The Anti Anti-Bogan; Starring Tom Lalor. BEWARE – Confronting Content

Feel like a laugh? Watch out, ‘The Realists’ (aka uno muchacho Tom Lalor) has taken a firey shot at our website and what we do. His main gripe? We only ever feature those of low intelligence.

Well dayum.

I guess all that’s left to do before leaving you to watch this brain-fart of a video is to say thank you to Tom Lalor for finally admitting that we target the less intelligent. In a round-about kinda way, he has done our work for us.

Racists, sexists, homophobes and bigots are fucking stupid.

Here’s the nuff-nuff spanky-pants that first alerted us to the video.

Randy Lahey operates behind a fake profile. It is believed that his real name is Chris Merrett. Remember him? Read the other posts about him and you’ll agree – he needs an image overhaul.

Ah. Much better.

And yeah – all people featured in this post are of incredibly low intelligence. Soz.

52 thoughts on “The Anti Anti-Bogan; Starring Tom Lalor. BEWARE – Confronting Content

  1. Ahhh..
    Little Chrissie Mezze.
    I remember him.
    Organiser of more than a few “protests” that failed to materialise.
    Also a big fan of the “your mum” and “you poofta” school of debate.

    Keeps pics of other blokes on his computer.

    Nuthin suss !!

  2. Intolerant? WTF!? Bogan is used to describe people from Western Sydney? Right, with you… “You know, the poor and less intelligent.” Wait… When did Penrith become the stupid gene pool? Has anyone been to Manly? BONDI!? *groans* Basically he’s describe bogan is as a new term for poor, immigrant, to define socio-economic lower classes. Location does not equal intelligence, and our education system is not that flash to place to much stock in the educated. Tony Abbott is educated. Effectively nothing has changed for Lalor except the term. Keep calling out the racists and the homophobes and the ignorant. Screw Lalor, he’s no idea what he’s talking about.

  3. This is madness. The majority of the working class are not bogans. These days bogans are more likely, not in old class terms (relationship to means of production) but in terms of relative prosperity, to be middle class (CUBs) due to high wages in mining and construction. Hell all the utes I see with Fuck Off We’re Full stickers are certainly not cheap. Sure they lack education, no shit, but with the 100k + they’re earning a year surely some of them could pay to learn the basic (some may even say working class) principle that it’s not cool to be a racist, sexist, homophobic prick.

  4. Bognar is not defined by location – it’s defined by attitude. Nor is it defined by intelligence or even education. By the way, I grew up working class and neither I nor my siblings are in any way “hogans”. And as for how we should help them to understand? I’ve tried that. I’ve provided data and reference and just cop abuse.

  5. Who IS this butthurt loser anyway?
    Some low(er)-rent Tony Robbins.
    No wonder Mezze loves him.

    Sufisticated an’ shit with the suit.

  6. What an awkward gimp that Tom bloke is. Flailing his hands around like a parrot. I’d hate to see the bits that ended up on the cutting room floor.

    It’s not a class issue Tom. You look like a pretty well off guy and I’m sure you’re an ignorant dickhead. Just you probably save your racist remarks for dinner parties and such.. Still dumb enough to go out and make a racist apologist video though..

  7. Well, I’m scared-it seems that bogans have learnt how to use an autocue, and a camera tripod.

    Seriously-this guy is a nobody preaching to no one. This video has 110 views, the lowest number of views of any video I’ve watched today, and this is double the number of any of his other videos (Probably due to this site sending a lot of posters his way).

    He seems to believe that if you don’t go to High School, suddenly you’re not responsible for your actions anymore, and everyone else is to blame (But then again, this only works for white people-Muslims who say or do something stupid due to lack of education don’t get this same consideration).

  8. I left him a message, askign what is solution for racism was. He told me he had no ideas, but that “education is the key”

    Education. Education of an adult group that are often deliberately ignorant of facts that go against their world view. How exactly do we “educate” people that certain behaviours, actions and beliefs are wrong? “Education” seems to be the catch all answer that does nothing.

    He said that we should also try and understand why people have these views. Another poster here said something similar at some point, and I will be asking Tom Lalor, as I asked that politician: “If someone says you’re evil, and he wants to kill you and your family-do you sit down and try to figure out where they’re coming from, or do you tell them that they’re wrong?”

    • You can’t educate people that refuse to accept facts, and that’s the case for so many of them. If they don’t respect themselves enough to want to gain knowledge rather than cling to their stupid hatreds, let them be shamed.

    • Education is the key= I have no idea what the fuck I’m on about or what to do, but here, I heard smart people say this plenty of times so it must be true.

  9. Thats a really funny photo, but what is wrong with it? I think firstly the pink is photoshopped and I’m not sure if the hair is real, the foundation and lippy is overkill but I command the lad/y on a good photo.

  10. I am working class and hate bogans.

    And nice straw man argument at the end. How did he jump from hating bogans being a form of class hatred to – what? – that equating to supporting someone who speaks Arabic killing a white guy? I’m not really sure what the point was that he was trying to make.

  11. Long time reader, first time poster.
    Just had to compose myself…..WOOOSHHHH – BIG WRITING *cue awkward pause and forced hand movements* It was like watching those moments where you feel so embarrassed for the person in focus that you start to feel the awkwardness yourself. If I didn’t know any better I thought I was going to be sold some sort of abdominal workout machine.

    My favourite part was where he had a terrible lisp and failed to make any relevant points whatsoever.

    “Maybe he’s a bogan, he’s standing in front of a truck.” Of course. What a conclusion.

    I best be off to focus on my communitarian work as this specimen surely isn’t contributing to the human gene pool.

  12. Mindmadeup, you truly are a pathetic excuse for a human being. Don’t get me wrong, I hate racism and I hate discrimination but Bom didn’t even say anything racist or discrimintive, he merely stated the video made some good points and you therefore feel you have the right to publish his email, ISP and the area he lives in and denounce him as a fuckwit? You don’t just target racists, you target anyone who doesn’t agree with absolutely everything you say. Why does it say address never made public if this is a blatant lie? Talk about a dictatorship. When did it become a crime to have a differing opinion? (especially an opinion that wasn’t discriminitve and wasn’t offenseive). Then again, as they say, extremists cannot be reasoned with and you sir, as you have proven yourself are an extremist of the worst kind – petty, pompous, arrogant, unable to acknowledge any opinions other than the warped ones of your own. My biggest fear is that like extremists other Hitler, Stalin, ect, you have a lot of gullible, idiotic followers and that makes you especially dangerous to society at large. Spreading hate does not end hate!

  13. Now I’m so confused. I’m an under-educated, low income earning, outer suburban child of an ‘aussie battler’ but love this blog. Apparently I should be making some homophobic, racist comment and then becoming upset at your lack of sensitivity to my background when you name & shame me. Thank you Tom Lalor for setting me straight.

  14. What a load of shit dressed up as chocolate cake that video was. Tom Lalor is probably not uneducated, but he’s still a racist bogan. And what’s with all the hand gestures?

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