No idea what the deal is with all of the ‘@’ signs, but this guy is truly fucked up. Just another military-obsessed Aussie living to worship a guy responsible for the racist deaths of over six million people



  1. What an absolute tool…

    I’ve gotta admit though, the photography on the girl and her tattoo etc is pretty impressive…
    I hope she has more sense than to hang around someone whose IQ is only outmatched by his spelling abilty…

  2. These scum are easy to put in their place, quite apart from the fact they are representing the two-time losers of world history. The fact is they are no different to star trek geeks. They worship Kirk, they pander to the affectation of uniforms and they pose in them, they idolise the role of tech and lampoon the ‘enemy’. These guys aren’t nazis, they are nazi enthusiasts. Pathetic isn’t it?

    • Hey! That’s a bit harsh on Star Trek geeks who generally want the world to be better and are compassionate if eccentric types. Not sure Trekkies “lampoon the enemy” so much either – and most Trekkies probably (almost definitely?) have a vastly better grip on reality and ethics than neo-nazis too!

      • Yeah, that is a bit harsh on Trekkies. The Star Trek universe is one where diversity is a matter of course. These Nazi enthusiasts would have a hard time in a Trek universe. I wouldn’t even say that they would be the Klingons, because not even Klingons are as assholish as them. They might be Jem’Hadar, though, as far as intelligence goes.

    • This Jarrod Petrovic guy I’m meaning. Seems, just “crazy”* stuff and views if you know who Hitler is and what he did. Almost feel sorry for him to be that messed up and horrid in thought.

      * No offence intended – and apologies if any has been given – to any non-neurotypical people out there and the many nice and good people who’ve suffered mental illness (more common than most of us realise) and not meaning to imply that Neo-nazi ideology is a common symptom or is excusable by mental illness. Sorry if clumsy phrasing here.

  3. And with the surname “Petrovic”, he may well have been on the wrong side of Hitler’s “Sub-Humanoid Races” line anyway.

    ********** “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”.

  4. I’m listening to A.M. on the ABC just now.
    They refer to this story, the ADF is launching an investigation and a spokesman has stated that it appears these people have breached policies regarding “responsible use of social media”.

    And if you breach a Code of Conduct, dismissal is an option.

    Fantastic work again guys!!

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