More Aussie Soldiers and Paramedics Line Up To Offer Death Threats to Police and Muslims

20 thoughts on “More Aussie Soldiers and Paramedics Line Up To Offer Death Threats to Police and Muslims

  1. Fuck these defence force assholes. I’ve lost friends to the armed forces before.. Not like they died in action, just like- they joined the defence force so we aren’t friends any more.

  2. It’s sort of a chicken and the egg scenario though.. Are you a psychopath and then you join the Army or do you join the Army and become a psychopath?

  3. One problem TAB.
    None of these people are actually serving in the ADF as far as I can find. They are working as civilian contractors in the ME.
    Could the title be altered to reflect this please? I do not think it is an accurate or fair description of the thousands of men and women serving with distinction in the ADF at this time.



  4. I’m listening to A.M. on the ABC just now.
    They refer to this story, the ADF is launching an investigation and a spokesman has stated that it appears these people have breached policies regarding “responsible use of social media”.

    And if you breach a Code of Conduct, dismissal is an option.

    Fantastic work again guys!!

  5. Well, I stand corrected guys, seems there are some still serving….absolute fools.

    This will result in swift and just disciplinary action against the perpetrators of hate speech, some people just don’t learn..


  6. You blokes look like you’ve been the hard core. Why the hell are you bothering with this pointless, petty bullshit? Don’t you know who you represent with those colours boys? It sure as fuck isn’t any man in that uniform machine-gunning women, children and unarmed men. Look up John Monash and hang your heads in fucking SHAME!

  7. Unfortunately they ride on the coat tails of the men and women who do serve and have served with honour and respect! Respecting someone just because of their job is pointless, you have to respect them at their actions and deeds and words. I have military people in my family and they are in no way like the sort of people shown here, they joined, did a job, did it well and we thank them for it. So these types that don’t do the right thing just trade on the respect we have for the ones who do, as far as I am concerned they can face the music and see how their thoughtless and vile comments get them treated by the majority of decent people both in and out of uniform.

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