9 thoughts on “Saleam’s Lot

  1. my parents actually migrated to australia during the white australia only policy… the funny thing tho is my dad aint white… so tht kinda made the policy useless coz they still let non-whites into the country…

  2. Jim Saleam is considered a fraud by main-stream white nationalists, mainly because he is non-white himself being of Lebanese decent.

  3. I grew up in the (Mid) Blue Mountains – I’m 31 now and still haven’t broken ties with the place, my family and friends still live there which means I go back at least once a week. I really can’t believe this twerp is even going to attempt running for office there. The Mountains, overall, is a calm, mostly very tolerant and accepting place. This lot have no chance.

    • The nutzis are middle-aged delusionists with a range of mental and substance problems.

      Blue Mountains folk have nothing to fear but no doubt will get a good laugh if they glimpse one of these losers.

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