More racist, right-wing bullshit

Café Whispers

Another one of those anti-refugee emails is doing the rounds again. We’ve all seen them. We all receive them from racist, right-wing friends or relatives.

Here’s one I received the other day with with “This one came from the UK!!!!!!! We must be the laughing stock of the world !!!!!!” as a forward to the content.

Here’s the rest of the email.

Good Day and welcome to a brand new edition of : ‘ASYLUM’.

Today’s program features another chance to take part in our exciting competition: Hop on a boat and win A FREE HOUSE!

We’ve already given away hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of dream homes, courtesy of our sponsor, the Australian Taxpayer. And don’t forget, we’re now the fastest growing game on the planet. Anyone can play, provided they don’t already hold a valid Australian Passport, and you only need one word of English: ‘ASYLUM’

Prizes include…

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2 thoughts on “More racist, right-wing bullshit

  1. What utter tripe this email was, filled with half baked truths & scewed understanding of Social Seurity laws. All Aussies are entilteled to that wether you are approved is another story. Like the DSP Disability does not always mean you qualify. More hate mongering by people who are scared of other races. Read your history people the term “Australiasian Heart” was coined during the Rum Rebellion by English Immgrints who made Australia homw & decided there loyalties & there new race was one based in The Pacific & Asia & that is where our loyalties should lie. If you think we are in Europe or America go live there. We are no longer just white so get used to it… From a white skin head. racist bastards

  2. If the bogans who circulate this trash believe in it’s content so much, why don’t they follow it’s directions for the ‘privaleged life’ they believe asylum seekers receive? Oh, that’s right.. because it’s all BULLSHIT! 😛

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