Anthony Beggs and his Beef with United Petroleum

“Avi Silver and Eddie Hirsch, founders and directors of United Petroleum, have achieved one of the most dynamic and successful partnerships in the petroleum industry.

Commencing in 1981 in Victoria, Australia under the Astron banner, the directors soon established a successful chain of petrol and convenience stores under the distinctive United Petroleum brand.

United Petroleum is one of Australia’s largest and most successful independent petrol retailers, with more than 260+ branded service stations.”

Apparently Australian companies should only employ white people. This guy looks like a successful, motivated chap. In fact, I can see a future for him pumping petrol and selling Mars Bars.

24 thoughts on “Anthony Beggs and his Beef with United Petroleum

  1. I don’t care if United Petrol or any other service station is staffed with two headed green and purple Martians.

    Motorists are after cheap petrol and fast service. We don’t give a fuck if it offends white supremacists like Anthony Begg.

    And what IS that on his chin? Most people learn not to slobber their food when they are under 5.

  2. I will tell you a secrect why they employ all Indians becos they cant afford aussies and they squeeze indians on their agreements and money and become rich by opening new sites. The question is when all other brands are closing why does United acquire them and make a profit bcos they are a very dodgy organisation with no rules and regulations in place. Tax doggers.

    • Tax doggers (sic)? What’s that?

      Petrol station jockeys get the same (piss poor) hourly rate irrespective of ethnicity or where they work. Most of the ones I have seen are either students, backpackers or the family members of the owner or franchisee. It’s not exactly a life-enhancing permanent career choice.

      So what is your point, leaving aside elaborate conspiracy theories?

    • Used to work for them at head office level. Always wondered why they are forever advertising vacancies, only took 6 months to find out why!!!!

  3. “aussie freedom of speech and the people who abuse it”. United Petroleums motto should be “aussie freedom to pay people as little as possible”. None of the people in these servos are United employees. They all work for Commision agents that are organised by United to be from the asian sub continent. No, the employees don’t get payed anywhere near award wages, but they do get cheap accommodation in the store room of the servo. P.S if you don’t like ethanol in your fuel ,don’t buy United it’s in all their ULP.

    • 1. We have no problems with ethanol in our fuel.

      2. The point of this blog post is contained in this sentence giving the opinion of the featured bogot:

      “Apparently Australian companies should only employ white people.”

      If you have a beef with United’s working conditions contact Fair Work Australia.

      There are plenty of businesses who exploit workers. There are also plenty of racists like Anthony Beggs.

  4. United Petroleum (aka Avi Silver) is an under handed businessman to say the least, he, rather than do a simple restructure in the business, would prefer to sack managerial staff under grose misconduct than pay out redundancies and let them fight him in court for unfair dismissal. He is someone i hope that Karma would back back to bite very soon!!!! In 2010 he had 52 pending unfair dismissal cases that he fought until the ex-employee’s could afford no more. I REFUSE to EVER purchase a single thing in his stores and feel incredibly sorry for those who work for him.

  5. I was teaching a Indian student who was working at 7/11. He told me they allow him to work as many hours as he wants(despite the 20 hour government limit on students). In exchange they pay him an illegally low wage($7/hour casual rate from memory). I’m guessing United are up to the same tricks.

    I don’t think Anthony Beggs is a racist. His just asking(within his facebook peer group) why does a community group that makes up a small percentage of the Australian community occupy most positions within a particular company. I’m sure the “anti-bogan” would be calling for blood if every time they walked into a woolies it was filled with white males.

    • 1. Maybe Anthony should be careful where he spouts his unwelcome opinions.

      2. Why have you dug up this old post?

      3. We don’t care what ethnic group the supermarket employs as long as they do a decent job and deliver good customer service. The antibogan is very focused when it has to visit the supermarket and regards it as somewhat of a chore.

    • Hearsay is information gathered by one person from another person concerning some event, condition, or thing of which the first person had no direct experience nor can it be adequately substantiated[1].

  6. Maybe you piss weak gutless wonders making personal comments should have the guts to make your comments on the original post where it can be seen on Facebook rather than run off and create this page behind people’s backs where all you have to do is share your opinions with like minded people.
    You don’t even have the guts to put your names on your posts. You have to use a false tag. You people are just spineless bastards. Grow some balls!
    You should also do your research as I know people who have worked with United and I know for a fact that some people they employ don’t get Australian award conditions. I know of one site where Indians were accommodated on site working on student Visa’s for $5 an hour. Of course gutless bastards like yourselves wouldn’t have the guts to say anything against this because none of you would understand the concept of standing up for others or our country.
    You’re very quick to label people but too lazy and stupid to do any research on the facts behind what those people have to say. Which makes you people the true bigots because you can’t stand people who have different opinions to you and the only way you can counter them is to label people and make false accusations because you don’t have the intelligence or desire to understand them. That would be too hard.
    You have also illegally accessed my photo’s from Facebook where they were set to private.
    I suggest you take them off otherwise further action will follow.

    • Anthony_Beggs (Fake) you should do research to see what you claim as facts is in fact known as hearsay.

      Hearsay is information gathered by one person from another person concerning some event, condition, or thing of which the first person had no direct experience nor can it be adequately substantiated[1].

      But then again, if their claims are in facts are true then to prove they are not gutless they should be complaining to Fair Work Australia?

      PS “You have also illegally accessed my photo’s from Facebook where they were set to private” reading their own comments this is BS and they are blaming others, for their own f**k up of not setting their photos to private.

    • Anthony are you idiot as well?

      This site was not created behind people’s backs as it is public viewing like racists rants on sites like Facebook.

      But you are blaming sites for this?

      So take action, see how far you get?

      But remember your own words and photos even the ones you claimed was private well be used as evidence against you.

    • Why Margaret Richards what are you doing up at this time of the night?

      Old ladies need their sleep. Even old racist ones like you.

      You can take the male drag off now.


    • Tony….you’re nothing but a sad little man, full of hatred, threats and bluster. There’s nothing illegal about accessing photos from facebook, despite how embarrassing it might be to have people know the face behind the shabby words.

  7. They employ the cheapest people not the best looking etc. are you an idiot? No Aussie will work the hours for the money they offer. They could be born here anyway, just because they know a second language and are not lily white doesn’t mean they are not Aussie

  8. I wonder whether Daimler Trucks Newcastle know the kind of racist individual they have working for them? Anthony Beggs is a slug.

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