2 thoughts on “Campbell Newman On Gay Panic

  1. Aren’t we all taught, from a very young age, that violence in any form, for any reason is never acceptable? Is the function of the law not to differentiate between right and wrong? That violence, regardless of reason, is always wrong. Where did the saying ‘don’t fight fire with fire’ come from? Gay panic, hetero panic, ‘omg, I think that person made a pass at me panic’, whatever… It *never* gives any member of a just or un-just society the right to kill or attack any other member of that society. This so called ‘defence’ makes a mockery of our society, our commonly held values, and the value of human life. It is only useful for people with no self-control, people who have trouble admitting to their feelings of inadequacy. You never kill or harm others, no matter what.

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