6 thoughts on “First Dog: What Men say to Women

  1. Wow… I can’t believe my gender acts lik– wait… no, actually I can. My sympathies to woman who have to put up with this BS behaviour at any point in their lives.

  2. And the language is only the symptom. The real issue is the assumption of power – I am (usually) bigger and stronger than you. I could punch you, strangle you or render you immobile. If you complain I can usually drown you out with my voice. I can certainly physically hurt you. I am enabled by much of what I hear on TV and radio, and I see it’s ok to rail against the PM using gender (not politics) as a basis for criticism. I know instinctively that most people are scared of pain and so I hurt you, with words, but I also keep you in subjection with my aggression and the underlying threat of physical dominance.

    • Congrats to you Mike..The gentleman in Australian society is fast becoming a rarity…I have one gentleman son I’m so proud of but the other one sadly joined the Young Libs, paid to be brainwashed by cult Landmark Education and champions the ugliest bully of them all Tony Abbott. 😦

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