None in the Family

Some families have at least one member who embarrasses them by their bizarre behaviour and this seems to be universal in the ranks of those unfortunate enough to have racists and bigots as family members. We are constantly amazed at how some of these weird cuckoos in the nest have bobbed up in otherwise respectable and likeable families.

We have even had the family members and exes of racists and bigots post to our blog informing us that they are the __ (insert relationship here) of a particular featured nutjob, and asking that we do not judge them and the rest of the family by the particular embarrassing outcast.

Back in 2011 we came across a bunch of hard-core bogots moaning about how family members had rejected them and their racist and bigoted views.

Fast forward to 2012 and you can see the whining has not stopped. Here are some recent whines from people who think demonising and hating  minorities and aligning themselves with criminal behaviour is more important than upsetting and humiliating family members and friends.

Family therapy needed…or something.


Bogot Family Values

12 thoughts on “None in the Family

  1. This is the destructive influence of Mr-Rabbits Tea-Bag Party and an embedded media hell bent on peddling that type of nonsense. Anybody unhappy with the direction of political reporting and the Tea-Bag politics of Mr-Rabbits mob should study the Finkelstein Media Inquiry Transcripts and Submissions, then beat politicians and embedded media journalists over the head with them, at every opportunity.

  2. How do you stay so ignorant? One person saying something, maybe they’re overreacting or you’ve made a small mistake. But multiple people calling you a bigot? Surely that sinks in at some point?

    I’m glad to say it did for my dad, who was a vocal believer of the ‘stop the boats! Fuck off we’re full!’ mentality. I’m not even sure what changed his mind, but it’s great. Maybe all these years of having a lefty feminazi tree-hugging daughter finally made him snap.

    • …and family members too. I feel like punching myself in the head multiple times because I can’t think on that level of stupid. I really want to, just for some perspective.

  3. Yep, good on the girl, alienate yourself from decent people. Makes it much easier to identify the retarded, ignorant, inconsiderate, fuckheads that think they are ‘Australian’; whatever that means. Can we round them up and put them in the middle of the country please? Nothing more ‘Australian’ than living in the desert! Eat the dirt, Peter.

  4. And Marg Lennon have no sons in The Federal Police, when I pointed out she has no evidence to her claims and threatening to blow up someone is crime.

    I am wondering what sick dreams, she can come up with next?

    Darrin Hodges and her together?

  5. * And Marg Lennon have no sons in The Federal Police, that she claimed she has as soon as I mentioned she has no evidence to her claims and threatening to blow up someone is crime.

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