Bogans Love Playing ‘Spot the Aussie’

What’s an Aussie to you, Aaron? John Symond was born in Australia and founded Aussie Home Loans. His parents were from Lebanon. He contributes more to society than you it seems. Huy Truong is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, founder and director of more than one multi-million dollar business. He is a Vietnamese refugee.

How come you were removed from Australian roads for 12 years? Is that how you contribute to society? Is a true Aussie a person who makes the road an unsafe place for the rest of us?

Aaron, it’s up to you whether you share it or not. Perhaps you have a completely valid reason for being off the roads for 12 years, and Sara is just joking when she asks if you’re driving ‘legally’ these days. However, what you have chosen to share with the entire world is your racist comment and that’s all that matters to us. Oh, and this public offering:

Spot the Aussie indeed.

But you must be proud of little sister Hayley, stepping up to defend your comment with her own unintelligent take on Australian society:

*Hard working, Aussie battler Hayley Shipley. Born into the cycle of despair of free education, free health and dental care, social and financial security and access to food, water and shelter, provided by parents who aren’t oppressed by power hungry dictators.

New game: Spot the Racist Dope

Aaron Shipley

13 thoughts on “Bogans Love Playing ‘Spot the Aussie’

  1. “free education, free health and dental care, social and financial security and access to food, water and shelter, ”

    Paid thru taxes that she pays.

    Freedom paid for by her forebears who fought in two world wars etc.

    Unlike foreign freeloaders who flew in on planes .

    Right boys?

    • And as a strictly anti-socialist party, naturally the APP would be looking to get rid of free education, free health and dental care, etc? Right? Or are you only against socialism when you translate it to “Not hating brown skinned people”?

        • Unless it is on some poor foreign woman you have somehow conned into a relationship because the local ladies have taken one look at how little you lot have to offer and fled.

        • Wait, so you’re banning all people from the APP who have any positive relationship with foreigners? Have you told Nick Folkes this? He might need to leave his wife if he wants to stay in his party.

          I mean, considering he got fewer votes than the informal vote count he won’t be missed much I guess.

          But you still probably tell him: “Nick, we’re the APP, and we only kisses each other’s arses here! Now drop the pants and let’s see how committed you are to the APP!”

    • More than the informal vote count definately. Which is something that Nick Folkes has yet to manage.
      That’s right, more people would put in a blank voting slip than would support Nick Folkes. A fairly resounding declaration that the APP is not supported in these council elections, wouldn’t you say Grant? Or again, do you only support democracy when it turns out the way you like?

  2. How the freaking hell can you tell if a stranger is Australian or not by looking at them on the street? Without hearing their accent? Without knowing where they were born or where they grew up or their citizenship? A white guy on the other side of the street would be called “Aussie” even if he’s English or Norwegian or South African and a 5th generation Aussie with Chinese background (Yes, they do exist) won’t be called Aussie? What shit. Slightly tanned Anglo-Saxon people probably won’t make the cut either.

    • I’d like to add that non-Anglo-Saxon people perpetuate this use of “Aussie” as an ethnic identifier as much as Anglo-Saxon people do. It just gets worked in somewhere into the hegemonic view of what an Australian is or should be. I understand people, particularly those who live overseas and don’t know Australia, who innocently equate “Aussie” with white or Anglo-Australian because those of British extraction are kind of the “a priori” Australians. Those who came right after it was colonised and was sort of introduced to the world (Many came later though). But those who grew up here who see all sorts of people with Aussie accents who have lived in Australia for most or all of their lives should know better than to use the name Aussie to mean “Anglo-Saxon only”. (That’s not to say adult naturalised citizens aren’t Aussie too.) You’re telling me if you stood one of these above posters next to a dark-skinned Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander man the first guy would be called Aussie and not the Indigenous guy? What?

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