Australia Blows Up Asylum Seeker Boat to Prove It Stands Against ‘Illegal’ Behaviour

Australia stands very strongly against ‘criminal activity’, you know, like seeking asylum in a country that has signed onto the UN Refugee Convention after fleeing a war-torn country. In fact, Australia is so against ‘criminal activity’ that it will bomb and kill these people just to show how against ‘criminals’ it is.

How safe we will feel once this completely legal action has been taken. How safe we will feel knowing that the families of those killed at sea will be as satisfied as us, knowing that criminals have not been allowed to get away with engaging in criminal activity.

Of course, to ensure that such mass killing doesn’t breach any laws, the genocide must be carried out “(in international waters)”.

Fuck you Tamara Whelan, you stupid bogan trashbag.

15 thoughts on “Australia Blows Up Asylum Seeker Boat to Prove It Stands Against ‘Illegal’ Behaviour

  1. It never surprises me how ignorant some people can be regarding asylum seekers. What a sad, angry and self absorbed life she must lead to think that these people even have the option of getting a working visa. Or have a passport, or even know how yo read and write in some cases! When will some people understand that it is not illegal to seek asylum? If you don’t like the fact that Australia has signed to be a member of the United Nations that accepts asylum seekers (after processing and approving their request) then maybe you should go live in one of the countries without this right. Which just happens to be where these people are fleeing from! I wonder if you would see things differently then…

  2. We can all thank the Howard years for the “illegal” tag. I’m sure he’s still proud of that pearler and how well it continues to work its evil magic.

    • It clearly doesn’t bother you to turn up and prove the typical bogan lack of intelligence that is coupled with arrogant sexism and obsession with other men’s junk.

      Thanks for helping us prove several points of view at once.

  3. The painfully ironic thing is that liberals/leftists/multicultists/cultural marxists (and that of course means you “Antibogans”) who HATE sovereign nations (well, hate sovereign White/Western nations) then get all heated up about making people adhere to United Nations declarations!
    Of course, the United Nations could not exist if those nations did not exist…but hey, I’m letting logic get in the way of describing the attitude and actions of liberals!
    We are under no obligation to answer to their demands, under NO obligation to submit to the agenda of the powers who use that organisation as a front, and under NO obligation to commit racial and social suicide for ANY reason!

    • Spoken like a true nazi. When you say ‘racial and social suicide’, you reveal your vision of Australia as a nation of one race defending its sacred culture against the assaults of the untermensch. It never was and never will be a nation of just one race. Stick to Star Trek mein little fuhrer, we don’t need your kind here in MY Australia.

    • Just for the record, how exactly is theUnited Nations a criminal organisation? I mean, please give specific reasons for why it is more a crminal organisation than, say, the brothels you frequent?

  4. That logic means that all newborn babies in Australia must be immediately deported. None of them have proper visas! Little freeloaders, coming here through some woman who probably did something to benefit herself in setting up the whole deal! I wonder how much she got paid? Who do they think they are these women, just making a life without consulting the taxpayers about the expense!

  5. I think if we create conditions here that are far worse than in these asylum seekers homelands they will stop coming here, so lets all get naked and run around beheading each other with axes

  6. that was a joke by the way,people been seeking asylum as long as there have been people, everyone has a right to peace & happiness

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