Melbourne ‘DJ’ and his Racist Facebook Explosion

Meet Michael Zuidland.

He’s a DJ. He likes dropping drugged-out, repetitive house beats that sound similar to the sound that disoriented mosquitoes caught in a wind-tunnel would make.

He is also a racist.


7 thoughts on “Melbourne ‘DJ’ and his Racist Facebook Explosion

  1. How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can’t even fit inside the building? Why don’t you go have a smoke at the petrol station instead Michael 🙂

  2. Sounds like a violent racist thug too. Threatening to assault someone is a crime, right? “I’m about to punch my taxi driver.” Threat or prelude to a bashing or just angry nasty figure of speech venting? Probably the latter at a guess but hard to be sure.

    Hopefully Michael Zuidland is not so dumb he’d attack whilst the taxi was still driving and thus likely causing a major vehicle accident with who knows what consequences to himself and others.

  3. …and so according to you lot it’s okay that there are almost no Australian taxi drivers left here in Melbourne (Australia!), it’s okay that most taxi drivers here are either Indians or Arabs (or a host of other foreigners) who by and large do not know where they are going; and who do not merely threaten people with attack but DO actually attack and rape?!

    • 1. What percentage of taxi drivers rape, stats man?

      2. Do you think only non-whites rape?

      3. Do you think you’re unable to get a job as a taxi driver if you desired?

      4. Do you realise that Indians in Melbourne also make up considerable numbers in universities and often go on to become doctors, lawyers, scientists and the like?

      Please answer as soon as you’ve finished washing up for mummy, you fucking no hoping piece of oxygen thieving bogan trash filth.

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