UNINTELLIGENT Dropkicks From Down Under

Yesterday, we were accused of only ever picking on those with low intelligence.

Today, we continue our attack on those with low intelligence.

Heard it on tv / radio? MUST be fully true cuz.

Okay Adam, we hear a lot of unintelligent lowlifes explaining that they want to send Muslims ‘back to where they came from’ (while stating that they aren’t racist because religion isn’t a race), but what’s up with the bit about having anal sex with all the Muslim women first? Is the girl in your profile picture down with that? How about Express Interiors?

Joshua Butkovic teaches us that ‘if it ain’t white, it ain’t right’, but if it looks like an awkward, toothless inbred spooning a dead pig then it’s completely fine. The supremacy of the white strikes again!

i duno jake when r peple ganna harden up an riot? mayb wen u rally da troops with sum fully sik text msgs and u get it read out on da alan jones brekfast show and shit

Shit! It’s Harry and he ain’t happy ’bout the Muslims! Oh no, too late, he’s transforming into Trucking Dipshit – leader of the douchebots and he’s hardening up ready to kill masses of Muslim scum.


Are we really going to take target practice orders from this Trebilcockhead?

Zane – please – get a fucking grip. And give my 9 year old nephew his shorts back FFS.


3 thoughts on “UNINTELLIGENT Dropkicks From Down Under

  1. Dipshits. Although if Tommy Lalor is to be believed we’d better take it easy on them because they’re stupid? #SentitiveBogans

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