaging in bad behaviour? This is how we teach people. If more people had shamed you in primary school when you started talking about your super hot girlfriend who suspiciously no one has ever met, you might have realised that no one really hangs around you anymore.

      Incidentally, what on this site has been made up?
      Anyway, talking about making up crap:

      ” our culture is dyeing that’s what I’m saying,”

      How is our culture dying? Please give me a specific example. Because last time I checked, as a caucasian christian Australian, no one is stopping me from celebrating my holidays, or going to church, or anything like that. So, please tell me how your culture is dying.

      ” i have lots of girls to talk to one’s that take pride in there country and are hot as ever Aussie girls, ”


      The fact you needed to brag about this makes me think it isn’t true. I’m guessing you don’t have any girls you know in real life, if you actually did have lot’s of hot girls to talk to, my guess is you’d be talking to them right now.

      Incidentally, I know a lot of hot girls too, one particularly hot who I married. She doesn’t think Australian culture is dying either.

      “go and join the army if you want chicks”

      Sorry, did this site turn into a dating site at some point? Fun fact, I have never seen any poster ask for relationship advice here, it seems that people are generally happy in their relationships, or think they can manage it on their own. Another fun fact, a lot of the posters, and the admins, are women-I know-women are allowed on the internet now!

      But thanks for the advice all the same. I mean, I haven’t heard of a lot of relationships started up through army service, at least not heterosexual ones, and have heard a lot of “Culture warriors” like you who actually almost tlak in homoerotic terms about fellow soldiers while dismissing women, but I’ll take your comments on board.

      I’m guessing you’ve never joiend the army. I mean, you totally could, and it’s the greatest thing to do, but your fictional million girlfriends keep you too busy, right?

      “None of yous will get a hot Aussie girl doing this shit, ”

      Well, to be honest, my wife isn’t Australian, yet (one year to go until citizenship!). But now that I have a beautfiul wife, I’m not really in the market in finding another wife.

      By the way, how are your attempts at getting a hot Aussie girl by complaining about “Our culture is dying” working out with you? Maybe you could get some of your hundred girlfriends to join patriotic parties to stop them from being such a sausage fest. No, of course, they’re all busy at the moment not existing.


      So, you come onto our website, and post messages to us, and we have to leave you alone? You do know how ridiculous that is. It’d be like walking into someone’s house, and screaming “STOP TALKING TO ME!”

      Incidentally, if you wanted us to stop talking to you, coming back and posting the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long long time was probably not the best idea. But thanks for your comments. I mean, after the terrible things some trolls post here, being called “peaces of shit” showing our commitment to peace between all people, is definitely a step in the right direction.

      And stuff you didn’t respond to:

      1- How are you being cyber bullied Darren? Also, how are you a dying breed? How is your breed being made extinct? Any specific way, or is it just girls won’t talk to you, and therefore conspiracy?

      2- Incidentally, how’s it been going on your legal advice? Any help, or have you been kicked out on your arse yet again?

    • Darren could have lot’s of girlfriends, meaning lot’s of women rejected this loser and not one woman would want him, unless they go ba ba or in Darren case ba ha?

  8. cyber bullying is not on in my eyes thanks for making me feel like shit i might as well go kill my self and put you guys as the main blame of it all your as bad as any Bogan if not worse thanks for making me feel like this guy’s :,(

  9. i am a idiot am some one you don’t know or will ever know why would you even wast so much time to write such hateful stuff about me really you people are really disrespectful what is it you want ?? for me to say your so much better than every one else ??? i don’t get it i have not said any thing about any of you’s or even know you’s hiding behind fake name’s just fake people with no respect for any body ok laugh at me again and say I’m stupid go on you’s really

  10. are a not very nice to any one no wonder people in the world carry on and hate people so much and are angry Bogans just drop it really i don’t need it sorry for wasting your time

    • Dazza if you don’t like reality being pointed out, that you are a racist cry baby who cannot spell then fuck off, as no one is stopping you.

      Or this your way getting no cost thrills claim you are leaving but stay and get others to reply to you, with you ending up in tears?

  11. Simple solution Darren, don’t be a bigoted fuckwit on public pages on the interwebs. Then people won’t have a reason to call you out over your ignorant, dumbshit opinions and you won’t have to have a sook on an anti-discrimination site to bunch a people who already think you a Neanderthal brained, bogan on parade.

    Problem solved.

  12. So I guess Dale well want to send those who overstay their visas back? As they are the ones that are illegal.

    As for Gerard is he going to ask every taxi driver that he books with,are you Australian?

    And Marie has proven she is a complete idiot who needs a child to do her spell checking.

    As with Australia having many people from different countries living here, Australia doesn’t have just one way, culture or belief as the idiot thinks.

    PS I guess Marie got the Wool pull over her eyes by her fellow racist.

  13. So the racists and bogans like Darren, wants Asylum seekers to use the racists and bogans culture of abuse and believing the media and the language of poor spelling and grammar?

  14. “ok ok lets all just take a big step back here and let’s all take a real long hard look at this convocation.”

    Not once have i been racist. I have said we are the “LAST OF A DYEING BREED” ok.
    in that i am meaning AUSSIES are a dying race…. just like the aboriginal people pushed aside…

    i think this name calling BOGAN is a racist name towards me being a born in Australia…..

    you all have no right to do so or to call me a idiot…

    saying i am stupid and yes my grammar is not very good
    i am very well aware of this

    this peace at the top is missing the first part of the Facebook post and you’s are manipulating the post to make out I’m racist

    i have mates that are half Asian they fit in pretty good and call me a cunt also
    i don’t mind cause there not being racist cause i know them

    like you’s because i’m having my say as a honest Aussie…. your all just a bunch of fakes hiding behind names which none of you have the courage to put your real names up.

    really i feel as thou i am victim to Cyber bulling here and the only Racist people are the antybogan group more like the boganbull’s really stop with the name calling and saying stuff about me when you’s don’t even know me

    please just take a step back and look at what your saying its racist and cyber bulling

    • Not racist.

      We laugh at you – that’s not bullying. You would really know it if someone you vilify complains and you have to go to court. In Victoria you could go to gaol for six months.

      We will continue to laugh at people who put idiotic racist things on social media.

      The real bullies are people who think like you do who defame and vilify people then when we call them out on it they send death threats to people, stalk them and slander them as “paedophiles” and the like.

    • Darren, you keep on saying “Australians are a dying breed” How? How in any way are Australians a dying breed? I mean, you’ve kept on telling us about all the girls you know that are super hot-they don’t seem to be running out at any point!

  15. i think the bogan thing is a little racist it should be more aimed towards negative people not bogans and pedophiles and men that rape woman

    im not really as bad as you’s all think im on your side really yeah im shit at spelling i was never good at school i think a bit lazy towards the English Language and why did we have to learn it.. why are we not taught a aboriginal Language i wasn’t that type that picked on the kids from other country’s i got called a wog heaps

    so i hung out with a lot of Italian kids and other mixed kids and had good aboriginal mates also im not a bad guy really and my name up there like this makes out im a bad dude first thing you google i come up as a racist prick get to know me im not what you think

    • How is “Bogan” a racist term? Please, tell me about what race bogans belong to, because I don’t see it as a term that has a nation, a culture, a race. But please, prove me wrong. While you’re at it, you can tell us all about what country “idiots” are native to, after all, if bogan is racist, than so too must be the term “idiot”.

      ” i think a bit lazy towards the English Language and why did we have to learn it..”

      So that you could read and write properly. Saying “I’m bad at English, why did I have to learn it” is like saying “I’m bad at driving, why do I need to have practise?”

      “why are we not taught a aboriginal Language”

      Because English is the language of government and business in Australia. Aboriginal languages, while excellent, are not as widespread in Australia. Thus we learn English.

      Listen, I don’t care how many mixed race people you had as friends (An old boss of mine would start a diatribe about how much he hated the Lebanese and Arabs with “I can’t be racist, I have a Cambodian friend”). What I want to know is how exactly you think you’ve been bullied her,e and why you think Australians are a dying breed?

  16. ive deleted my email so my comments will go nxt year really inbox me your number on facebook id like to have a chat some time to let you know im not as bad as you make out i am just a bad speller but im just a aussie that grew up around bogans really honest i have a few views you mightent like but not all 🙂

  17. i think i might make up a new word for some one that bag’s out people that get picked on for having bad grammar its not racist but it comes with a new aged BULLING that i don’t like my self lots of people come to this country finding it hard to pic up the English lingo and get harassed for it i feel sorry for them also…GRAMMERST (BULLIES) im over getting bullied and and told I’m a idiot thank you all very much racist ANTIBOGANBULLIES you all should have a long hard look at your self’s before you try and make up stuff to say some ones racist now wheres that number for racist views i want to see if calling some one a Bogan is Racist

    • Okay, Darren, I think you’ve been getting confused. Are you trying to tell us:

      A) We’re all losers and by being mean to you we won’t have a super hot girlfriend like you have twenty of.
      B) We’re all mean and you’ll kill yourself and blame us.
      C) You’ve been misjudged, and are a pretty nice guy if we get to know you, or
      D) We’re all mean to people who just have bad grammer.

      You keep on getting annoyed, and yet you return. Let me make one thing clear. You are not on here because you have bad spelling and grammer. No one is on here because of their spelling and grammer. You are here because when someone talked about “Spot the Aussie” on facebook (Itslef a fairly racist thing) you started saying Australians are a dying breed, a comment which despite multiple opportunities you haven’t explained at all.

      Now since you’re here, yess your poor english language skills will be mocked, because it’s ironic that those who complain about migrants usually have poorer language skills than most migrants, but that’s not the reason you’re here. It’s the “Dying breed” theory that you don’t want to talk about (Probably because you realise it’s a bit silly when you think about it).

      Incidentally, are you comparing the light mocking that some people have made about your terrible spelling, punctuation and grammer to harrassment new migrants recieve hwne they arrive in Australia? There’s a few small differences, Darren. Firstly, migrants are fluent in their primary language, you are failing to properly converse in your own primary language. Secondly, migrants are trying to learn the language, you don’t appear to be doing anything.

      Anyway, good luck trying to find proof that the term “bogan” is racist. I hope you have just as much success as you have getting a lawyer to sue everyone here.

  18. well if any one that is reading this wants to go ahead with it come forward i have plenty of cash to put to a good cause, really lets see who else thinks the same about this.. JM who ever you are give us your real name really lets play the game and lets see who really win’s lol

    • Are you drunk, Darren? Literally nothing in that post made sense. I;m guessing you have money you’re going to give to someone for what, revealing their name, and then someone will win?

      If you are seriously drinking to the point of intoxication and then posting comments online at close to midnight on a Saturday night, you’re in a bad way, and need to get some help.

  19. a,b,c’s you like to play this lol leave me this to play in the morning smart ass i see you where a A+ student with “grammer” have you ever watched the movie Billy Madison??

    • Again, you make no sense. I have watched the movie “Billy Madison”-have you read your comments before you posted them, ever?

  20. if your not racist JM why ant we reckonising Aboriginal language over any other country’s language it should be interpreted in to our English so it not lost for ever and is respected i think people don’t put this in to account

    • We aren’t recognising Aboriginal language as a language of our government, because the vast majority of the country speak English (with 70% speaking no other language). Preserving Aboriginal languages is of course important, but it is more important for people to be fluent in the language of business, government and trade in Australia.

      As to why we don’t teach Aboriginal languages in schools, it’s because education of our children is not about good intentions, it’s about preparing our children for life outside. Learning an Aboriginal language would be great for all children, opening up opportunities in remote communities, but without good english, kids can’t find work, can’t even apply for it.

  21. the head lines say this but this is what was really said “Spot the Aussie”

    * Poor spelling and grammar;
    * Deep intolerance;
    * Addiction to social media;
    * Facebook profile picture containing dirt bike, alcohol brand, latest new-born, dog, hotted-up piece of shit car;
    * Happy to express desire to kill non-white people.

    “Spot the Aussie”
    so i say “LAST OF A DYEING BREED” OK I FUCKED UP WITH GRAMMAR DIEING BREED AUSSIE CULTURE IS GETTING LOST LIKE ABORIGINAL CULTURE WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP BE FOUR ITS LOST ??? please JM you have already shown your “BULLING” skills to down grade people like my self as i say send me a inbox on facebook and lets chat person to person man to man or woman the fake person you are lets get it sorted like people not email CYBER FREAKS

    • Again, you repeat it, but don’t explain it. On what basis do you say Australians breed or culture is dying or being lost? That’s what I’ve been asking you over and over again, and you instead start drinking and saying how much money you have (Presumably to spend on all the super hot aussie ladies you’ve also told us about).

      “JM you have already shown your “BULLING” skills to down grade people like my sel”

      If criticising your beliefs, your words, and your actions is bullying, then what am I allowed to do to that isn’t bullying? I mean, I get a lot of people here saying “You’re bullying me, you’re harrassing me, you’re lecturing me” when really they mean “You disagree with me and I don’t like it”

      This is a difference between a bully and me. I don’t care about you. I’m not going to contact you in private, I’m not going to find out your work, I’m not going to meet you in person (Why on earth would I want to? Seriously, I’m asking you, why would I want to meet you-what benefit is it for me?). If you talk to me, I’m going to talk back, and I may disagree or agree, depending on what you said. But if you don’t like what I’m saying, you get to leave, you get the freedom to go about your business, without me effecting in any way shape or form.

      But since you’re here, please tell me, how on earth am I allowed to criticise your beliefs, your actions and your words, without becoming a bully? Please be specific. And if you can’t answer, I think it may be time to accept it’s not me who has the problem, you just have an issue with someone correcting you.

  22. manipulation is the game these sorts of people like (JM) like to play. Its a thing that is educated in to them in uni. how to make the normal’s feel small so they get there way if people don’t start standing up for them self. They will walk all over you. And will “BULLY” you in to thinking every thing they say is the truth when it’s in the context for them to have there own way by belittling you making out your a dumb “CUNT” as the Aussie Bogans say but that’s not racist


    • So now I’m some sort of master manipulator. Seriously, I can’t even grow a villanous moustache. I have tried.

      How am I manipulating you, Darren? All I’ve been doing is asking you how exactly Australian culture is dying? Asking questions is manipulation now. No wonder you’ve not been doing to well in English, presumably on all tests as soon as you saw a question mark you ran out of the test room screaming “Manipulation!”

      And just for the record, apparently criticisng and questioning the beliefs of someone is bullying, but mocking the social lives of a person, and using coarse language is not.


      First of all, spoilt children don’t want their fair share, they want more than their fair share. Secondly, which sort of people? Me, or are you talking about a larger group?

  23. is ”Bogan” even in the English grammar really i think it’s a word made up to mock people in a racist way maybe ??????

    • No it’s not in the English Grammar. Grammar is a list of rules governing language, and as such does not have words in it. You’re thinking of vocabulary, which is constantly growing.

      Again, I ask you, how exactly is the term bogan racist?

  24. “Aussies are a dyeing breed” work it out for your self it sort of explains it self docent it ??? Honesty loyal good hard working non manipulative sorta stands for its self in the early day’s dedicated to priding them self in there country to help oh hold on that’s where we have fucked up helping a bit to much now greed comes in to this oh slowly things get worse sorry to continue i will stay out of it now and will let things take its own coarse good by good night 🙂

    • Ron Burgundy: “Well, that escalated quickly”.

      Darren, I think you may have missed the point of “not acting like a fuckwit” on social media. And if you have a fundamental inability to answer rational questions on an anti-discrimination blog, then perhaps repeatedly making yourself look a complete dickhead is the stupider of two options available, the second being to fuck off and have a good hard think (difficult, I know) about what non-sense you’ve help proliferate across the web.

      Now, as you’re more than likely to return, slack jawed and drooling with concentration as you sound out the multisyllabic words, a few things need to be cleared up.

      #1: How are “Australian’s”, by which I’m assuming you mean “Caucasian” Australian’s, are dying breed? Supply evidence to justify your opinion or shut the fuck up and do some research.

      #2: How is bogan a racist word when it references someone of lower socio-economic and educational backgrounds? Despite the assumption from white bogan’s that the term is representative of them, and negative too boot, what part of the term began actually touches on ethnicity?

      #3: How are you actually being bullied? When you act like a fuckwit do you just continue to do so in the hopes no one will call you on it? At some stage do you stop and think “Hmmmm, maybe I’ve been a fuckwit and maybe I should stop”. Or is it more of a case of, as it generally is, other people telling you you’ve been a fuckwit, in which case maybe you should once again sit down and have a serious think about your actions. How is JM bullying you? How has he manipulated you? What? Neither of those discriptives fit the reality of the situation? What a surprise, you get asked to clarify your position and opinions, and simply because of your inability to so you feel bullied and manipulated? Is that right? And this is what university “educates into people”? Nah, sorry Dazza, but I’m a builder, spent most of my education in the TAFE system, surrounded by genuine bogan’s I might add, and despite dropping out of high school I’m still able to articulate beyond an 8 the grade level. What the fuck is your excuse?

    • Work it out for myself? So, you say something stupid, then when challenged on it, you say it’s up to everyone else to prove you right?

      Sorry, that’s not how life works. You don’t get to say “Aussies are a dying breed” and not expect people to ask “What are you basing this on?”

      Anyway, you’re going to go now, presumably to spend time, and all the lot’s of money you have, on the plentyo f super hot Aussie girls you tell us you know, that we will never be lucky enough to meet. And so we will never find out exactly why Darren thinks “Aussies” or “Aussie culture” is dying out.

    • In claiming he has a job Diesel Fitter Operator, proves Dazza has no such job. As there is no such job as “Diesel Fitter Operator”.

      There are either are Diesel Fitter or Heavy Machine Operator.

  25. I thought Dazza was leaving as he said so himself? So why is the Dickhead still here, shaming himself especially with bad spelling?

    Is it because staying around like a lingering fart is his way of getting off?

  26. If Dazza does have plenty of cash, why didn’t he use it for a better education?

    But then again those who claim they have plenty of cash, have none and are only claiming this because they are attention seekers.

    • Similarly, Keith, if he has some many super hot Aussie girls that the likes of you and me can only dream of meeting, why is he spending his time here instead of, y’know, being iwth these super hot women?

      I mean, I love posting on TAB, but it’s definitely a far second to spending my time doing anything with my wife.

  27. and i forgot to to add in there lying also I’m not that that sort person for what i do i don’t need a beater education,

    I’m a diesel fitter operator and my skills are very highly regarded and i get well payed for doing so why would i need a better education???

    to sit here and waist my time blogging all day with out pay i don’t think so ok good by once again and thank you for your time I’m off to work now to a 12 hour day in 40 degree sun

    nice day to all 🙂

    • “i don’t need a beater education,”

      That’s good. Beaters are bad, and it’s good not to beat anyone.

      “to sit here and waist my time blogging all day with out pay ”

      You’re doing it anyway.
      I gotta love this, “I’m so much better than you people, wasting your time writing stuff online, which is totally different than me wasting my time writing online” especially considering Darren is posting a lot of comments, and he for a while wanted to be our friend.

      “I’m off to work now to a 12 hour day in 40 degree sun”

      You gotta wonder, where on earth is he working that it’s 40 degrees in late Autumn? I mean, even Queensland is in the low 30s.
      By the way, Darren, you stated earlier that you don’t need any more education. Just a suggestion, if you did have a better use of English, you might have a job that doesn’t require you to work for 12 hour shifts, in 40 degree heat, on a Sunday.

  28. Apart from winning lotto, the other wish I have is for Dazza to fuck off and not come back as he promised many times before.

    Especially as I don’t want to see where he must claim about money, his job etc

    In other words seeing his ego grow.

  29. You would need more then good spelling to be “diesel fitter operator’ so with his very poor spelling.

    Dazza is not a ‘diesel fitter operator’ as he claims and he does in fact spend 24/7 in here, even those he lied again and said he is leaving.

    What do you feed a troll? Nothing as they are very happy feeding on their own BS.

  30. Yes Dazza is well regarded in social media sites like MySpace.

    As for being a highly regarded ‘diesel fitter operator’ working long hours and making lots of money, it is good to have dreams.

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