Dumb, drunk racist loses his keys, blames Indians/Pakistanis/Bangladeshis

So you’ve had too much to drink, and you’re on your way home.  In your drunken state, you drop your keys on the tracks of a very busy station platform, with trains coming and going regularly.  You ask staff to retrieve them for you, and it seems you may be in for a wait, because of the trains.  You were drunk and you dropped your keys, so this is essentially your own doing.  You may be annoyed, but realise it’s your own fault.

Unless you’re this guy, which means you’re a fuckwit.

So instead, you blame the fact you dropped your keys on train tracks on Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.  Somehow, it’s their fault.  It’s also somehow their fault that you don’t have a good enough job, because they stole it by… I don’t know, taking a job as a CityRail employee who is unfortunate enough to have to work a shift where drunk asshats are catching trains.  You verbally abuse one staff member, along with generally making abusive, racist comments directed at anyone who isn’t white.  When a fellow commuter happens to ask you to calm down and tries to talk to you rationally about why what you’re saying is disrespectful and ridiculous, you get frustrated.  You stand up and tower over him as he sits.  You get in his face.  You yell, you rant.  You push his shoulder.  You call him a geek.  You tell him he needs to stand up for himself because you’re verbally abusing and pushing him the non-white people took your job.  Or something.

As a supreme example of the ‘master race’, you stagger around and display your shiny white arse crack to the world as a confirmation of your alpha male status.  Because you are a fuckwit, you think this is acceptable.

Seems legit.


24 thoughts on “Dumb, drunk racist loses his keys, blames Indians/Pakistanis/Bangladeshis

  1. As much as I’d like to poke fun at one exceptionally rare case of someone so ignorant it makes your head hurt, Australia is being taken over by these sorts of people. Not ‘indians, pakistani’ or any other ethnicity.
    It’s really quite embarrassing that people like this think they are as STRAYAN as you get and they are the epitome of national pride, ready to share their views with all and sundry. Imagine someone like that going overseas to somewhere civilized. What an impression.

  2. So the key dropper is berating the man with the glasses for not standing up for his country. Well, what has that fat bastard ever done for this place? Nothing, I bet.

  3. Well done to the guy in the glasses for not reacting and keeping his cool. Thanks to the person filming as well, for giving us another perfect example of how ‘everything’ is the fault of the immigrant in the minds of these dropkicks.

  4. The description leading into this video is poor form, the video shows enough information, I come to this site for an unbiased, un racist, un sexist point of view, and your swearing and yabbering on for 3 paragraphs, let the footage speak for itself.. yes the guy is a fuckwit, and he’s probably a lot of other not nice things as well, but we need to be better than that. All that aside most of the stuff I find here is great, keep up the good work. Hopefully this becomes a more popular source of information so we can educate people that the behavior shown above is not acceptable.

  5. The irony of complaining about Australia being “stolen” from the white man is so staggering that I can’t even process it. Ughhh.

  6. “They’re all here.”

    Yep. /sarc.

    The entire population of Lebanon is living in Australia hence there’s nobody at all living in that troubled land with cyprus flag bordering civil war torn Syria. Oh wait. Wikipedia says Lebanon has a population of : “4,224,000.” Go figure.

    Also “we’re being taken over.” Which explains the hu-uuuge number of politicians with non-white skins here. Suu-uure are a *lot* of them here right?

    Um. Nope.

    Well, that took about ten secs thought – if that – to disprove, Mr Racist.

  7. How very unAustralian of that racist. Sorry folks we’re not all *that* bad. I get drunk and silly at times but would NEVER think of saying shit like that even at my worst.

  8. Also “*they* haven’t even looked ..” for *his* keys! Sheesh. Its not like Mr Racist there couldn’t get up and look for them himself! Naaahh. Gotta be everyone else’s job to look for *his* keys which *he* dropped.

    “Would’ya wanna go to Lebanon?” Assumes answer is “course not.” So, um, Mr Racist dude why would others want to say there rather than flee places where they really could get shot or bombed or whatever?

    Just like I’d assume Mr Racists non-indigenous ancestors fled their original homeland for Australia.

    Logic mate, try it sometime.

  9. Anyone who is that out of shape obviously is not in the best health. The body and mind are connected. The way he is speaking about his views is wrong. He should not speak his mind like that in public. A lot of people might have similar views, but be more educated and express them a little more discretely.

  10. The Indians must have stolen his keys. They’re tricky like that, those devious Orientals.

    The irony is the female South Asian rail employee, later in the video, requesting for the girl to stop filming him. The person whose race he hates so much for allegedly treating him with no respect is actually trying to prevent his humiliation.

    The guy sitting next to him is a bit of a legend in my book.

  11. The slim guy knows he is being filmed, thats why he is making quite clear his disagreement. The guy with the gut looks pretty smashed. If it was me and I saw someone filming I would not have even engaged him at all or moved away. There isn’t really any point if someone is drunk.

    Not sure that intoduction about the master race is really necessary, you don’t really know his background, he probably doesn’t either.

  12. Also, at the end of the day he may well be highly offensive to the people around him, but he’s not throwing acid over some women or commiting some other highly reprehensible inhuman act.

    • Just so we’re clear, Mick, it’s okay to intimidate people, to hurl racist abuse at them, to call them non-Australian and cause a public nuisance….if someone else somewhere in the world is doing something worse. Is that right?

      So by that reasoning, it’s okay to punch you in the face, because at least I’m not killing you. Is that right? Hell, it’ll be okay to kill you, because somewhere in the world, someone’s probably killed an entire family, so if you don’t kill anyone apart from you, you’re a saint!

      Bogan morality seems to be summed up in the following statements:

      1-If you do it, it’s wrong. If I do it, it’s right. (Related to the “If you agree with me on this, I’ll defend you on everything else, even paedophilia”).
      2- It’s okay to do anything, as long as someone who is’nt you is doing something worse.

  13. Was he trying self-depreciating irony when calling that lady fat? Or was it ironic self-depreciation? Or was he just being a hypocritical bigoted wanker?

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