Some Truths about Trolls (Cafe Whispers)

Café Whispers

Note: This was originally published on my blog on 31 August 2012

There’s regular talk of late about the ills of the dreaded trolls. It foments notions and apparently legitimate discussion about forcibly removing the cloak of anonymity. There’s the usual laments about the quality of debate and the taking over by the trolls.

Sadly the recurring ‘troll’ debate could be trolling itself.

Sadder still is the ludicrous notion that the so-called rise of the trolls (like some sort of zombie plague) is new.

The current debate and how repetitive it has become as different social and political commentators try to come up with new ways of legitimising online censorship and forced disclosure to justify mowing down the troll plague.

I’m a little sick of it to be honest. So I decided to add my two cents worth on the troll plague.

Here’s some truths about trolls from someone who…

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