Fear and Loathing in Adelaide

Ah Radelaide

So pretty one day

So bogan the next

Or so bogan pretty much all the time??…

The scene – Today Tonight Adelaide Facebook page


Specifically this thread

It starts with Mumma Paula going off about a simulation conducted at the local TAFE as part of her daughter’s Business Admin course.

The simulation in question was a mock Board meeting where students assumed certain roles and planned a project. In the case of this particular TAFE class, the project was to be a fund-raiser for refugee causes.

However xenophobe Paula did not approve of said topic.

Paula Eime

A procession of moans then followed from Paula’s fellow xenophobes, including the usual bleats about “teh_homeless” and “teh_aborigines”. Only one missing in this instance was “teh_pensioners” AKA “our elderly” – you know, the ones the xenophobes usually stick in nursing homes?

Truth is, racists and bigots could not give a stuff about disadvantaged Australians, but oh boy, they are handy to trot out when they want to justify turning their backs on refugees and asylum seekers.

Lulu TTAdelaide

And note the arrival of Lulu Gray, like Valkyrie descending. We doubt if Lulu even knows where Adelaide is but that doesn’t stop her.

And you might like to note that Lulu has already had a discussion about this matter over at a Muslim-hating site with her little coven of haters

Lulu Gray

Richards Burn


We are not sure either what Lyn means by “got out of hand”. It’s a simulation Lyn, probably as part of an assessment task. If a student does not participate in a VET (Vocational Education and Training) assessment for some reason then they have the opportunity to do the same task again or an alternative task  – though we very much doubt if xenophobia is a valid or acceptable excuse.

That is the case whether the student is either a full-time TAFE student or a school student doing a VET course as part of their senior school studies. Same rules for both.

Now we hear from Mumma’s daughter herself.


Well Hannah you have lost our respect. Not only that, if we were you we would be concerned about our spelling and grammar skills. No employer is going to hire an admin assistant who is (to put it kindly) deficient in both.

And that is not even touching the issue of employing people who make racist comments on social media and their suitability as employees in a modern workplace.

Perhaps Today Tonight’s next story should be on the dark underbelly of racism and bigotry in their fair city.

17 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing in Adelaide

  1. Today Tonight couldn’t do a story on racism and bigotry in Adelaide or anywhere else as they’re too busy making stories that are perpetuating myths about asylum seekers. They also wouldn’t want to upset the bogots as that is their prime demographic.

    • Yeah-don’t like that little comment at the start. Rest of the post was fine, and they tried to make up for it with the comment about racists despoiling the beautfiul city of Adelaide, but I think the admin could have done by leaving out that first comment.

      Racists know no city boundaries. Cities don’t turn people.

    • We actually have close family connections from Adelaide and they are the first to decry both the over-privileged twerps and the noisy bogots who are giving the place a bad name.

      Maybe it is the result of having a Limited News media monopoly there. Tends to reinforce the offensive bogot sense of entitlement.

        • I’m guessing that the subjects of the article are from the northern suburbs of Adelaide. Any Adelaidian with even the tiniest bit of common sense does their best to deny that the area between Gepps Cross and the Barossa has anything to do with Adelaide, or SA for that matter.

  2. Wow, she must be popular at TAFE (not). I attended a TAFE in Sydney a few years back and out of a class of over twenty students, only three of us were born here. One of our assessments included a presentation to the class were we had to speak about our lives. What an eye opener, stories of oppression,starvation and most notably stories from the African guys of being forcibly drafted by militia to kill and commit atrocities under threat of death were horrifying and heart wrenching. People like Hannah and her mother disgust me with their “It’s my country” bullshit, It’s our country and an over whelming number of us disagree with your racist, xenophobic uneducated crap.

  3. “”Truth is, racists and bigots could not give a stuff about disadvantaged Australians, but oh boy, they are handy to trot out when they want to justify turning their backs on refugees and asylum seekers.””

    Nailed it. I get so tired of people who try to bring this up, stop posing like your a humanitarian because your not. You don’t do jack shit for them, so stop acting like you do by bringing up the disadvantaged.

    Just admit you don’t want people to come here because your selfish and a bigot.

  4. The racism on display is disgusting but I can’t help but laugh hysterically at Hannah “I’m the Daughter”s (wtf?) attempt to compose a comprehensive paragraph. She’s had issues with people from a different race as well as her own? I’ll bet.

    Still can’t help but feel some compassion for her. You really have no hope at all growing up when mum’s such a redneck. Perhaps we could introduce some form of myxomatosis into the bogan population.. add it to Jim Beam cans.

  5. What a stupid site, mind you Its soo Typical, they scream “racist” everytime someone says anything they dont agree with, yet they put everyone else down, make the same degrogatory comments & when someone says anything that makes any sense they use pathetic little comments like blah blah blah & resort to name calling or pick typo errors.. lol… Let em have their silly little causes, its a shame they dont put as much energy into actually helping out everyday Australians in need!… Now wouldnt that be something?!!
    PS> watch this space..it will be me getting it next. oh well shit happens……lmfao…Bloody fools play your little game
    by the “MUMMA”

  6. i just can’t understand how a person can’t make the connection that if they didn’t wish to donate toward a fundraiser that’s probably the reason they were excluded. fundraising would be much less successful if everybody didn’t actually have to pay the donation and benefited from it for free. next time someone i know is selling chocolates i’ll just let them know i don’t agree with the cause but i’ll go to today tonight if they don’t give them to me anyway.

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