Opposing A Mosque Because it ‘Threatens the Viewscape’

The ACT Government will refer a pamphlet opposing the construction of a mosque in Gungahlin to the Human Rights Commission for investigation amid concerns the flyer was racially motivated.

The flyer was distributed to Gungahlin residents this week, urging them to oppose the development on Valley Avenue because of its ‘‘social impact’’ and concerns about traffic and noise, ‘‘public interest’’ and size.

The authors of the flyer identify themselves as the Concerned Citizens of Canberra and ask recipients of the flyer to attend a private, closed door meeting on Sunday about the development. The pamphlet does not disclose the address of the meeting and says it will only be provided to residents who register by email to attend.

‘‘The ACT Government, with apparently no social impact assessment, has agreed to the establishment of a mosque with a capacity of 500, to be erected at 140 The Valley Avenue Gungahlin,’’ the flyer says. ‘‘This 500 capacity mosque will dominate the viewscape and will impact on you and all other residents of Gungahlin.’’

The densely over-populated, traffic-congested proposed location for this viewscape-blocking place of worship. (See ‘A’)

The pamphlet continues by saying ‘‘honesty and transparency in communicating with others whom your actions may affect is the accepted way that Australian neighbours treat each other.’’
‘‘This developer and its client, appears to have made little effort towards this. ‘‘Therefore, it is doubtful that they will be a good neighbour to the Gungahlin community.’’
In a multi-party post budget estimates hearing this morning, Multicultural Affairs Minister Joy Burch said she was disappointed Gungahlin’s Muslim community had ‘‘yet again been ostracised’’.
‘‘We have an ACT ministerial Muslim Advisory Council that I talk with regularly about matters that affect them and sadly that group is continuing to be in existence because, unfortunately, of things such as this,’’ she said.
‘‘If my memory serves me right, when I went out to celebrate the claiming of the block so to speak in Gungahlin, it is within a stone’s throw of a church. ‘‘I do not recall the same sentiment around traffic, social impact, traffic noise, public interest, bulk, scale and height, which seem to be the concerns applied to that.’’
Ms Burch said she wanted the matter investigated. ‘‘To have a location and time for this to only be provided for those who register is not the way that Canberra operates and I am more than happy to refer this to the HRC for investigation,’’ she said.

Lisa Cox | The Canberra Times | June 29, 2012

Email: ConcernedCitizensofCanberra@gmail.com


24 thoughts on “Opposing A Mosque Because it ‘Threatens the Viewscape’

      • Too busy endorsing acutal Nazis, aren’t you Grant? I mean, the APP supports villifying entire religions, the murder of people who disagree with them, even children, and want Australia to be racially pur-whatever that means.

        I mean, how is the APP unlike the Nazis? The only thing I can see is that your plain old regular Nazis always hated Jews, whereas the APP’s opinion of jews is “Well, they can’t be Australian, but we need to get rid of the Muslims before we deal with them”

        • No, they wouldn’t put in on their policy page, would they Grant. They leave their policy page to such wonderful policies as “All non-white will be encouraged to leave Australia”-a policy you seemed not to know the last time we talked, yet still won’t discount.

          But various APP members do support what I have stated above, and guess what-not ONE member challenges them, not ONE member disagrees with them, and not ONE member distances themselves from those comments.

          Child murder-Darrin Hodges supports it, everyone either agrees or goes quiet.
          Vilifying entire religions-The party does support it, and no other voice is allowed in
          Wanting Australia to be racially pure-At the very least Darrin Hodges and nick Folkes have both supported this, with many other members on their forum stating the same thing-NO ONE disagrees.

          And as for their opinion of Jews:
          Darrin Hodges-Tells a facebook anti-semite that he understood the concerns about Jews, but that the APP was focusing on the Muslims for now, also a previous supporter of Hitler. No one in the party objects to those beliefs.
          Also knew a member believed in an antisemitic world view and was trying to have the APP promote holocaust denial, and only challenged him 18 months later (After the original poster stated a support for homosexuality).

          Matthew Trunks-Denies the holocause, states that Jews rule the world and are evil on many APP pages-no one challenges it.

          The APP as a whole have even banned Israeli flags at their own pro-Israel protests. Why do you think that is, Grant?

          And these are just the most obvious examples. Many other members deny the holocaust, feed vast conspiracies abotu the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world, etc, and no one, not one member of the APP or an APP led group have voiced any sort of objection to it. Occasionally the APP make a show abotu banning important members for these beliefs, but strangely enough they come back in with different usernames (See followign source: http://appexposed.blogspot.com.au/)

          You have a choice, Grant. Either the APP is secretly antisemitic, but like to keep it under wraps because they know they won’t get elected while voicing anti-semitic views. Or alternatively, they’re cowards, who are scared to even attempt to control their own party line.

          Which is it? Cowards or antisemites?

  1. http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/christian-activist-a-key-player-in-mosque-row-20120706-21n17.html

    “A key figure in the opposition to the Gungahlin mosque is a Christian fundamentalist activist who lives at least 15 kilometres away from the proposed site.

    The secretive participants in the campaign against the mosque have consistently told media and government that they are concerned with local planning issues including traffic and noise.

    But The Canberra Times has established that the spokesman for the group ”Concerned Citizens of Canberra” describes himself as a pastor with Olive Tree Ministries and hosts fortnightly meetings at a prayer house in Yarralumla.

    Irwin Ross, a Higgins resident who lives a 20-minute drive from the proposed mosque site, hosted last Sunday’s closed meeting at Gungahlin Library, but it is unclear whether or not he organised the meeting.”

    So we are sure that Ross will be happy to have his name added to the Antibogan tag cloud alongside some of the most dreadful racists and bigots in the country.


    • What race was Islam again????

      And it is bigotted to oppose religious Nazis that refuse to repudiate sharia law. Or cut out those parts of the Koran that specifically incite hatred against christians, Jews and other non – Muslims?

      Or parts of the Koran that call for the killing of apostates?

      • Grant, I’m still waiting on you to repudiate the murder of children who disagree with your beliefs. This belief, after all, has been supported by a number of APP members-senior members, with no member repudiating it.

        After all, if you’re not willing to repudiate it, you are tacitly supporting the murder of children.

        While you’re at it, you can repudiate holocaust denial too (Another APP sin), racism (The APP wants to deprot all nonwhites after all)-or are these all things you support?

      • Grant, Nazism religious ideology was derived from a mixture of Nordic legends and Catholicism. I don’t see you going on about them do I? Islam has nothing to do with nazism

    • Traffic issues are the only legal way of stopping these mosques so that is the tool that is used.

      Clearly, the locals in Newcastle were totally opposed to having a mosque or Muslims in their area.

      As is their democratic right.

      Just as people have the right to oppose any developements they don’t want in their area.

      • WRONG

        Most of the people in the Wallsend area were indifferent to supportive as to whether the mosque was built as proposed or not. There were a couple of APP loudmouths such as that Smith guy but generally speaking the APP does not even figure in Newcastle, as was shown by its abortive Civic Park demo where only four Sydney imports showed up.

        I believe you were inspecting cars in the Laman Street carpark right “Grant”?

      • “Traffic issues are the only legal way of stopping these mosques so that is the tool that is used.”

        Or more likely, you guys know that no one supports your “Every Muslim is evil and going to kill you” argument, so you change the argument to try and win more votes.

        It’s the reason why whenever Mr Folkes or any APP member turns up in the media, they start talking about how they support some migrants, and moderate Muslims but when they go back on line they call for all non-whites to be expelled.

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