James Silverwood and Dominic Terry Unapologetic About Creating ’12 Year Old Sluts’ Facebook Page

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“…our names are Dom & James. We are not 12 year old sluts. Your complaints will be answered with insults.”

Theantibogan admin refuse to take screenshots of this Facebook page. The admins of the ’12 Year Old Sluts’ page are more than happy to publish photos of 12 year old girls and boys with meme-style captions attached that denigrate and ridicule. Let’s not forget that these are minors that we’re talking about, and as you can see from the screenshot above, the page has over 214,000 followers.

That is fucking disgraceful.

Here’s some more of James Silverwood:

Perhaps you might like to contact James so you can lodge some complaints over his choice of ‘humour’, and so that he can ‘insult you’. https://www.facebook.com/SILVERJIM

Late mail:

Dominic Terry has been identified as the other admin on the ’12 Year Old Sluts’ page. How ironic it is that he says the page was created to inform parents of the world how screwed up their children are. How proud his parents must be of him…


176 thoughts on “James Silverwood and Dominic Terry Unapologetic About Creating ’12 Year Old Sluts’ Facebook Page

    • Gotta speak up for engineers here. I’m one and I’m on your side. Mind you we call civil engineers ‘simple engineers’ and the term is certainly fitting in this case.

  1. What do you hope to achieve by this, exactly?
    Geoff B, I don’t quite understand this personal crusade, nonetheless, this has nothing to do with our university, nor the ‘quality of its students’. Take it up with us personally, our e-mails and Facebooks are both listed. If you continue, expect your personal details to be published as well, i’m quite sure our audience is bigger than yours.


    • You post pictures of children with derogatory meme captions. How would you feel if you were a parent and found that someone out there had done this to an audience of over 214,000 people? Silverwood has closed his Facebook page so something has been achieved already.

    • I’d say none of us are all that interested in communicating with you or your infantile mate.

      Just get rid of the page sonny. Apart from anything else it shows an alarming tendency towards psychological instability on the part of its creators.

      Glad our sons were not like you at your age.

    • You goin’ down, boy.

      Have you read in the media about the servicemen who have been published on this page? It works. Expect a call to explain yourself very shortly.

    • And when it comes down to it, you’re just two losers using Facebook to bignote yourselves.
      Actions have repercussions, little boy. Make sure you expect real world results from your internet actions.

    • Oh, I see someone is feeling threatened – and from the same tactics he is using to bully little girls! Someone has gone to his personal page, gotten his personal information that was not protected, and it posting it on Facebook. WOW! Just what James Silverwood and Dominic Terry do to little girls! And what’s the first thing the cowardly little pervert does? Whines like the hypocrite he is! After all, Geoff is merely trying to warn universities to the danger of bad education – rather in the way James Silverwood and Dominic Terry claim to be “warning parents about the dangers of bad parenting”. See, QUT? This is what happens when you don’t do your job correctly! Your students turn out to be immature, lyingm degenerates! (Did I forget cowardly & hypocritical? Sorry!)

      I think the last line says it all “I think our audience is bigger than yours.” Not just a probably-less-than-subconscious juvenile appeal to “size”, but an even dumber appeal to “correctness by numbers.” Because he *thinks* more people join in the sick mob mentality of abusing little girls than are actively opposing it, this must make it ok. How dumb do you have to be to come up with that one? I guess as dumb as you have to be to come up with the page in the first place, much less lie about your motives for doing so.

    • I don’t know about the author, but I think the ultimate achievement would be a rampaging mob burning both of you at the stake.

  2. Dom Terry, you are a grub. Not only do you still stand by your actions, but then threaten, to protect your activities? As a member of a QUT alumni org, I have already passed on your details. My daughter, a Laws student at Gardens Point, is also organising something.
    As for your threat to publish details of those whom run this page.. if some of the nastiest far-Right groups have been unable to do so for the last 3+ years, you have as much chance as you do of remaining a student at QUT. Cheers.

  3. TAB, I hope you don’t mind, but I have contacted a journalist from the Courier Mail in Brisbane who worked on the papers’ collaborative campaign ‘Say No to Bullying’. I intend to link her to this page with your blessing? I am awaiting a return of my call.

  4. Do you reckon thats a drug they are smoking or just a tobacco stick, we could try and get them kicked out of uni for this. I’d stick up for it I’d call the police on them.

    • Dom looks either stoned or a bit simple. Maybe both. But it’s virtually impossible to prove drugtaking by a photograph, as there is no way to analyse the substance.
      He’ll have plenty of time to do dope once he’s kicked out of uni and ostracised by the community after being placed on the sex offenders register…

    • ‘his nose ring makes him look like a stoner’, but when we say ‘her skirt makes her look like a slut’ we come under fire. By taking 1 superficial detail and connoting an attribute to that person based on it?
      What are you even doing here?

      We’re both 19.

      Grant, you are a fucking idiot mate.

      • The only fucking idiot is the one who can’t tell the difference between adults & children, OR that he’s whining about his own tactics being used on him.

  5. Your a fucken idot mate the guy is smoking a cigar, fucken just because some people are not 1000 years old doesn’t make them a target FFS

  6. To play devils advocate here, for the sake of argument, they are re-posting images that are made public on facebook that conflict with there beliefs. Not saying this to justify the page, but can you see that this is in at least some way hypocritical (I.E. getting angry when someone else is reposting images that conflict with their beliefs).

    As for the paedophilia complaint fair enough, but they are also public posting the messages from people that are acting/are paedophiles

    Again, not supporting, just trying to engage in a conversation.

    • I don’t think anything can justify how much hostility is on that page. It is exploiting kids who have most likely been exploited their entire lives. If they bothered to hide all identities properly then maybe it wouldn’t be a huge issue. Clearly having a look around the page it has caused a lot of distress to people targeted. Sure, they posted the picture/statement publicly, but that is why there are special privacy laws for kids to prevent others from further spreading their image, because young net users can’t comprehend the consequences of their actions. I would extend this to the two young men involved – young and stupid, however the law doesn’t.

    • Devil’s Advocate: If they were working from a political or theological viewpoint, and hiding identities, then they would be less likely to have raised as much anger in the community as they have. They are doing it merely to be heroes and to have a laugh. That much is obvious from the page.
      They are a pair of immature idiots who have no idea what trouble this can get them into. And then Dom the Idiot goes and threatens people. Fail.

    • Fantastically Analytical argument you have there Travis. If you must delve into being blatant hypocrites at poking fun at an image of me that I posted on a public forum (sound familiar..), then know my photo was taken by a photographer at a club in Brisbane, I don’t smoke nor do drugs, i cannot account for the friend next to me so really you’re just picking at threads now.
      I’m used to being hurled petty insults, read the comments and you’ll see this article has just become a manifestation of anger amounting to you guys insulting us the same way that we insult others on the page. The devil’s advocate guy was correct in saying we merely take something from a public space and move it to another, most of the photos are not even of girls, but of conversations, with identities hidden. Stop beating your dead horse.
      If you still feel the need to be condascending towards the both of us with your apparent superiority in numbers tactic, we couldn’t give a fuck less.

      • “You post pictures of children with derogatory meme captions. How would you feel if you were a parent and found that someone out there had done this to an audience of over 214,000 people? Silverwood has closed his Facebook page so something has been achieved already.”

        Awaiting a response.

        • James’ Facebook was closed with no warning or notice which is fucking stupid and has been taken up.
          How hard is it to make a Facebook account, AFTER ALL, children are doing it.
          Do you have any other points?

        • Okay sure. Facebook closed his account. Whatever.

          But the question you keep avoiding:

          “You post pictures of children with derogatory meme captions. How would you feel if you were a parent and found that someone out there had done this to an audience of over 214,000 people?”

        • I’m not a parent so I’d assume only a parent could answer that. Of course anyone would be outraged but it would be a valuable insight into how the child is portraying themselves to the world, sure I’d war to retaliate but there would be consciences for the kid aswell, besides, what father wants his 12 year old daughter advertising herself as a fucking whore on a public network. Yes it is not PC but it does shed some light on a real issue on the Internet, parents have no idea what is happening.

        • So who died and made you super nanny? Nobody’s denying the fact that our Western society has created a generation of underage people who do things they shouldn’t. But kids don’t psychologically understand the gravity and consequences of their actions and that is why there are laws from allowing scumbags like you from exposing their flaws and allowing them to be tossed like bait to the sharks of the anonymous entity that is the Internet.

        • And you and your average looking convenience store buddy do?

          Who made you psychology guru? You probably couldn’t find your own arse with both hands and a torch. You display the sort of overweening arrogance that ensures that your only significant relationship throughout your life will be with yourself.

          You have no fucking idea about parenting and even less about what goes on in the heads of 12 year old girls.

          If you came anywhere near my kids I’d be calling the cops. And the Mental Health Crisis team.

      • Make sure you explain all these justifications to the big guy in the same cell as you, Dom. I’m sure he’ll understand.
        If you think you won’t go to jail for this, read the link:
        And don’t forget to use the same rational while begging for a job even though you’re a registered sex offender.
        You two are such losers. Is your stupid page the only way you could get some attention in the big bad world, little boy?

      • The difference is you and your friend have targeted minors that for the most part don’t have voice against people like you.
        This blog is giving them that voice and making sure you are held to account.
        You’ve cared not that the pictures you have used are of children and that in the most part they would be horrified to know you’ve created such degrading memes out of them.

      • “If you still feel the need to be condascending [sic] towards the both of us with your apparent superiority in numbers tactic, we couldn’t give a fuck less.”

        Does this semi-literate rant refer to the phrase ” i’m [sic] quite sure our audience is bigger than yours.”?

        And as to “Yes it is not PC but it does shed some light on a real issue on the Internet, parents have no idea what is happening.”, do your parents know that you’re a hypocritical perverted coward? Maybe someone should tell them, because, you know, we only care about you, & want your parents to know just how bad a job they did in raising you.

        Speaking as a parent, I’d be more horrified that my child was deliberately trying to hurt others, and absolutely outraged that he was lying about his motives into the bargain. Or are you really so stupid that you really think that anonymous abuse that you are so carefully isolatedly dishing out, without actually trying to contact any adult connected to the little girls you are most likely masturbating at, is helpful in ANY way, except to somehow elevate your pathetically twisted psyche?

      • Pretty sure calling any young girl a slut (even hypothetically) is a deliberate attempt to hurt someone. If you had ever been (or ever had anyone you care for, ie: mother, sister, etc) sexually abused or assaulted as a child, you would not find this kind of garbage funny at all. I’m sure your parents are so proud of you.

  7. I kinda understand where you are coming from, so you are a rival website? Your friend is definately smoking, I’m sorry for implicating you Dom, and for being condesending, your friend does look like the bad one. You actually sound like a good lad. Have to get to the bottom of this.

    • Both the guys in Bendigo are now placed on the Sex Offenders Register as well.
      Betcha Dom and James didn’t see THAT one coming, did they?

  8. I challenge you all to give the page an objective look and make your own mind up. Especially if you are, you know, a failed stud who likes very young girls.

  9. Admin seriously what the fuck. Effacing my whole comment, and adding the final sentence which you wrote yourself. What happend to ‘aussie freedom of speech and the people who abuse it’??

      • Are you fucking serious? You are having that hard of a time getting a decent argument against these lads that you need to change any comment on here that goes against your opinion?
        Sounds fair.

        • Dear Andrew

          We don’t bother arguing with herp derp amoeba. They put up idiot hurtful and sexist pages to get a reaction. So when they try and venture here they get a big surprise because we are the grownups, and all that post-modern 4Chann shit bores us silly. We also hate the voiceless and powerless being targeted.

          So after checking our DSMIV to see what aberration is operating with them, we rip into them and their supporters.

          NOW do you get it?
          IP Address:
          ISP: TPG Internet Pty Ltd.
          Region: Brisbane (AU)

    • Poor baby-darling. The things you say and do turn out to be socially unacceptable and so you spit the dummy. You suddenly discover that, whoops, posting images of underage people isn’t actually a Good Thing ™ and people actually take notice and censure you on the idea. Go and sulk in a corner, and then come back when your self-concept doesn’t involve being a complete social, mental and evolutionary throwback.

      Has anyone contacted his work/QUT about him and his dear, sweet, lovely friend?

    • You know, I had a bit of a think about this, and I’d like to ask:

      Are you actually angry that your actions are being censored? To whit, posting a massive number of pictures of underage children for the purposes of insulting, denigrating and otherwise degrading them? Pictures of people who in all likelihood cannot fight back, partly because they are children, but also because you have explicitly stated that you will insult those who complain? Are you actually upset that you are being stopped from exploiting children for your own entertainment and gratification? Are you upset that there are consequences for your actions, given that you are (apparently, and possibly by physical age only) an adult?

      Or are you upset that you got caught, and complaining of ‘censorship’ is simply a convenient cover for your vile, evil, child-exploiting sense of humour that I suspect makes your parents ashamed to have spawned you into this world?

      Please Dom (or James) do enlighten us on this topic.

      • Nice comment fuck head. Basically, your little rant has and won’t achieve anything, I’v spoken with some guys on here civily and reasonably but most of you are wasting your time.

        • Rant? I was asking you some questions, and you responded rudely. Although really, why I thought you deserved such a thing is beyond me. If such things achieve nothing, why are you responding? You’ve responded to me, and others who ask questions and insult you. If we are wasting our time, why are you here? How can we be wasting our time, when you write back with such marvelously childish, foolish responses, that address nothing and yet highlight how wonderfully stupid, nearsighted, and undeserving of the word ‘adult’ you truly are.

    • Censorship? You mean like “threatening to harass people who do to you what you do to little girls”? THAT kind of censorship? Yeah, I HATE that, too!

  10. that page, and dom’s explanations for it, are one step off saying a woman is sexually assulted because she “dressed slutty, therefore deserved it”. fix up dude, that attitude is far too common. because the 12 year olds dress and maybe act in a way that you percieve slutty it does not make it ok for you to exploit them.
    perhaps its you that needs to look at why you are finding 12 y/os sexual at all (you made the call on them appearing slutty) and the feelings that clearly angered you to start the page.

    • You fucking moron, I was talking about the censoring and plain manipulation o the comment made by commentor ‘myrocket’. His comment was changed to make it seem like he was against the page and a completely fabricated sentence was added.

      • When people come on here posting three, four times as different people but with the exact same IP number we call ‘troll’ and do what we want with their spam – especially if they’re siding with fuckwits like you.

      • It certainly takes a fucking moron to whine about censorship & pretend that’s the point, rather than his own perverted abuse. Or does it only take a hypocritical butthurt loser to do that?

    • Alright dipshit how about you step up and try to explain a Facebook page that degrades 12 year olds? Perhaps that’s more acceptable than shutting down a fucking troll that posts here several times using several different names attempting to push the idea that some people accept the idea of such a Facebook page.

    • A future, dearest Barry, that I will welcome with open arms should it allow responsible humans to remove your ability to hold a megaphone, have a voice, or otherwise have any influence on the world at any point. Ever.

  11. the first comment on this page is just irresponsible. Ask him to take it down, but we are dealing with a 19 year old here also. You can’t say you did not do anything foolish at that age, essentially it is the same thing that this site does.

    • Difference is, when I was 19, the silly things I did were
      a) Not put on an internationally public place for all to see, and
      B) Absolutely backed down upon when I realised how stupid I am.

      Sadly, in this case it is very very public, and dealing with young men who are refusing to admit that they were idiots and did a stupid thing.

    • Cool, so just to be sure, exploitation and sexualisation of children is okay, as long as you say you’re not masturbating? This explains why police only prosecute child pornography when they absolutely catch the criminal with thier hand down their pants.

      That’s the way the world works, right?

      NB- Please notice the slightest differentiation of style between my comments and Sparrowhawk. Confusing the two is like mistaking a white wine with a light red-for shame!

  12. I’m just saying it’s two 19 year old dudes with a rip off page I don’t think they are pedos mate! I think the dudes have a right to be a bit angry with what your making them out to be.

  13. WTF is this?? Why aren’t these blokes behind bars? In the US younger offenders have been added to an offenders register that applies until they turn 55, for less! They will struggle to find meaningful work and be labelled as one of the most despised kinds of criminals in every situation. I can’t believe this little turd is from that country out there around the CT. And I have not watched any of their material or searched for it. This is a trap so be careful if you are just curious about what they were doing. Don’t let your ISP end up on the FBI’s wish list because even searching for child exploitation material should be a major offence, not a misdemeanour. Just stop you bloody shit for brains!

    • 1) They didn’t do anything sexual
      2) The page was made to point out how flawed our society is that we’re letting our “children” as people insist on calling them, dress and act like adults. It’s not a trap, the page was made simply for that service. If you haven’t looked at it then you have no right to act as if you know what it was all about. Don’t throw your opinion out there when you haven’t even made a solid point on it.

      • Gee, the page was made to help these children? OH! Is that why these boys went out of their way to contact the adults associated with these children & warn them what these poor, ignorant little girls are up to? Gee, & here I thought it was nothing but mindless yahoos falsely boosting their otherwise justifiably nonexistent self-esteem by ridiculing & spewing abuse at girls who can’t find back! Gosh, it was so clever of them to all behave like obnoxious perverts to cover their actions, because, um… Wait a minute…

        IOW, you are stupid if you really believe that, and even dumber if you think anyone else does.

    • 1) They already know what’s at risk, it was a facebook humour page that got out of hand.

      2) His girlfriend isn’t 12, nor is she dressed like a slut. That’s hipster clothing, get it right before you throw a label out there.

      3) If you want to keep looking worse than James and Dom, continue doing what you’re doing and spamming this website full of their facebooks that have been posted tons of times already trying to stir shit.

      • Those 12 year-olds weren’t dressed as sluts either, it’s ‘hipster clothing’. Get it right.

        See what I did there? You are a hypocrite. It’s ok for someone you know to dress like a slut, but let’s degrade and put up on facebook anyone else who dies. FUCK OFF YOU LOSER.

      • Oh, so when an adult dresses like that, it’s hipster clothing but when a 12 year old dresses like that they’re a slut? Fail, my son has many hipster friends, male and female, none of them dress anything like that. I’ve also looked at the page, it’s obvious it’s solely for the humiliation of these children. You make yourself look like an idiot by suggesting that the page is there to perform some sort of public service. The creators and their followers are nothing but maggots.

        • FFS – who here can say that they waited until they were 18 to drink or smoke? Who can say that they never watched an MA15+ movie as a child under 15? Or an R-rated movie as an under 18 year old? Who can say that they waited until they were 16 to enjoy sexual activity?

          Kids make mistakes. They generally make more mistakes because they lack life experience and tend to think that they know more than those who have the life experience.

          The way to educate kids who are doing things underage (that we generally excuse aged people doing) is NOT to publish their photos with derogatory captions on Facebook to an audience of over 215,000 people. And to the people who accept such bullshit will improve society in some way, you’re kidding yourselves.

    • You honestly think that someone hasn’t already posted this and has tried stirring shit?
      You’re worse than they are for trying to start shit through facebook. You’re doing what you’re telling them not to; start arguments and abuse people without prompt.

      If you really wanted all of this to stop, you’d let it go. It’d gone to their school already, they’ve had their profiles shut down once, LET IT GO.

    • Thats a fair call by mind made up kids make mistakes M 15 movies etc, but I still think what these two teenagers have done whether you agree with it or not is absolutely nothing criminal, and has passed facebook, was in humour, it’s does highlight that there are younger girls dressing way above their age, and I think you should not defame these two teens for something which has not broken any rules. Facebook IS very strict when it comes to photos.
      If a person smokes a bunch of cigars at the one time while doing a handstand, bloody stupid but certainly not illegal.

      • … is absolutely nothing criminal, and has passed facebook

        So Facebook is the gold standard for taste and legality?

        Pages and groups which Facebook has allowed to stay up despite their illegality, racism and bigotry include:

        a) A page vilifying Holocaust victim Anne Frank and many many more anti-Semitic pages

        b) Pages demonising European ethnic minorities such as the Roma

        c) Pages placing at risk the trial of the alleged murderer of Jill Meagher

        d) Pages demanding asylum seekers be drowned or used for Navy target practice – just take a look at the hundreds we have collected here at TAB

        e) Hundreds of anti-Muslim pages rivalling the anti-Semitic pages in their bile and hatred

        f) Anti-Aboriginal pages many of which are started by idiotic adolescent boys – sound familiar?

        g) Pages featuring dead babies, pages advocating rape

        I am sure our members can add to the list. So don’t bother holding up Farcebook as an example of an ethical and properly supervised site.

  14. Holy shit you guys are all just taking this way too far. The page was made to show the world how “grown up” our supposed *children* are these days. Yes, we took the piss out of the people that posed in diapers (diapers! Come on, no one can ignore that), with their breasts hanging out of their shirts and the completely fake ‘adult” facebook statuses that are filling the 12-15 year old’s pages. It states in facebook’s ToS that “once something is posted here it is no longer your property” so you guys have no real argument. They took something that was already public and pushed it to a bigger area. It started out harmless enough, and if you look at the page that’s all it ever was. There isn’t any slut shaming by the admins themselves; it’s all by the people who commented. The only retorts the admins gave were in PM’s that were then screen shotted and posted onto the website with the other person’s identity hidden.

    Half of your arguments are repeating themselves and quoting websites that WERE sexual offensive websites. This is a CONTROVERSIAL HUMOUR website; that’s it. It’s wasn’t made to actually insult the girls, it was made to help the world be aware of how kids are acting. When I was 12, I didn’t even know what sex was, and I had a Tamagotchi to play with. I didn’t touch drugs, didn’t go near alcohol, and I never wore clothes that were two sizes too small. The problem isn’t this page; it’s our society and the lack of parenting going on. Take a look in the mirror and reflect on how you were raised, and how you’d want to raise your kids, compared to how they ARE being raised. Then tell me the world hasn’t changed along the way.

    • Took the piss out of children. If you can’t see the problem with that then go fuck yourself. Who are you? Self-installed parent of all children in the world, hell-bent on supporting a system of hundreds of thousands of social network users mocking your child to teach them to ‘put their boobs back in their shirts’ in a society when every other fucking woman is pressured into getting them OUT of their shirts?

      Fuck you, lowlife fuck.

      • You’re a hipocrite Mindmadeup. You claim you’re all ‘save the children’ yet you call some one a low life fuck for having a differing opinion. Not only an opinion, but with valid reasons for having said opinion. Grow up! And get your head out of your ass, Your opinion is no less vaid than anyone elses.

        • A person whose ‘differing opinion’ is that it is acceptable to put young children on display to hundreds of thousands of people on the unforgiving Internet so they can be ridiculed because of what they wear or how to act is definitely a low life fuck. Make no mistake.

          And shitheads like you who turn up to defend it are just as bad.

      • Bitch I’m in Australia, get it right. You can’t even track an IP address correctly. And my name isn’t “Pretending to be Cherie” I AM Cherie you fucktard. I defended them on their page and I defend them on every ignorant page that tries to say that what they’re doing is wrong. They brought the attention of the world to the acts of “children” who are growing up too fast, that’s it. get off your high horse and realise that you’re too stubborn to see the good in this.

    • And what would YOU know about parenting and what was appropriate? You are insulting all the parents we know who do a terrific job – in fact most parents do.

      Seems like yours have been asleep at the wheel for 19 years. James/Dom.

      • Also, go check the page. I made a comment *just* for you especially on the main wall. now try saying I’m some fake, dick

  15. Whoever changed my name on here 1) You’re a douchebag who’s opposed to legit reasons behind valid arguments that support this Facebook page, 2) Do your research before you assume you know who I am. I’m in Australia, dickterds, not America. I’m Cherie, I defended the two admins of the Facebook page on their page. Search for me; Cherie Hughes. Do an IP check. The same fucking person.
    Get your shit together before you try and claim that you can even trace an IP correctly and assume that everyone who opposes your opinions is the same individual. God

      • No, I admit to supporting the page’s original intentions, which YOU and everyone else who claims to know what they’re doing yet never actually looked at the page have misconstrued. The page’s original intent was to make aware how bad parenting is in these generations; where it’s seen as the “norm” for teenagers to become pregnant at 16 and for kids as young as 13 to be smoking and dressing inappropriately.
        You all claim that because they’re 19 they *must* be pedophiles. But if you actually looked at the page, instead of just judging on the name, you’d realise that 1) Half the posts are actual cartoons/memes that have been pre-generated, 2) The only “slut shaming” that occurs is by the followers, NOT the actual admins, and 3) Over half the pictures are of people who are 16+. Just because the title is “12 year old sluts” DOES NOT MEAN that all the posts are based off the shit those kids post or self submit – because yes, they do self-submit some of the photos.
        Grow a brain cell, and realise that if you want to make a valid argument, do some research into what you’re fighting against instead of just joining into what everyone assumes must be going on.

        • So you are happy to enable child exploitation by accepting pics that underage kids send to you?

          You know that sounds a lot like grooming to me. That’s why some concerned parents from here have reported this page to Queensland Child Protection.

          We find that offenders against children often plead that they have lofty ideals of some sort or another to excuse their activities. Or, in a recent notorious case, the offender downloaded pictures “by accident”. Or sometimes they use the excuse that the children “needed love”.

          Here is the website for any of our members who wish to file a report.


        • Ah, you seem to be misinformed. I, personally, am not an admin of the page so I do not accept any pictures as you said. And this page isn’t ‘child exploitation”, the so called “children” in the images posted on the page aren’t classified as child pronography, and Facebook has stated that once something is posted to the website the original poster loses ALL rights over that said item; Facebook indeed owns it thereafter. So in your view, then it must be Facebook that everyone should report, as Facebook owns the rights to everything posted on it’s website?
          May I just point out that you keep picking certain points in my arguments and rushing to make your point across. Are you struggling to realise that a 19 year old woman (because over here 18 is legal age, silly child) can construct valid arguments that point out all the flaws in your own? If you can prove me wrong and actually construct a valid argument in retort to this, I *may* reply once again. But I have said my piece, and you being as stubborn as you are need to realise one thing.

          Facebook has personally said they will do nothing further in regards to this page. So your argument is moot anyway.

        • So Facebook is enabling child exploitation?

          Not surprised since Facebook is like the idiot who cannot find its own arse in the dark with two hands and a Klieg light.

          Facebook does not even adhere to its own TOS, as we never cease to point out to them.

          And if you hand over your moderation to offshore script kiddies who probably do not speak English then you ask for trouble.

          I am sure the law in this country Has a different view. They’ll be wanting to speak to Jay, Silent Bob and whoever’s sock puppet you are.

        • Silly boy, I am no one’s “sock puppet”. I came here of my own choice to prove a point that is valid. And international laws are a fickle thing, so have fun trying to push your point across when, once again, it is moot

          And you still pick and choose what to answer from my arguments. Sigh. Stubborn, aren’t you?

        • It’s that overweening miasma of unearned privilege and superiority and know-all arrogance that gives you away.

          A psychiatrist can help you with that.

      • We certainly know she’s a slut: on her profile is a picture of her posing in her underwear. Don’t worry – if she deletes it, I have a copy – & I know where to post it.

    • No, sweetie, you’re a crybaby who doesn’t like to have done to you what you do to others. Yes, the admins here “changed your name” – the same way you & your disgusting little friends call little girls who don’t know any better “sluts”. The differences are that you are actively seeking out abuse by doling it out to others who can’t fight back & should be old enough to know better. But you obviously aren’t & you deserve everything that you get. After all, you posted on the Internet – free speech, right? Now, let’s see if your parents know just what a slutty little potty mouth they raised….?

  16. This “Cherie” creature is a complete idiot. It thinks we haven’t looked at the page? Well sorry I’ve had a good look right through it and nowhere can I find any references whatsoever to poor parenting. The page does nothing but lampoon young girls who’ve made some mistakes in their short lives. It also claims to have “valid arguments”, what a joke! You’re a bunch of 19 year olds, not even real grown ups yet, what do you think you look like to people who’ve been adults for decades? I tell you what “Cherie” why don’t you fuck off and we”ll have this discussion again in 20 years or so when you’ve grown up and possibly even faced the trials of parenting yourself. Honestly you’d think people your age would have better things to do, I know I did when I was 19.

  17. If kids are growing up too quick which seems to be accepted by people on here. Should they not learn the consequences of their actions younger?

  18. The very fact that facebook allowed the page in the first place just shows what trivial crap THIS site is going on about. If I was defamed like the two individuals above I would want to hunt the people down. This site has actually changed my above comment for whatever reason.

    • We are laughing at the thought of these two “tracking” anything down – apart from the constant searches they do for their own willies.

      We change your comments because you support child exploitation by immature numbnuts. Right?

    • look at non western countries for child exploitation

      Why? There is plenty of child exploitation here in Australia. Such as on the moronic page we are discussing.

      This blog exposes Australian lowlife and even gives them an audience for their precious psychotic rants “free speech” – however it is not quite the audience they want.

      this is a facebook page

      Facebook has shown time and time again that they have the morality and ethics of a bunch of corporate crooks.

  19. Here’s a glimpse of the future for Dom and Domber.

    37 year old guy in drag dates 12 year old boy.

    Except this is comedy and Chris Lilley is talented

  20. the girls did this to them selves the disgusting little sluts regardless of their age their parents are obviously failures like them. “oh but they must have hard lives”, “their parents arent around” is no excuse for these little whores. ONCE YOU PUT SHIT LIKE THIS UP ON YOUR FACEBOOK IT IS OPEN TO THE WORLD TO SEE AND JUDGE. If the girls dont like this then they shouldnt of put anything up like this in the first place. They have no excuse nor are they excused of such vile actions. These two young men are doing what everyone else is thinking. They expose the pathetic nature of these young whores. Filthy.

    • Why are you calling these unfortunate girls “whores”? How do you know they are “whores”? How dare you make value judgements based solely on the fact that their dress sense is poor.

      Perhaps you, like the idiots who made the site, have hidden motives which would not stand the light of day.

      These two young men…

      We wouldn’t dignify these cretins by calling them “men”.

      Real men don’t obsess over 12 year old girls.

      • Have you looked thru the page yourself? Do you think it is utterly based on how they dress? Maybe you should see the how these idiot girls speak you should hear what comes out of their mouths, much worse than what i have said. Every second word “cunt” or “im going to kill you” are just two examples of the vulgar nonsense they speak.

        Nor would we dignify these whores by calling them “women” they are a disgrace to any anything considered a graceful women. Look at the page and have a good look and then come back trying to defend these girls. You are terribly ill-informed. That whole page is based on satire, exposing these young idiots bringing shame and ridicule upon them. I am not saying all of these girls fit what i have just said but 95% of them on that page are blights of nature.

        • Have you looked thru the page yourself? Do you think it is utterly based on how they dress?

          It is based on the overblown entitlement felt by the two brainless nobodies whose entire creative output consists of harvesting pictures of underaged girls and obsessing over them. To a chorus of “herp derp”.

          Every second word “cunt” or “im going to kill you” are just two examples of the vulgar nonsense they speak.

          Yes, just like the average conversation in pubs between lots of immature males getting themselves wasted.

          Nor would we dignify these whores by calling them “women” they are a disgrace to any anything considered a graceful women.

          “A graceful women (sic)” – you really should have paid more attention to English classes at school. And who are you dateless wonder to dare to judge any woman?

          Oh yeah, and by the way the German Bodo Wartke fan rang and he wants his e mail address back.

          Sie sind ein Scheisskopf!

  21. That was pretty damn boring… I couldn’t even be bothered to finish reading the arguments. Look unless you actually know these guys personally you really can’t say anything about them.
    You can make all the arguments you want in the world, but these two boys are some of the most decent guys I’ve met, they’d never intentionally hurt anyone and because it is titled [Controversial Humour] it should not be seen as anything else.
    There are more problems and issues you could be placing your energy into, if you think you have the ability to change the world, go cure cancer or poverty, and just butt out. But I suppose if this is how you get your jollies then continue. But I can more than guarantee you all that this is not a big issue. So take a big sigh, eat some chocolate, go for a run, join a book club, and just stop

    • So many logical fallacies in this comment, so little time.

      # Argument from Ignorance

      ” That was pretty damn boring… I couldn’t even be bothered to finish reading the arguments.”

      We’ll defer to your obvious expertise then.

      # Special Pleading.
      “Look unless you actually know these guys personally you really can’t say anything about them.”

      Really? My god, my opinions about Ivan Millat, Sonia Kruger, the Canterbury Bulldogs and Alan Jones are no longer valid. Bullshit ‘FallenA’ anyone can make a reasonable judgement of the content of their character through their actions and their words. From their running of a website whose contents amount to bullying and child abuse, and their ham-fisted attempts to defend it we can make reasonable conclusions about their lack of character. If they do happen to be “the most decent guys you have met”, I hope never to come across your definition of a bastard.

      # Appeal to emotion
      “There are more problems and issues you could be placing your energy into, if you think you have the ability to change the world, go cure cancer or poverty, and just butt out.”

      Indeed there are. The bullying of children is one of the issues we put our energy into. What they are doing is not a ‘victimless crime’ or ‘controversial humour’. It most definitely is a ‘big issue’.

      # Ad Hominem
      “But I suppose if this is how you get your jollies then continue.”

      Fine we will. Hopefully the page Dom and James are running will stop giving sick individuals ‘jollies’ at the expense of children through their ‘controversial humour’ page.

    • Says the dopey fucker who ‘can’t be bothered’ reading the post but is happy to closely monitor the page and continuously offer his pathetic comments and ‘justification’ for posting photos and derogatory comments of 12 year olds.

    • You forgot the “And durr we dunno what to say to girls our age anyway and, like, we wanna be cool an stuff an we’ll be famous like an celebs an people will listen to us right?”


  22. My brother went to primary school with Dom Terry and they were quite close friends at the time. His parents are a very nice well-educated English couple, so I really do wonder what they think of this page, if they are aware of it at all.

    • Quote Pants: “His parents are a very nice well-educated English couple,I really do wonder what they think of this page, if they are aware of it at all.”

      Oh the irony!

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