9 thoughts on “Assassinate the Magistrates – Your Children Will be Raped

  1. Ahhhhh.
    The lovely Marg Lennon.
    Rejected by her own daughter as a haggard bigot,she’s NOW concerned about ” our” girls and boys.
    No thanks.

  2. This was a comment left on my page by an Aboriginal mate i grew up with in Broome. 7 before anyone starts any dispersions about him being aboriginal. he has built his own IT company with his own money. went to uni & got a diploma & makes more then both of these idiots combined & still very much a man of his culture. his comments explain it all & how us Broome people white or Black feel about this shit. maybe it is time we became our own country in the Pilbira & Kimbereleys & take our mineral wealth with us. the The east Coast & southern Regions of Australia do not speak for us all even though they pretend too. this is why we need to rethink wethere we should have Canberra so southern based & removed from us Northerners & too far way from our trading neighbours. It is time the south of the country Listened & let us in the North lead.

    Dale Robinson muslim been in this country long time before these mob ever since the afghani mans was trading and bringing all the stores to the white people and indonesian mans and maccasan used to trade with us all along the north shore…
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  3. I agree with Allen Green on one point.

    A lie I once heard; “we’re innocent until proved guilty”.
    But the truth is absurd.
    We’re poor until proved rich.
    And the scales of justice are fixed by lying pigs.

    A plot of human terror unfolds behind the precinct door.
    To cage all the minorities, the immigrants and poor.
    Next they’ll hunt the handicapped, disabled blind and deaf.
    And what will all these piggies do, ha! when there’s no one left?

    We’ll bomb the police state, assassinate the magistrate.
    We’ll go to every town and burn them fucking prisons down.

  4. “Assassinate and then replace” the magistrates? Hmmm … Bit redundant really unless they think an assassinated corpse can still make legal decisions somehow! Also What The .. !

    Replacing the magistrates – or changing the rules & procedures they apply – is one thing to advocate if you must. Murdering people is something else entirely.

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