Rookie Gold Coast LNP MP Verity Barton’s outrageous views posted online



ROOKIE Broadwater MP Verity Barton has lambasted rail passengers as “icky”, called on welfare payments to be stopped for single parents and couples with children, and said Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former leader Kevin Rudd should stop breathing.


Barton, third-choice LNP candidate for the Gold Coast seat, also said she did not believe in climate change, wanted WorkChoices brought back and described some voters as bogans.

Ms Barton’s outrageous views have been posted on her Facebook page.

The 26-year-old beat Labor’s four-term veteran Peta-Kaye Croft in the state election in March.

Ms Barton, the state’s youngest female in Parliament, got the nod to contest the high-profile seat for the LNP after one candidate resigned when he was caught drink-driving and the replacement candidate was dumped after photos emerged of him taking part in a swingers’ club event.

Political sources last week revealed Ms Barton’s Facebook offerings, some dating to 2009 and her pre-MP days as a shop assistant and Broadwater’s LNP state electorate council chair.

They included:

* Sounds like you (a friend) encounter icky QR passengers often.

* I don’t even believe climate change exists.

* Welfare for parents (single or coupled) just shouldn’t exist. If you fall pregnant you’ve got nine months to save/budget.

* Is Craig Emerson (Federal Minister for Trade) drinking? Or is he always just such a d—head?

* If certain people want to reduce carbon emissions they should discourage flatulence and breathing by certain people (Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Penny Wong).

* Do not listen to the bogan when it says it doesn’t care about politics, for it is lying to you.

Ms Barton and Premier Campbell Newman declined to comment.


7 thoughts on “Rookie Gold Coast LNP MP Verity Barton’s outrageous views posted online

  1. Gold Coast voters have never been the brightest bunch, and this is coming from someone who lives here, hell the mayor we elected had some of the poorly planned policies and constant backflips, yet only won because he spent millions on his campaign to put his face all over the city.

  2. Also I note it was revealed on the website of News Ltd and Verity’s views are no different to that of the tripe they bombard us with every day.

  3. God she’s ugly; both in personality and looks. She’s 26? Who would vote for an immature douchebag like that anyway?

  4. Hah! Tony Abbott’s surfing lesson only raised large amounts because GetUp paid $16000 for an Afghani refugee to take it. Twisted logic or just plain ignorance on her part? Probably both 🙂

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