Australian Extremists Captured Discussing Bombs and Murdering Innocent People – RT ASAP

Retweet this if you’re on Twitter. The world needs to know about the scum our country ignores.

Good thing there aren’t any extremist Aussies who want to murder innocent people, right?

Just the tip of the iceberg, folks. It seems that even if a refugee embraces our culture and our national flag, they’re still the focal hatred point of the lower echelons of our society. And it’s so damn predictable – again and again we see that it is the people who come from dominantly white areas of our country, working in jobs that don’t even require a completion of Year 10. People who worship alcohol above anything else, see women as pieces of meat, splash their Facebook pages with pictures of trucks, trains, shitbox cars, dirt bikes and newborn babies. These people are the kind of people who should be packed onto a boat and sent into the middle of the ocean. They were lucky enough to grow up in a country free of war and with access to free healthcare, dental-care and education – none of which they actually made full use of. They are so ready to call for the death of people who have watched family members raped and killed, towns burned down, belongings stolen and trashed. And it gets worse – let’s take a look at some more comments. Proceed at your own risk.

17 thoughts on “Australian Extremists Captured Discussing Bombs and Murdering Innocent People – RT ASAP

    • That was my thought…I was slightly humoured at how an Aussie flag dress was showing Aussie pride, but the original photograph was not… :\

  1. These views are reprehensible but the amount of class privilege and elitism the anti-bogan directs towards them is ridiculous.

    “working in jobs that don’t even require completion of year 10”

    How despicable, manual labour, I can’t believe that guy from Dubbo isn’t a professional in the media industry what with all those jobs available out there.

    In fact, I bet those people don’t even have the palette to appreciate truffles and caviar!

  2. Its hard to tell whats more painfull. The comments or a lot of the photos. The fact that these people would LOVE a girl in an Aust flag bikini but cannot handle the top photo. Sad bastards really.

  3. I’m really at a loss for words for what can cause such a bypass of empathy. Not to mention common sense.

    When scrolling down, I recognised one of the women in the FB profile photos, who attended my high school. She did not make comments to the group (thank God) but is engaged to one of men who did. This girl has special needs, and I believe her fiancee is mentally impaired as well. I wonder how many other people who post to these hate groups are similarly intellectually disabled? As I said, his fiancee didn’t (and from what I know of her, wouldn’t) make such comments, and neither would any other of the people with special needs that I know personally. But though there no excuse for pedalling bigotry, it goes a (very small) way to explain it.

    It’s a sickening, sorry situation, whatever the reasons.

  4. sad bastards? No, dangerous bastards. A shame there isn’t a special island for extremists of all colours. It wouldn’t take long for them to finish each other off. What a horror story.

    • They are not dangerous, this aussie pride shits been going on for decades, they are howards, ops cowards, I have never seen a small group follow up on their threats, the pussys can only do it when there are thousands of them (even then they show themselfs as the cowards they are), I have tried to settle this crap but they are pussys, they dribble on and on about violence but are to scared to do anything, the KKK are ashamed of the aussie sect, they are in hiding and stand for nothing, dont fear them, give them pity, saddness is all consuming, their is over 3 million people dealing with mental illness, they account for one third

  5. Note the common traits: Tattooed (even the girls), drives old, crap Holdens and/or old, crap trucks, educated at the ‘school of hard knocks’ or some other stupid saying (ie. they didn’t attend/failed school), can’t spell, generally holding a can of alcohol, fierce, unwarranted, misdirected patriotism… All common features of a modern, racist bogan. The sad fact is, despite their many, many shortcomings, they seem to think they are better than people from other countries.

    Take a good hard look at yourselves, you people are disgusting.

  6. The one (of many) that struck me was the one about sinking the refugees boat on the rocks drowning them all – watching them die whilst drinking beer – then with “send the kids back” as afterthought. Guess you didn’t want to seem heartless eh? (Hint : Too late -n & would those refugee’s kids be sent back before or after they’d drowned?)

    Hope such comments are just stupid nasty drunk talk & not serious. That if theyknew and undertsood more and perhaps were sober and on their own, those ndividuals would not really want to do the murderous vile things they posted on fb.

    But perhaps that’s too naive and nice of me? There are really people who’d treat others that way with that little concern for humanity. What sad also pathetic and miserable scumbags those racists are.

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