32 thoughts on “Curry Eating Turban Head Manages Immigration Department

  1. How ironic that a racist should use a word that is ASIAN in origin…why can’t these people speak astrayan?
    Origin of HONCHO (merriam-webster)

    Japanese hanchō squad leader, from han squad + chō head, chief
    First Known Use: 1955

  2. This was not a public post. It is clearly marked friends only. Are you monitoring private conversations now?

    [Simon Evans: Whilst the comment is offensive and racist it would appear the author could be a minor and I think you should be careful, young people stay and do stupid things, I,m not excusing her by any means but public hangings of minors are also inappropriate.
    15 hours ago via mobile

    theantibogan.wordpress.com She would not be allowed to say such things at school or in a workplace. Time she learnt.
    14 hours ago]

    What she said was ugly, but it wasn’t said publicly. Her profile is locked down private. She didn’t say it at school, nor did she say it at work. Next you will be the thought police as well…

    • How ironic that a bunch of anonymous racism defenders crawl out of the woodwork whenever we post vilification by one of their number?

      How do you know she didn’t say it at school or work Simon?

      • So what if she’s at school. That makes no difference.

        We have watched morons who happen to be at school create racist sites thinking (as much as they are capable of any cognitive processes) that anonymity will protect them from the consequences.

        However, once exposed they have in many cases been suspended or expelled by their schools for bringing the school into disrepute.

        And a 16 year old will shortly be facing court for creating those disgusting Aboriginal meme sites. I bet his school will be happy not to have him back.

        We have found too that when a teenage racist is exposed, many of his/her fellow students are disgusted and ashamed and try as far as possible to distance themselves from him/her.

      • Oh I see. So your goal is to totally destroy a students life. For a comment that was made privately.

        I like to be clear about things. Thanks.

        • We have no proof that your friend is a student. Even if she is, being a student does not mean you cannot be held responsible for what you say on social media.

          Nor do we have any indication that it is a “private utterance”. Assume that nothing is private on social media.

        • So you acknowledge that spitting out racist remarks can destroy someone’s life?

          So in other words spitting out racist remarks is wrong?

          Good, glad you agree with us then.


        • How do you know a TAB admin isn’t a friend of hers? Private means private message, not ‘news feed’. Surely even the most stupid person could comprehend that putting something on a ‘public wall’ that would end up in a ‘news feed’ might be visible to hundreds if not thousands of people. There’s nothing private about that. Nobody has hundreds of friends that are completely in agreeance with their views.

  3. Yes, they troll their way onto friends lists to get materiel for this blog all the time, despite their claims to the contrary. Honesty is a rare commodity here on theantibogan. Then of course if the post isn’t sensational enough they often fabricate and edit posts also. And besides, the guy most likely eats curry being Indian, and he does wear a turban on his head, so where’s the problem?

    • We have material sent to us all the time by concerned readers.

      We leave the lying to the racists and bigots, especially gutless trolls like you “ronnie” (hiding behind a junk proxy server)

      IP Address:
      ISP: Aurimas Rapalis trading as II Hosting Media
      Organization: Main Hosting Servers
      Region: Media (US)

      We also edit boring, repetitive or defamatory posts by said racists and bigots. Or we leave them there in all their floridly psychotic glory for our intrepid readers to rip apart.

      Depends on how we are feeling that particular moment.


      • I support your site in principle but have serious concerns about your treatment of minors.As a group they are highly impressionable and vulnerable.Sending a fragile mind over the edge to possibly the point of self harm is something nobody wants to see.Children are still children.If one of the minors you have exposed here took their own life as a result of your article would you feel any responsibility? Would it concern you? Or would it be a case of good riddance?

        • Some of us are parents. So we know that most kids would not create hate sites on Facebook. If they do then they should feel the consequences of their actions.

          If we can identify the school they attend we inform the Principal and we encourage our supporters to do the same. That is a very effective way of putting a stop to their idiocy.

          We also know that these minors are quite capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. How? Because our kids can.

          If these minors can publicly write defamatory and vilifying rubbish on social media sites then they can face the public disapproval which will follow.

          Also please tell us what “minors” are featured here, how you know they are minors and why they deserve special consideration.

    • “Yes, they troll their way onto friends lists to get materiel for this blog all the time, ”

      How do they pick which person to find racist comments for, ronnie? Because according to you, they just befriend everyone they can, and hope for racist comments to emerge? Is that right? It’s not very efficient, is it?

      “Then of course if the post isn’t sensational enough they often fabricate and edit posts also.”

      Still waiting on evidence on this, ronnie. Each time I ask you say “Well the admins won’t allow it” but you never ever post any evidence, even the slightest wink towards evidence. Name the particular posts that have been sensationalised on this site. Name them, or admit then you’re full of shit.

      Also, just to be clear, if we have your conspiracy detailed properly, the admin here are befriending literally everyone on facebook who they suspect of racism, then doctoring their comments so they appear racist, when they are not, yet won’t get rid of a “friends only” symbol?

      “And besides, the guy most likely eats curry being Indian, and he does wear a turban on his head, so where’s the problem?”

      So, to be clear, these comments weren’t made by the poster (“It’s all a conspiracy I tells ya!”), but even if they were, they’re not racist to make them. which the poster didn’t. You’re trying to have your cake and eat it too, aren’t you?

      And if the nickname is demeaning, belittling, and patronising, it’s not offensive, if the basic sections of the phrase, devoid of meaning and intention, is true?
      So if I call you a wanker, it’s not offensive to you, because while it is belitting, and demeaning, it’s also, when devoid of meaning and intention, the truth? Is that right?

  4. ” thinking (as much as they are capable of any cognitive processes) that anonymity will protect them from the consequences.”

    So true, but it works both ways.

    • So let’s get this straight. According to you the poisonous vitriol of racists, bigots and other such low-life has parity of esteem with the posts of those here who seek to defend minorities against discrimination?

      Don’t think so.

      Furthermore, our anonymity (there are more admins here than you think in your stupid obsessiveness) guarantees that the criminal low-life who call themselves “patriots” and “white nationalists” and who seek to support the criminal utterances of social media idiots will not be able to stalk and harass our people.

      So how about slithering over to your mates at Scumfront if you want to defame minorities and issue veiled threats?

  5. It seems that the commenter whom I have christened “Defender of Racism”, far from being a friend of the featured bogot, is a semi-regular troll here who is located about 1000 km from the featured bogot.

    Welcome to you new home in the Spam bin, troll.

    • Am I a troll? Do my comments even get published? I get no replies, yet others in the same threads do when they perhaps say exactly the same thing. A few little clues like that lead me to this conclusion… Reply would be appreciated, so I know whether or not to continue wasting my time here! I do like this site, and your work. 🙂

  6. Ironic? Not sure they understand what the word means. What’s wrong with enjoying curries (I love ’em myself) and / or wearing a turban if that’s part of the religion you belong to or fashion choice you make? How would doing either make a person an inappropriate or odd choice for running an immigration program? Many Aussies of all skin shades, cultural backgrounds and lifestyles love Indian food and Australia is a multicultural secular society where Seikhs (spelling) and Muslims and Tamils and others have equal opportunities so, nope, I don’t see anything ironic or wrong here at all.

  7. My friends all posed for a photo in a line holding each others penises. For multiculturalism I think, I can’t believe I touched Ians cock :\

  8. Actually this site is not right. This isn’t racist stuff, your just going out of your way to stir. I wrote a post before and it was taken down. A site for only anti bogans. Good luck – Not. This is an invasion of peoples privacy and serves no purpose. I really did touch Ians penis.

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